Walmart Holiday Return Policy (What You Need to Know)

Walmart Holiday Return Policy

Do you know what Walmart‘s holiday return policy is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Walmart is one of the best-known retail stores in the United States, and for many, it’s a one-stop shopping location for making holiday purchases. However, there’s always the chance of getting something that doesn’t work out, which is why knowing their Holiday Return Policy is important.

Walmart has a Standard Return Policy that offers between 30 and 90 days to return items, but the holiday version comes with a bit of a twist.

This article looks at all you need to know about the Walmart Holiday Return Policy.


What Is The Walmart Holiday Return Policy?

According to the official Walmart Site, The Holiday Policy applies to items that:

– Are purchased between November 1st and December 24th

– Have a Standard Return Policy of less than 90 days

For qualifying items, the return window retains its original length. However, the window does not officially come into effect until December 26th, or Boxing Day.

How Is The Holiday Return Policy Different From the Standard Return Policy?

For the standard return policy, the return window starts the day of the purchase – or delivery, in the case of online orders.

For a purchase made on Christmas Eve, this extended holiday policy doesn’t make much difference.

For holiday shoppers who might do their shopping earlier in the season, however, this gives them as much as an extra 54 days for making a return.

Why Is There a Different Policy For The Holidays?

A large part of the reason for the extended policy is customer convenience. The extended policy allows customers to shop for Christmas Gifts without worrying too much about being unable to return the item if it doesn’t work out.

Another part of it involves streamlining the return process by spreading the volume over a longer period of time.

Walmart, like many retailers, sees the holiday season as a peak selling period, and the post-holiday season usually sees a corresponding volume of returns.

The extended policy helps ensure the employees responsible for processing returns don’t get too far behind.

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What Else Do I Need to Know About the Walmart Holiday Return Policy?

Aside from the extended time, most of the Holiday return policy is the same as the standard return policy.

The most important thing to remember is what exactly is covered under the extended time policy.

The policy applies to items that usually have a Return Window less than 90 days. These include:

14 Day Return Items:

  • Prepaid cellular phones (undamaged)
  • Contract cellular phones (undamaged, and subject to contract conditions)
  • Opened, used, or unlocked phones (offer covers an exchange for an item of equal value only)

30 Day Return Items:

  • Most electronics, including cameras, camcorders, tablets, computers, TVs, Gaming equipment, and GPS Equipment
  • Audio Systems
  • Electric Bikes, Hoverboards, Scooters, and Radio Controlled Vehicles
  • PC components such as SD cards, hard drives, graphics cards, or other hardware.
  • New and Unused Drones

60 Day Return Items:

  • Prescription Eyewear
  • Hearing Aids

Anything not in the above categories is generally eligible for a 90 day return policy, and therefore not included in the extended Holiday Return Window.

Exclusions that may not be eligible for return Include:

– Opened or used items

– Gift cards

– Safety Gear, such as face masks

– Clearance or ‘Final Sale’ Items

– Holiday-themed or holiday specific items after the date of the holiday has passed.

Note: Items purchased on sale or as part of a special deal can only be redeemed for the amount they were purchased at.

You cannot redeem an item purchased on sale for the regular, full price of the item, nor exchange it for a full-price item without paying the difference.


What You’ll Need To Remember:

Note: Returns, refunds, and Exchanges made in store or by mail are free.

To make your return, you’ll need:

– The item

– Receipt or other Proof of Purchase

– The original packaging if possible.

Items should be in good, new, or ‘like new’ condition, and in unopened packaging if possible

Tags should still be attached for best results.

Based on the condition and time passed, the item may be eligible for a full refund, or else in-store credit.

What If I Need To Return A Damaged Or Faulty Item?

If you have a damaged or faulty item or an item that is missing parts when opened, you can return it through the online process or to any store for a full refund.

Walmart does reserve the right to refuse a return if the item:

– Shows signs of excessive wear

– Shows signs of damage through improper handling or usage, as opposed to manufacturer error.

– Damage cannot be attributed to shipping, handling, or manufacturer fault.

– All pieces are not returned, or the item is not returned with the original packaging.

– Proof of purchase is not supplied.

Items that are not conclusively damaged as a result of store or manufacturer failures can be refunded, exchanged for store credit, exchanged for a similar item, or refused at the discretion of the manager or other official representative of Walmart.

How Do I Make a Return?

When making a return, holiday or otherwise, you have the choice of making your return online or in-store. You also have the option of using your Walmart account, if you have one, to expedite the process.

Using Your Walmart or Walmart + Account For Returns:

– Log into your account

– Identify the items you’d like to return, and the reason for the return.

– Indicate whether you’ll be using online or in-store services for your return.

– Once your return is accepted and confirmed, continue with the return process, with your confirmation code in hand to present as needed.

Returns Made In-Store:

Even if you don’t have a Walmart or Walmart + Account, you can still expedite your return by starting the process online. You’ll just need your order number or your receipt.

You can take care of the preliminaries by accessing, then simply bring your item into the store of your choice and drop it off, after showing them your confirmation email.

Even if you don’t decide to use the online services, making an in-store return is simple.

Just bring your item in, along with the following:

– Receipt or proof of purchase

– Original packaging if possible

– Any loose parts or accessories

Bring your items to the Customer Service Desk, where your return will be processed and accepted or denied.

Returns Made Through Online Service:

If you have a Walmart account, you can access your order or purchase history and go through the following steps:

– Select the items you wish to return

– Identify whether you want to return or exchange the item, and why

– Choose ‘Return By Mail’, and print out your return shipping label.

– For larger items, you may need to schedule a pick-up. For smaller items, you can drop them off at the nearest mail delivery service.

– Use the provided tracking number to follow your package until it arrives for processing.

If you don’t have a Walmart account:

– Start your return processing through the ‘Guest’ System, with and tracking system

– Have your order number or receipt handy, as well as your email address.

– Fill out the information and select ‘Return By Mail’ to print out your return shipping label.

– Drop off smaller items at a mail delivery service, after obtaining a tracking number. For larger items, arrange for a pick-up.

– Track your order until it arrives for processing.

Note: For online returns, only items in the same original order or purchase can be returned together. For items from multiple orders or shopping trips, you’ll need to fill out multiple returns to be processed.

You’ll also need to allow a few days for your package to reach the return location and be processed before you can find out if your return was approved or not, and what sort of reimbursement you are eligible for.

What Happens After I Make My Return?

For items returned in-store, your return will be processed immediately if it is accepted.

Based on the type of item, the condition it’s in, and whether it’s still in the eligible return window, you may receive store credit, a refund, or an offer for an exchange.

– For Store Credit: You will most likely be given a Walmart Gift Card with the appropriate amount.

– For an Exchange: You will be offered to choose an item of similar value.

-For a Cash Refund: Cash will be refunded to you at the register.

– For Refund to a Credit Or Debit Card: The return will be paid back to your account. It may take 3 to 5 business days for the amount to show up in your account.

For items returned online and by mail, you’ll experience a delay while your items are shipped and processed.

There’s a chance it may take up to 14 business days, or even longer, for your return to be processed and any refund to be processed to your account.

The length of time depends on the speed of the shipping, the speed with which your financial institution of choice processes the transaction, and the volume of returns being handled by the return department at that time.

Does The Process Change If I Use A Service Like Klarna or Afterpay?

Walmart’s official sites do not have any information regarding payments made with Klarna though, as of early 2022 Klarna stated that they could be used for Walmart, though services like Afterpay do not yet seem to be offered.

As for the return process when applied to purchases made through Klarna, the process is likely to be affected by the amount paid on the outstanding balance.

Since Walmart offers several options for refunds, you may get cash, or a refund applied to your Klarna account, to either be applied to the remaining balance or to be redeposited into your account, depending on the status of your Klarna account.

For exact details, you may wish to contact Walmart Customer Service or a Klarna Representative for the most up-to-date information.

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Is The Process The Same For The Walmart Marketplace Sellers?

The Walmart Marketplace is a service where individual vendors sell their wares through Walmart locations or on the Walmart website.

Though gathered under the Walmart banner to some extent, these individual vendors are not officially part of Walmart and may have different rules for returns.

Walmart does insist on a minimum 14 day return window for Marketplace electronics and luxury items.

They also insist Marketplace vendors offer a minimum 30 day return window on other items.

Note: Vendors of precious metals are exempt in terms of return windows.

You may want to allow an extra 48 hours for processing through the Marketplace Return center if you make your returns through Walmart.

For all other details, you’ll need to check with the individual vendor about their holiday or regular return policy.

Final Thoughts

The Walmart Holiday Return policy isn’t much different than their regular policy, but if you’re purchasing items with a shorter return window, it does offer you a little bit of an extra cushion, so you can do your holiday shopping with confidence.



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