Pep Boys Hitch Installation / Trailer Hitches for Towing (UPDATED)

pep boys hitch installation

Looking for Pep Boys trailer hitch installation?

Installing a trailer hitch is one of the best ways to maximize the usage of your vehicle. Adding a hitch to your car means you can bring your camper with you anywhere you go with ease.

You can haul gear with a utility trailer. You can tow your boat to any lake or beachfront in your area.

There are plenty of shops around the nation that will add a trailer hitch to your car, truck, van, or SUV, so you have a lot of options.

Make sure to look for somewhere that will install the high-quality parts you want in a reasonable amount of time and for a price you can afford. Pep Boys is an excellent location for trailer hitch installation.

Why Choose Pep Boys Hitch Installation?

Pep Boys has hundreds of locations around the United States, so chances are there is a Pep Boys near you.

This makes them an incredibly convenient location for your installation. If you travel with a trailer and need repairs to your hitch along the road, you will also probably be able to find a Pep Boys along the way.

The convenience of Pep Boys is a huge plus.

“Pep Boys also offers competitive rates for hitch installation. You can save more money by using Pep Boys than you would through going to a dealership.”

Pep Boys also has frequent discounts on all of the parts required for your trailer hitch. You can get everything you need to keep your trailer towing running smoothly without breaking the bank.

Pep Boys is designed to help explain any questions you may have throughout the process. Chances are, depending on location, you will have a chance to talk to the actual mechanic working on your hitch in case you have any questions or concerns.

The most significant complaint against trailer installation at Pep boys is the hidden costs. Getting a quote beforehand can help mitigate this struggle.

The prices are fair and relatively inexpensive, but some customers have been surprised with charges for disposing of an old hitch or added labor time for which they were not quoted.

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Pep Boys Hitch Installation Cost

Pep Boys has one of the lowest prices around for trailer hitch installation. Their website offers a trailer hitch installation for as low as 50 dollars. This is the cost of labor, not including the price for the parts.

Keep in mind, though, that every vehicle is different, and it may cost more to install a trailer hitch that requires cutting the bumper. It is always wise to call your local Pep Boys and request a written quote before committing to an installation.

Fifty dollars for the labor of the installation is on the lower end of the price spectrum. That is likely 50 dollars for an hour, so if you have a particularly difficult hitch, you may need to pay for extra hours of work, which can hike up the price.

Be prepared to spend between 50 and 240 dollars on the installation.

You will also need to pay for all of the parts for installation. There are many budget and luxury options available.

To be safe, budget 500 dollars for parts. If you plan on just using Pep Boys’ parts, ask for a quote on the parts before committing to the service.

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Pep Boys Hitch Installation Time

If the bumper does not need to be cut for the trailer hitch installation, you can expect the process to take around one hour. More complicated installations can take between four and eight hours.

Pep Boys prides itself on quick yet secure work, so you should be able to get the hitch installed and get on your way fairly quickly.

At Pep Boys, you may be paying hourly for the installation, so choosing an easy-to-install hitch can be beneficial for your budget.

Other pricing options may include a fixed price up to a certain number of hours and an extra charge after that time. Make sure you find out about those hidden fees when you request the quote.

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Different Parts Required for the Installation


The receiver is the most significant part of the trailer hitch. It attaches near the rear bumper. If the bumper needs to be cut for the installation, it will be to make enough room for all of the aspects of the hitch, as it attaches under the bumper.

The receiver will largely determine the towing capacity of the hitch. Receivers are classified by the weight capacity they can carry.

There are five different classes of hitch receivers available. The larger the number, the larger the towing capacity offered by the hitch.

For the most part, cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs will have the towing capacity to support class I, class II, and class III trailer hitches.

When searching for a trailer hitch on the Pep Boys website, you have the option to filter for options that will fit your vehicle.

This can save tons of hassle down the line. Pep Boys carries some of the largest names in towing available, and these options are a great place to start.

If you buy a hitch from somewhere other than Pep Boys, you may need to confirm that your Pep Boys location is still willing to do the installation.

  • Reese Towpower Trailer Hitch, Class III/IV– This Reese trailer hitch will be customized to fit your exact vehicle make, model, and year. Call Pep Boys to confirm the fit for your vehicle. The gross towing weight of this hitch is a hefty 6000 pounds. For many models, you do not need to drill for the installation, which can save you money on labor costs.
  • Curt Class 3 Multi-Fit Trailer Hitch with 2” Receiver– This class III trailer hitch is “multi-fit” because it does not need to be customized for a particular vehicle. If you are worried about finding the right fit, this can save you stress and time. Plus, it’s a great choice, as Curt is one of the best names in trailer hitches. It is powder coated and offers a limited lifetime warranty.
  • eTrailer Trailer Hitch Receiver– This eTrailer receiver is another fantastic custom fit option that you can tailor to your vehicle. It features a sleek, matte black finish. It can be installed without welding, which can cut down on labor costs. It is powder coated to prevent against rust, corrosion, and general wear.

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Ball Mount

The ball mount attaches to the hitch receiver and is secured in place with a pin or clip. The ball mount includes a shank and platform for the ball.

You will always want to be sure the ball mount you purchase will be compatible with the receiver you use.

Some ball mounts come in a set with the trailer ball(s) included, and this can be an easy way to save money and stress.

Check to see if your ball mount comes with trailer balls or if you will have to make an additional purchase.

  • Curt Class 3 Ball Mount– This ball mount has a 2″x2″ shank and should fit with most 2″ class III receivers. It has a phenomenal weight capacity of 7500 pounds, so you will not have to leave anything behind. This ball mount has a strong finish to add to its durability. It is 7-1/2″ long, has a drop of 2″, and a possible rise of ¾.”
  • Reese Towpower Class III/IV Interlock Towing Ball Mount – This Reese Towpower ball mount is not sold by Pep Boys, but it should be compatible with the other equipment they sell. It has a gross towing capacity of 5000 pounds and a tongue weight capacity of 500 pounds. It is 14.5″ long. It will fit a 2″ receiver opening.
  • Reese Adjustable Towing Ball Mount– This ball mount is also not sold through Pep Boys but should be compatible with their equipment. It is perfect if you plan on towing multiple trailers throughout the usage of the hitch. It is also great for achieving a level towing height, as it is adjustable. It has a gross towing weight of 5000 pounds, and it is powder-coated for extra protection.

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Trailer Ball

The trailer ball is the point of connection between the trailer and the hitch that is attached to the hitch. The round shape allows for smoother, safer turning around corners and has thus been adopted by most trailer designs.

If you have different sizes of trailers that your vehicle can and will tow, you will need different sizes of trailer balls.

Most trailer balls are around 2” in diameter. The most common sizes are 1-7/8” diameter, 2” diameter, and 2-5/16” diameter. The different sizes will have unique tow ratings and will fit with different trailer couplers.

Make sure the ball you buy will fit with your trailer, and check the mount size so you can be sure it will work with your ball mount.

  • Curt Multi-Ball Mount with Hook– This is technically a ball mount with balls included, but it is the perfect set if you know you will need different ball sizes. It includes a hook, a 1-7/8″ diameter ball, a 2″ diameter ball, and a 2-5/16″ diameter ball, so you can tow anything your vehicle can handle. The balls are chrome plated for extra protection.
  • Curt 2” Trailer Ball– If you are looking for a standard trailer ball, this is perfect for you. This particular model is 2” in diameter, but at Pep Boys, you can find the same Curt option in other diameters. It has a capacity of 6000 pounds. It is made of steel and finished with Zinc for extra protection and sturdiness.
  • Curt 2” Trailer Ball Chrome– This 2” trailer ball is similar to the above option, but it has a higher towing capacity. It comes in at a whopping 10000 pounds gross trailer weight capacity. It is finished with nickel and chrome to prevent scratches and rust. It is perfect for towing your camper trailer or boat.

Hitch Pin

The hitch pin is a tiny piece that is crucial for maximum protection and security. It holds the ball mount in place and keeps it from separating from the receiver and the rest of the hitch setup.

The hitch pin is generally shaped like an L and clips into place.

Make sure the diameter of your hitch pin will fit with the ball mount you plan to use. Many hitch pins are included with the ball mount.

Check before you purchase your ball mount, so you can plan accordingly. Similarly, if you ever lose the hitch pin, you will want to have replacement options on hand.

  • Curt ½” Hitch Pin– This is a great, standard hitch pin. It features the classic L shape. It is constructed of solid steel and includes a pin to secure it in place. It is compatible with any Curt receiver and ball mount, which can add to your peace of mind when making the selection. This particular hitch pin is coated with Zinc for maximum longevity.
  • Reese Towpower Receiver Lock, Dual Bent Pin– If you are concerned about security, this is a great option for you. It features a lock, so no one can detach and steal your trailer. It includes a rubber cap to keep dirt out of the lock. It has a knurled knob to make it easier to pull out.
  • BOLT lock 5/8” Receiver Lock GM Center Cut– If you own a GM, Chevy, Cadillac, or Buick vehicle with a center cut key design, this is the perfect, secure trailer hitch pin for you. It will learn your vehicle’s key, so you can unlock the trailer hitch pin with your car key. It has excellent corrosion resistance. It has added security and will lock as soon as your key is removed.

Different Trailer Hitch Classes

The hitch class comparison chart shows the trailer hitch classes and the receiver size:

Hitch ClassApplicationsReceiver SizeGTW Capacity (lbs.)TW Capacity (lbs.)
Class 1Cars and crossovers1-1/4-inchUp to 2,000Up to 200
Class 2Cars, crossovers and minivans1-1/4-inchUp to 3,500Up to 350
Class 3Crossovers, vans, SUVs and trucks2-inchUp to 8,000Up to 800
Class 4Trucks and SUVs2-inchUp to 10,000Up to 1,000
Class 5 – Xtra DutyTrucks and SUVs2-inch16,000 to 17,0002,400 to 2,550
Class 5 – Commercial DutyDually and chassis cab trucks2-1/2-inch18,000 to 20,0002,700

Safety Chains

Safety chains are the last line of defense for your trailer. If anything happens to the connection between the trailer and the hitch, the safety chains will keep your trailer from running away and hurting you or others on the road.

It is important to make sure that your safety chains are rated high enough to handle the weight of your entire trailer and any gear you have loaded in or on it.

You also should know that safety chains are required by law, so it is not a part to overlook.

Plus, for the law, each individual chain needs to be rated high enough for your trailer, not the pair cumulatively.

  • Curt Towpower 48” Safety Chain with 2 S-Hooks– This safety chain features two S-hooks for easy attachment and removal. This chain is rated for up to 5000 pounds. This chain is 48” long. It is covered in clear Zinc for extra protection from the weather and elements.
  • Reese 5000 Pound Safety Chain-This chain is 72” long, so it is great for trailers with long tongues. It features secure attachments that you can tighten for added peace of mind. It is made of steel and rated for a gross trailer weight of 5000 pounds. This chain offers a 1-year limited warranty.
  • TowSmart 5000 Pound Capacity 40” Safety Chain– Unlike the other options listed above, this safety chain set includes both chains, so one purchase will give you all of the chains you need. The chains are made of steel and rated for up to 5000 pounds. They are each 40” long. These chains are coated in Zinc for added durability.

Is Wiring for a Hitch Needed?

If you ever plan on driving your trailer on the road, you do need wiring to connect to the hitch. Trailers on the street need three sets of lights.

They need to have brake lights, turn signals, and a light to illuminate the license plate.

Some states do not require small trailers to have a license plate. In those locations, the light for the license plate can be omitted.

Pep Boys offers plenty of hitch wiring options. You can work with the mechanic who is installing your hitch to ensure you have the proper wiring harness for your trailer and your towing vehicle.

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What are Brands of Hitch Available?

Pep Boys offers Curt and Reese hitches. You can rest assured that these are two of the most popular, secure brands in the trailer hitch industry.

If you have a preference between these brands, you can ask your local Pep Boys if they have your preferred brand available.

Some Pep Boys locations are willing to install trailer hitches purchased from other places. You will want to confirm this before you schedule your appointment.

Tow Hitch Installation Near Me

Pep Boys has hundreds of locations across the United States, so it should not be difficult to find a location near you.

From the Pep Boys website, you can enter your zip code and find the closest place for your service.

Warranty of Service Provider

For all of their installed parts, Pep Boys offers a limited warranty. The warranty is good for six months of 6000 miles, whichever comes first.

With this warranty, Pep Boys will replace the part within that time if the part fails. They will also install the replacement for free.


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