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costco Trailer Hitch Installation

Looking for Costco trailer hitch installation?

Trailer hitches are a must-have addition to any vehicle if you love getting into nature with all of your gear. It does not take long to install a trailer hitch.

Plus, the addition of a trailer hitch means you can bring boats, campers, utility trailers, and more on trips with you.

There are plenty of locations available for trailer hitch installation, so you can shop around and see what works best for you.

Why Choose Costco Hitch Installation?

Costco offers discounts for its members on automotive services. This can make Costco a great budget-friendly option for trailer installation.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning to use Costco for installation, though. Not every location will offer trailer hitch installation, so you will have to call in advance and confirm if the site closest to you provides this service.

Furthermore, Costco often does not offer installation warranties for products purchased elsewhere. Costco does not offer all of the parts needed for a trailer hitch, so if your location will install the trailer hitch, there is likely no warranty.

Some Costco locations may be willing to install parts purchased from Costco, but not other parts. Because Costco does not sell all of the components required for a trailer hitch, you may run into a snag when using Costco for your installation.

Most Costco locations will cover oil changes, tire installation, vehicle maintenance, and brakes. Trailer hitch installation is likely not included in any of its services.

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Hitch Installation Cost

The parts required to install a trailer hitch will likely cost around 500 dollars. A breakdown of the average costs for these parts is included in the rest of the article.

You will also need to set aside money to pay for the installation, which includes paying labor costs for the appointment.

If your local Costco installs the trailer hitch (always confirm before, as this is not a typical service that Costco Automotive offers), you can expect it to cost between 80 and 300 dollars for the installation.

Costco members receive a 15% discount on automotive services, so you can still save some money by using Costco for your trailer hitch installation.

The only problem will be finding a Costco Automotive location willing to do the work.

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Time for Installation

You can expect the installation to take between one and five hours. Some trailer towers have been quoted eight hours of labor, but this is a high number and incredibly rare.

In general, it will probably take one hour to install a trailer hitch.

You can also choose to do the trailer hitch installation yourself. Since this is likely something with which you are unfamiliar, you should set aside at least 4 hours to complete the project.

Do not be surprised if you finish early, though, particularly if you are comfortable using tools.

How To Install a Trailer Hitch >> Check out the video below:

Different Parts Required for the Installation

Trailer hitches are not sold as single parts that can be installed with a few bolts. Instead, there are several pieces you will need to acquire.

Costco does not offer all of these parts. When possible, the links provided are from features offered at Costco. Other companies are included when Costco does not offer a part or has particularly limited offerings.

Most hitch receivers cost between 100 and 150 dollars.

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Trailer Hitch Receiver

The trailer hitch receiver attaches near the rear bumper of your vehicle. Trailer hitch receivers come in varying classes.

The higher the class, the more weight the receiver is rated to tow. Most cars to which you would be adding a trailer hitch are class I, II, or III.

Remember, though, that your vehicle can also only tow a certain amount safely without damage to the engine or transmission. You can find the total towing capacity of your vehicle in the owner’s manual.

These hitch receivers are strong, reliable options to help you get started with the installation.

  • EcoHitch Invisi Trailer Hitch Receiver– This EcoHitch trailer can handle 3500 pounds of weight. It is available in custom-fit options, so be sure to choose the right choice for your vehicle. It is constructed of a strong Aluminum-steel alloy. It is also manufactured with an environmentally friendly process. This trailer hitch is nearly invisible when installed on your car. The installation is easy without drilling or welding.
  • Curt Class 3 Square Hitch Receiver– This is another excellent option for those seeking a concealed hitch. It is powder-coated to offer maximum protection from wear and weathering. Curt also uses rust-resistant steel, so your hitch will stay protected for years to come. Another great feature of this receiver is the open-back design, which is easy to clean.
  • Reese Hitch Class III/IV– The entire design of this Reese trailer hitch receiver is welded to give you maximum strength. It has been stress tested to make sure you will be safe while you tow your gear. It also offers maximum corrosion resistance, which is crucial. The attention to detail in this hitch receiver is one of the reasons that Reese is a popular name in the trailer hitch world.

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Ball Mount

The ball mount attaches to the hitch receiver. It includes a shank and platform for the trailer ball. It is essential to make sure the ball mount will fit with the receiver you purchase.

Most class III receivers will have 2″ openings for ball mounts. Most ball mounts cost between 20 and 30 dollars.

  • Curt Manufacturing Loaded Ball Mount with Ball– This Curt ball mount is durable and reliable. It is a great, standard, inexpensive option. Many ball mounts come separate from the ball, but this has a ball included. The ball included is 2”, so be sure to confirm that it will work with your trailer. The ball mount is powder coated and has a 2” drop.
  • GoTow Adjustable Drop Rise Ball Mount-This is GoTow adjustable ball mount that is fantastic if you are looking for a level trailer and an easy tow. It has a drop or rise option, so you can adjust based on what your trailer needs. It has a maximum towing capacity of 5000 pounds. It also includes the hitch pin, so you get more bang for your buck.
  • Draw-Tite Ball Mount for 2” Hitches– Draw-Tite is another trusted name for trailer hitches. This ball mount is compatible with most class III trailer hitches. It is rated up to 7500 pounds GTW. It is made of steel and covered in a powder-coated finish. This ball mount also has a limited lifetime warranty, which is excellent for your peace of mind.

Trailer Ball

The trailer ball is the crucial piece that connects the hitch to the trailer. The trailer ball allows you to make corners easily and safely with the trailer attached to your tow vehicle.

Trailer balls come in 3 main sizes. You may need to purchase multiple balls if you regularly pull different sizes of trailers. Always make sure the ball you select will match the trailer you intend to tow.

Most trailer balls are around 2” in diameter. The most common sizes include 1-7/8” diameter, 2” diameter, and 2-5/16” diameter. Most trailer balls cost between 8 and 30 dollars.

  • Haul-Master Triple Ball Trailer Hitch– If you regularly tow multiple trailers that require different ball sizes, this is the perfect option for you. This ball mount includes three sizes of balls that are attached to the mount. You can rotate the mount when you need a different ball size. With this triple ball trailer hitch, you always have the ball size you need in one convenient place.
  • Reese Towpower 7060400 2” Black Nickel Carbon Forged Interlock Hitch Ball– This hitch ball has a 7500 pound towing capacity. It has a 2” diameter. You can request a manufacturer’s warranty upon purchase. It is also designed to be installed with just one wrench, which makes for easy installation and exchange.
  • Curt 2” Trailer Ball $40003– This classic Curt trailer ball has a maximum capacity of 3500 pounds GTW. It has a chrome-plated finish to offer extra protection. It also provides a limited lifetime warranty. This trailer ball is made of steel and has been safety tested for your peace of mind.

Hitch Pin

The hitch pin connects the ball mount to the receiver and prevents it from sliding out of place. It is traditionally shaped like an L, and it comes with a clip to secure it in place.

Check if your ball mount comes with an included hitch pin. If it does, you can save yourself an additional purchase.

Also, when purchasing a hitch pin, always make sure the diameter of the hitch pin will fit with your ball mount and receiver. Most hitch pins cost between 3 and 10 dollars.

  • Haul-Master ½” Rotating Locking Hitch Pin– This hitch pin is excellent if you want added protection against theft. It locks and includes two keys, so no one can take your trailer. It is also easy to use, as the lock rotates to grant you easier access. It also includes a slot cover to keep everything clean and to ensure easy access to the lock.
  • Gen-Y Iron Grip Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin for 2” Hitch Receivers- If you hate the rattling sound that happens every time you tow a trailer, this is the right hitch pin for you. It is designed to minimize rattling between the receiver, ball mount, and trailer for a smooth, quiet ride. It is made of steel and easy to install.
  • Curt 5/8” Hitch Pin– This Curt 5/8″ hitch pin includes a rubber-tipped handle designed to be gentler on your hands. The pin is also rubber-tipped for better gripping power. It is made of durable steel and is coated with a zinc finish for added durability. It should fit most class III trailer hitches.

Trailer Coupler

The trailer coupler is the frontmost portion of your trailer. You may need to upgrade your trailer coupler, or you may want to keep the original trailer coupler.

Regardless, you should ensure the ball mount and ball are compatible with the size of the trailer coupler that you use. If you decide to upgrade your trailer coupler, also check its compatibility with your trailer.

Most trailer couplers cost between 15 and 35 dollars.

  • RAM 3.5K Straight Tongue Trailer Coupler– This trailer coupler is designed for a 2″ trailer ball. It mounts on a 2″ trailer tongue and is intended for a 3500-pound capacity. It is available in both weld-on or bolt-on options, depending on what is best for your individual needs.
  • GoTow 2” Hitch Ball 2” Channel Straight Coupler– This GoTow coupler is also designed for 2″ balls. It is rated for up to 3500 pounds, and it is easy to attach to your trailer. It also features a simple locking mechanism to aid in linking to your hitch. It is rust and corrosion-resistant, so you can use it for years and years.
  • Husky Coupler 2”, Straight Mt. – This Husky Coupler features a straight mount. It will fit on 2” balls. It is made of zinc for a sturdy, durable finish. The Husky coupler is rated for 3500 pounds carrying capacity.

Safety Chains

Safety chains are your last line of defense in case anything on your hitch fails. They will prevent your trailer from detaching and rolling away, potentially harming you and other drivers.

You need to make sure your safety chains are rated to the weight of your trailer, so they will be able to hold it in case any portion of the hitch fails. Most safety chains cost between 30 and 60 dollars.

  • Safety Chain with Quick Links- This safety chain is a great standard option. It comes with one, so you will need to purchase two to properly secure your trailer. The chain is 72” long and rated up to 5000 pounds GTW. The end offers a secure hook that closes to ensure extra protection.
  • 27” Long Safety Chain with 7/16” Hook– This safety chain has S-hooks for quick and easy attachment. It is rated for up to 5000 pounds GTW. It is 27” long. This safety chain also comes in packs of one, so you will need to purchase two for your trailer.

Trailer Wiring Harness

The trailer wiring harness connects the electrical wires from your vehicle to your trailer. It means that when you tap your brake lights, the brake lights on your trailer will illuminate.

In most states, you need three lights to legally drive on the road. You need a white light to illuminate the license plate, turn signals, and brake lights.

Make sure you select a wiring harness that will match your vehicle and your trailer.

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Is Wiring for a Hitch Needed?

Wiring is needed for a trailer hitch. In most states, if you plan to drive the trailer on the road at all, you will need to have functioning rear lights.

The most important lights are brake lights, turn signals, and a light to illuminate the license plate.

In some states, if the trailer is below a certain weight, it does not need to have a license plate. In those circumstances, you can skip the light for illuminating the license plate.

Driving a trailer without proper wiring and lighting can lead to a ticket and a hefty fine, so it is important to make sure your wiring is up to date and that none of your lights have broken or burned out.

What Brands of Hitch are Available?

There are plenty of brands of hitch available to give you options. Many brands offer multi-fit hitch receivers, so you do not have to be as careful when matching the hitch to your vehicle.

One of the most accessible places to find a hitch for your trailer is the brand for your vehicle. Keep in mind, though, that this may also be the most expensive option.

Popular brands of hitch include:

Costco Trailer 21mm

Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Jack Bundle

Costco Trailer DK2

DK2 4.5 ft. x 7.5 ft. Mighty Multi Utility Trailer with Bed Tilt

Trailer Hitch Installation Near Me

Many places offer hitch installation. Feel free to shop around until you find a place offering the best service and prices for your needs.

One of the simplest places to have a hitch installed is the dealership for your car brand. For example, Toyota dealerships are equipped with mechanics who know Toyotas and have hitches designed for their vehicles. This can make the decisions easy.

It is often not the cheapest option, though.

Pep Boys offers trailer hitch installation at some of their locations. Call before you plan on it, but they can offer quick, easy installation of most trailer hitches.

They are also great at explaining the process if you have any questions.

U-Haul is one of the most popular places for trailer hitch installation. They have dozens of locations nationwide, so you will not have to look far to get your trailer hitch installed.

They offer fantastic prices and a variety of hitches to choose from.

You can also install the trailer hitch yourself if you are comfortable with tools.

Warranty of the Service Provider

Most car dealerships offer lifetime warranties on their trailer hitch installations. Because they will also be using parts designed with your vehicle in mind, the parts also usually have lifetime warranties.

Pep Boys does not offer warranty information on their website, so you will have to confirm with them when booking your appointment. Also, ensure the warranty on the parts you purchase.

U-Haul offers limited lifetime warranties for a small added cost, so you can go to any U-Haul location and have your trailer hitch repaired if needed.


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