What Can I Tow With 4,000 lbs Capacity? (With 6 Examples)


Have you ever wondered what you can tow with 4,000 lbs capacity?

4,000 pounds of towing capacity is a relatively standard towing amount. It is common for many mid-sized SUVs and trucks, even without upgrades.

With 4,000 pounds, you can tow many recreational items and some trailers for moving and traveling.

In reality, what can you haul with 4,000 pounds? With a towing capacity of 4,000 lbs. you can tow the following off the back of your car which includes:

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Jet skis
  • A Teardrop Camper
  • An A-Frame Camper
  • Snowmobiles
  • A Flatbed Trailer
  • A Fishing Boat
  • ATVs
  • Motorcycles
  • A Small Vehicle and a Tow Dolly
  • A Small Enclosed Utility Trailer
  • A Small Travel Trailer

What Can You Tow with 4,000 lbs. Capacity?

4,000 pounds is not a massive towing capacity. You cannot haul a fifth-wheel trailer or a car trailer. However, a 4,000 lbs. capacity does not limit your options.

You can still tow many of your favorite recreational and utility items.

Whenever you are working with towing capacity, it is crucial to keep in mind that the listed weight of any particular item is not the only weight that counts towards the payload.

The towing capacity will be split between the item you are towing, the trailer it sits on, any fuel or other fluids you include, and other gear added to the trailer. That total weight needs to be less than the 4,000-pound towing capacity.

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The following table shows real-world examples of things you can tow with a 4,000-pound capacity and the approximate weight of those items.

Many of these items include the weight of the trailer, so you know just how much gear you can bring.

TypesAverage Weight (lbs)
Ford Fiesta and Tow Dolly3,140 to 3,320 lbs.
Boston Whaler 170 Montauk Fishing Boat and Trailer3,154 lbs.
Airstream Basecamp Trailer2,650 lbs.
2 Harley-Davidson Road Glides and Trailer2,310 lbs.
Loaded Enclosed Single-Axis Utility Trailer3,000-3,500 lbs.
nuCamp TAB 400 and 7 days of Provisions3,900 lbs.

Ford Fiesta and Tow Dolly

4,000 pounds is not a large towing capacity for hauling vehicles. Chances are if your vehicle can only handle a load of 4,000 pounds, you will not need to haul another vehicle very often.

However, the need may arise if a smaller vehicle breaks down and you need to help get them somewhere for repairs. When that happens, it is good to know that your vehicle can tow smaller vehicles.

The Ford Fiesta is a light car. It can easily be towed by vehicles with limited towing capacities. The Ford Fiesta is available with different features and those different options have varying weights. The Ford Fiesta weighs between 2,540 and 2,720 pounds.

Vehicle Tow Dollys generally weigh 600 pounds. That means if you are towing a Ford Fiesta with a tow dolly, you will be hauling a total of 3,140 to 3,320 pounds.

The extra 600 or so pounds can account for anything in the car or gas in the Ford Fiesta.

The Ford Fiesta is the smallest car Ford makes. It is available as either a sedan or a hatchback. This makes it a great option for anyone looking for a light car with good gas mileage.

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Boston Whaler 170 Montauk Fishing Boat and Trailer

Fishing is a great hobby. You can enjoy it in different weather and it is fun for people of all ages. Fishing boats are also excellent for touring around the water when you are not fishing.

The Boston Whaler 170 Montauk fishing boat can easily be towed behind a vehicle with a 4,000-pound towing capacity. The boat weighs 2,254 pounds when outfitted with the standard engine, fuel, and water. If you use a standard boat, it will weigh around 900 pounds.

This gives you a total of 3,154 pounds of total weight behind your vehicle.

“You will also use some of that weight for life jackets, fire extinguishers, and other safety gear that you need while on the water.”

The Boston Whaler 170 Montauk is designed for the optimum fishing experience. It includes an integrated forward fish box and drains.

The engine is 90 horsepower with a four-stroke engine. The fuel tank can hold up to 25 gallons of water.

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Airstream Basecamp Trailer

Travel Trailers are amazing for family vacations. They offer more comfort than tent camping as they offer increased protection against the elements.

Additionally, many travel trailers also have bathrooms and kitchenettes, which is great for added luxury while enjoying nature. Travel trailers can be parked at a campsite. Then you can take your tow vehicle into town or on a drive for a day trip.

The Airstream Basecamp Trailer is great for hauling on vacations with a vehicle that can manage 4,000 pounds. The trailer itself weighs 2,650 pounds. It has a carrying capacity of 850 pounds.

That means if you fill the trailer with linens, food, water, propane, and other supplies, you will still be coming in with a total weight of around 3,500 pounds, which is safely below the 4,000-pound limit.

The Airstream Basecamp is designed to be a small, yet effective camper in various weather. It can handle snow and the sun. It is just over 16 feet long and has interior heat.

It is not the most widely outfitted trailer, as the microwave is optional and it can only sleep up to two people.

However, if you travel with only one other person, it has everything to make your adventures more comfortable.

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2 Harley-Davidson Road Glides and Trailer

Motorcycling is a great way to see the country. You can enjoy the open road and the beauty of the world around you. Towing a motorcycle gives you the chance to enjoy travel with both the car and the motorcycles.

It is easy to tow two motorcycles behind a vehicle with a 4,000-pound towing capacity. Remember that motorcycles come in a variety of models. Touring motorcycles tend to be the largest motorcycles because they are equipped for people to take on the road for days at a time.

The Harley-Davidson Road Glides is a popular touring motorcycle. You can also easily tow two Harley-Davidson Road Glides and a trailer.

The Road Glide weighs 855 pounds in running order. That means when you hit the road with two Road Glides, you will be looking at 1,710 pounds.

“If you assume that the trailer holding the motorcycles weighs around 600 pounds, you will need to prepare for a total towing weight of 2,310 pounds. That saves you over a thousand pounds for any other gear that you bring on the trailer.”

The Harley-Davidson Road Glides is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features to keep you safe on the road. It has a luggage capacity of 2.3 cubic feet.

This makes it the perfect motorcycle to tow behind your vehicle and take on a road trip.

Loaded Enclosed Single-Axis Utility Trailer

Enclosed utility trailers are flexible and practical. They are popular for people moving because the roof can add extra protection against rain when boxes and items are moved through the rain and wind.

Many enclosed single-axis utility trailers are too large to tow with a vehicle limited by a 4,000-pound towing capacity. However, there are still smaller utility trailers that can easily help you move plenty of gear.

In general, enclosed single-axis utility trailers weigh around 1,000 pounds and have a towing capacity of 2,000 to 2,500 pounds.

That means towing a loaded utility trailer like this will weigh between 3,000 and 3,500 pounds, which will safely work behind your tow vehicle.

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nuCamp TAB 400 and 7-days of Provisions

Teardrop trailers are popular for people traveling long distances. They offer protection from the elements while camping. Additionally, the teardrop design is more aerodynamic. This means on long trips you can save gas money.

The nuCamp TAB 400 is a fantastic option for a spacious teardrop trailer weighing under 4,000 pounds. It is large enough that you can carry enough supplies for several days.

The camper itself weighs 2,866 pounds. If you bring seven days’ worth of food, water, bedding, clothing, and gear you can fill the camper. This will give you a total weight of about 3,900 pounds, which is just under your 4,000-pound capacity.

The nuCamp TAB 400 includes a refrigerator, a 2-burner stove, a sink, an exterior shower, and more. You can upgrade to the convenience package. This package includes air-conditioning, dual pane windows, a 3-speed fan, and more.

Those extra features will cost more and take more of your total weight capacity, which may ultimately limit how much gear you can bring.

Which Vehicles or Trucks Can Tow 4,000 lbs.

Many vehicles or trucks can tow 4,000 pounds. This is a standard towing weight for many trucks, SUVs, and even mid-sized SUVs.

The following table is not an exhaustive list of every vehicle with a 4,000-pound towing capacity. However, it will give you a good idea of where to start with cars that can tow 4,000 pounds.

Vehicles / TrucksTowing Capacity (lbs.)
Volvo XC904,000 pounds
2015 Jeep Cherokee4,500 pounds
Audi Q54,400 pounds
Honda Passport3,500 to 5,000 pounds

Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is an exceptional SUV for the family. It can fit 6-7 people. It gets up to 30 miles per gallon, which is pretty good for an SUV. It is available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options.

The Volvo XC90 is also fun to ride in. It has a panoramic roof and Nappa leather seats. It offers driver-assist technology to help check your blind spots and watch for pedestrians.

The Volvo XC90 has a towing capacity of 4,000 pounds. This makes it a fantastic option for families looking to take extra gear on the road without getting a massive car that burns through fuel.

2015 Jeep Cherokee

Not every Jeep Cherokee has the same towing capacity. This article honed in on the 2015 Jeep Cherokee for its towing capacity and other features.

This older model makes it a great option if you are looking for a used car that can still tow what you need.

The 2015 Jeep Cherokee is praised for its comfortable ride and excellent off-road abilities. If you are looking to tow, you will also be glad to know that it has a towing capacity of 4,500 pounds.

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is a luxury SUV that still has an impressive towing capacity. It has 362 horsepower and 369 lb-ft torque.

The Audi Q5 has a hybrid battery, which gives you more gas mileage and is more friendly to the environment.

The Audi Q5 offers state-of-the-art safety features and technology without sacrificing its practical side. It can tow 4,400 pounds.

Honda Passport

The standard two-wheel-drive system of the Honda Passport can, admittedly, only tow 3,500 pounds. However, many of the items listed in this article weigh less than 4,000 pounds, so the Honda Passport could easily tow them.

If, however, you do need more towing power, you can upgrade the drivetrain. The upgraded drivetrain offers a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

Trailer Weight vs Towing Capacity

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