Walmart’s Clothes Return Policy (No Tags + Worn Clothes)

walmart clothes return policy

Do you know what Walmart´s clothes return policy is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Have you bought an item of clothing at Walmart, either in-store or online, and you’ve changed your mind, or it doesn’t fit?

If so, you are probably wondering what Walmart clothes return policy is? Walmart does take clothing item returns, and Walmart’s clothes return policy is pretty generous. Walmart makes it easy for customers to return clothes if you’ve decided that they don’t fit or turn out to be not quite what you expected.

In this article, I describe Walmart’s clothes return policy, how you can return items if you’ve lost your sales receipt, and how you can return unwanted clothes purchased in-store or online.     

What is Walmart’s Returns Policy For Clothes?

Clothes bought at a Walmart store or online at are covered by Walmart’s 90-day return policy.  

The policy applies to clothes with tags on and clothes with tags removed as long as the item of clothing is in good, wearable condition, is clean and free of stains, and has no holes or other defects.

However, there are some minor nuances and exceptions to the policy that I’ll explain later in this article.

For quick and easy clothing returns you’ll need the original sales receipt available.

What is Walmart’s 90-Day Return Policy?

Walmart’s 90-day return policy applies to exchanges and refunds. Items can be returned in-store, by mail free of charge, or via a scheduled pickup from your home.

Evidence in the form of an in-store sales receipt or a order number is needed. And, subject to these checks and meeting all other policy requirements, Walmart will refund the purchase price together with applicable taxes back to the original form of payment, or will provide a replacement item.   

On its website, Walmart makes it very clear that it reserves the right to limit, or decline returns or exchanges regardless of whether the customer has a receipt or not.

All returns without a receipt are subject to a refund verification process, and store managers have the final say in whether Walmart is willing to accept a return.   

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Can I Return Clothes to Walmart That I Have Already Worn?

If Walmart is able to resell worn clothes that you have returned within the 90-days return period, then it’s likely that your return will be accepted as long as you bring the original sales receipt.

This generous aspect of Walmart’s clothes return policy has been exploited in the past by a small number of customers.

So, to counter this Walmart will keep track of tagless worn clothes returns, and if a customer is regularly attempting to return worn clothes that customer may get a ‘Walmart return warning’.

This warning prevents that customer from returning items for a set period of time.

Can I Return Underwear And Swimwear At Walmart?

Unlike many retailers, underwear items such as briefs and bras, and swimwear are also covered by Walmart’s return policy.

However, these items must be returned in new condition in their original packaging and with tags attached.

Can I Return Clothes to Walmart If I’ve Lost My Receipt?

This may be possible, but the return process may not be so smooth or easy compared to a return with the original sales receipt.

If you don’t have your receipt available, Walmart will want to be sure that you actually bought the item at a Walmart store.

Walmart staff will do their best to try and verify your purchase and will ask for information such as a government-issued photo ID and a debit or credit card number used to make the purchase.

They will then try and match the item to you using the information in Walmart’s database.

Note that for some no-receipt returns you may be asked to take an exchange rather than a refund, or refunds may be in the form of store credit or a gift card.

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How Do I Return Walmart Clothing Items In-Store?

Note that items purchased at a Walmart store can only be returned in-store.

Whether you have a Walmart account or not, you can start your in-store return process online at the Walmart website.

At the end of the online process, Walmart will send you a confirmation email that you can take to the store with your item and receipt to get your refund.

Alternatively, you can go directly to your chosen Walmart store customer service desk with the item you want to return along with all original packaging and accessories and the receipt to process the refund or exchange there. 

How Do I Return Walmart Clothing Items Bought Online?

Most items purchased at can be returned for free by mail regardless of whether you have a Walmart account or not. 

The online process allows you to print a return mail label. You then package your item and drop it off at a USPS or a FedEx facility. For very large items you can arrange for these to be collected from your home address.

Once Walmart has received your item, they will process the exchange or refund.

Can I Return Walmart Marketplace Clothing?

Yes, clothing bought from a Walmart Marketplace seller can be returned. However, the seller’s return policy is unlikely to match Walmart’s 90-day return policy.

You’ll need to review the specific policy conditions of your seller.  Most Walmart Marketplace items are returnable within 30 days. 


Walmart has a generous clothes return policy. You can return clothes within Walmart’s 90-day return policy.

The 90-day policy applies to clothes with or without tags on as long as the item of clothing is clean and is in a good, wearable condition, even if the clothes have previously been worn.

For the return of underwear and other personal-wear items, you’ll need to return these in new condition in their original packaging and with tags attached.

For quick and easy clothing returns you’ll need the original sales receipt available.

You can return items bought in-store or online, but note that items bought at a Walmart store can only be returned in-store.

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