What Can I Tow With 7,000 lbs. Capacity? (With 6 Examples)


Have you ever wondered what you can tow with 7,000 lbs. capacity?

A 7,000-pound towing capacity is exceptionally valuable and is a large towing capacity. It gives you the flexibility to tow so many different items. It is enough to haul many varieties of camper trailers, boats, tools, and even livestock.

Whenever you are towing, it is crucial to stay well under the towing capacity of your vehicle. Exceeding the towing capacity can damage your vehicle’s transmission and engine.

So, what can you tow with 7,000 lbs. capacity? With a 7,000-pound towing capacity, you can generally tow:

  • A Utility Trailer
  • A Large Travel Trailer
  • A Tow Dolly
  • A Ski Boat
  • A Pop-Up Camper
  • A Small Livestock Trailer
  • A Sailboat
  • A Pontoon Boat
  • Motorcycles
  • A Pop-Up Camper
  • A Teardrop Trailer
  • A Car Trailer

What Can You Tow with 7,000 lbs. Capacity?

Your towing capacity will be split between the trailer, the item you are towing, and any other food, gear, or gas you include.

That means if your boat alone weighs 7,000 pounds, you will need more than a 7,000-pound towing capacity to account for the boat, the trailer, fuel, life jackets, and anything else you may need.

That being said, there are plenty of things you can safely tow with a 7,000 lbs. towing capacity. This table shows several items you can haul and the total weight, including the average weight of the trailer.

TypesAverage Weight (lbs.)
Lance 2295 Travel Trailer5,000 lbs.
Malibu Wakesetter 21 MLX5,400 lbs.
Catalina 275 Sport and Trailer5,900 lbs.
Car Trailer and a Honda Civic4,900 lbs.
Suntracker Party Barge 20 DLX and Trailer4,950 lbs.
Small Livestock Trailer and Three Arabian Horses5,900 lbs.

Lance 2295 Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are perfect for taking an inexpensive, adventure-packed vacation. Because the trailer is detachable, you can easily park it at a campsite and enjoy day trips in whichever city you choose. This makes them a better option than many RVs for people looking for increased flexibility.

They are also great for camping because they are more comfortable than tents. Many offer bathrooms and kitchenettes.

When towing campers weighing less than 4,000 pounds, your options are limited. Luckily, with a 7,000-pound capacity, there are plenty more options. You can tow trailers in a variety of models and you can seriously increase the number of people who can sleep in the trailer.

The Lance 2295 Travel Trailer is perfect if you are looking for a standard travel trailer. The trailer only weighs 5,000 pounds, so you will still have 2,000 lbs. for water, food, bedding, cooking supplies, and any other gear you take with you.

The Lance 2295 Travel Trailer is an incredibly luxurious yet compact option. It has enough room for four people to sleep.

Newer models come with a Serta queen-sized mattress. It has a full shower and a kitchenette. This means you can enjoy all of the comforts of home while you travel.

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Malibu Wakesetter 21 MLX

Summer is the perfect time to hit the water. Water-skiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing are fantastic summer activities for the entire family. It is fun to ride the waves behind a boat on a crystal clear lake or in the ocean.

With small towing capacities, your boating adventures are limited to small fishing boats, rowboats, and kayaks.

While that is still a lot for you to enjoy, with a 7,000- lbs. capacity, you can haul many more boats. With a 7,000-pound towing capacity, you can tow ski boats.

The Malibu Wakesetter 21 MLX is one of the many ski boats you can tow with a 7,000-pound towing capacity. The trailer for this boat weighs around 900 pounds. The boat itself weighs around 4,500 pounds. That gives you a total towing weight of 5,400 pounds.

That leaves you another 1,600 pounds for gas, life jackets, water, and anything else you need with your boat.

The Malibu Wakesetter 21 MLX is perfect for anyone who enjoys wake surfing or wakeboarding. It is a modern boat with a fantastic command center for the driver. It has a wide-nosed bow, which makes a great wake.

Catalina 275 Sport

Sailing is a fantastic recreational activity. It gives you a chance to enjoy the water and the sun. It can be done on lakes and in the ocean. Small sailboats are perfect for recreational sailors enjoying a warm summer day.

Larger sailboats are equipped for trips lasting weeks, as they are decked out with all of the gear.

With a 7,000 lbs. towing capacity, you can easily tow many sailboats. While you will need closer to a 15,000-pound limit for the largest sailboat yachts, you can still haul many sport and recreation models with a 7,000-pound tow limit.

The Catalina 275 weighs only 5,000 pounds. With a trailer weighing 900 pounds, you are looking at towing approximately 5,900 pounds. That still leaves you 1,100 pounds for life jackets, food, water, gear, and anything else you want on your adventure.

The Catalina 275 Sport is a great option. It is a simple boat, but it does not sacrifice comfort and safety. It is large enough and equipped well enough that you can stay overnight, which is not possible with many smaller sailboats.

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Car Trailer and a Honda Civic

Sometimes you want to take a secondary car on vacation with you. Other times, you do not plan on towing a car, but something happens and the vehicle cannot be driven on its own. When that happens, it is good to know that you can safely tow the smaller vehicle where it needs to go.

A Honda Civic is a great example of a car that is small enough to be towed behind a vehicle with a 7,000-pound towing capacity. Most car trailers weigh around 1,900 pounds.

A Honda Civic weighs around 3,000 pounds. That means when you tow a Honda Civic, you are pulling around 4,900 pounds.

That still leaves you plenty of added weight for gas in the car and other odds and ends that would add up. It even means if you needed, you could pull a slightly heavier car.

The Honda Civic is a sedan. It is a compact car, but it still has lots of features. It is popular because it is relatively inexpensive but also safe and well-equipped for a wide variety of landscapes. It has excellent gas mileage for a fuel-powered car.

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Suntracker Party Barge 20 DLX and Trailer

Pontoon boats are another wonderful option for anyone looking to enjoy summer weather and water. Pontoon boats are popular for cruising on the open water and sightseeing.

They are also fun for enjoying a warm afternoon with friends, food, drinks, and games.

The Suntracker Party Barge 20 DLX is a great pontoon boat that you can easily tow with a 7,000-pound towing capacity. If you get the standard package offered by the company, it weighs approximately 3,750 lbs.

Pontoon boat trailers are a bit more complicated than ski boat or fishing boat trailers. This means you need to save around 1,200 pounds for the trailer. With the Suntracker Party Barge 20 DLX and a trailer, you are towing around 4,950 pounds.

The Suntracker Party Barge is a standard pontoon boat that is perfect for anyone looking for an enjoyable day on the water. It can hold up to ten people, but it can be towed and launched by just a couple of people at a time.

It has dual-bow couches, a Bluetooth stereo, seat storage, and a swim platform.

Small Livestock Trailer and Three Arabian Horses

Horse enthusiasts know the value of easily taking your horses on the road. It is great if you need to take your horses to the vet, the fair, a show, or anywhere else.

By taking a small livestock trailer, you can save gas mileage and parking space.

While most ranchers will have large livestock trailers for their multiple animals. However, every time you travel you do not necessarily need to take all of your animals with you. In those instances, it is helpful to take just a small livestock trailer.

With a small livestock trailer, you can haul approximately three Arabian horses. Adult Arabian horses weigh approximately 1,000 pounds each. A small livestock trailer equipped to carry three horses weighs around 2,900 pounds.

That means you can haul a small livestock trailer with three adult Arabian horses and your total weight will only be 5,900 pounds.

That leaves you space to bring water and food and still stay well under your 7,000-pound limit.

Which Vehicles and Trucks Can Tow 7,000 lbs.

Many SUVs and trucks can tow 7,000 pounds. These vehicles are large enough and have engines that are powerful enough to handle carrying large loads.

The table below shows some common vehicles and trucks which have a towing capacity of 7,000 lbs:

Vehicle / TrucksTowing Capacity (lbs.)
Dodge Durango8,700 pounds
Mercedes-Benz GLS7,700 pounds
Audi Q77,700 pounds
Toyota Land Cruiser8,100 pounds
Nissan Armada8,500 pounds

Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is a great SUV for towing large loads. The vehicle is designed for towing large loads. It can handle up to 8,700 pounds. This is thanks to its engine, which has an impressive 710 horsepower.

The Dodge Durango can fit a class IV trailer hitch. It is available in all-wheel-drive models. This makes it popular for people who live in areas with lots of winter weather.

Even without a trailer attached, you can get good use out of the Dodge Durango and its powerful engine.

Mercedes-Benz GLS

The Mercedes-Benz GLS is a luxury SUV capable of towing large weights. It can tow up to 7,700 pounds. This means you can tow most of your toys without straining the engine of your car.

The Mercedes-Benz GLS is outfitted with remote locks and smartphone controls. It can even spot and avoid traffic jams.

It is an incredibly comfortable and luxurious SUV. The front seats are heated, ventilated, and feature massaging features.

Audi Q7

Like the Mercedes-Benz GLS, the Audi Q7 is outfitted to tow 7,700 pounds. It has 335 horsepower and 369 lb-ft torque. This means it can easily handle the heaviest loads.

The Audi Q7 has enough room for seven people. The third row can also fold down if you need extra storage space.

 It offers a virtual touch screen and an intuitive display. The car is also safe with driver assistance.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a great option for towing your larger loads. It can tow up to 8,100 pounds.

It also has a leather-trimmed, heated steering wheel, which is great for driving in cold weather. It is designed to stay strong even when driving over rough terrain.

It even has a multi-terrain monitor for driving off-road. 

Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada is a popular option for towing gear. It can tow up to 8,500 pounds. It has 400 lb-ft horsepower.

It also gets 14 miles per gallon in the city and 19 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Nissan Armada has a spacious interior for all of the gear and all of the people you need. It offers exceptional safety features like pedestrian detection and rear automatic braking.

Combine that with the 8,500 pounds towing capacity, and you have room for everything you need.

Trailer Weight vs Towing Capacity

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