Toyota Safety Connect Cost (All You Need To Know)

toyota safety connect cost

If you are the proud new owner of a Toyota, the odds are this isn’t quite ‘your dad’s Toyota’. Always cutting-edge, Toyota has adopted a ‘connected’ suite of services, the most popular of which is their ‘Safety Connect’. So, what are the costs of Toyota Safety Connect and what do you get?

Toyota Safety Connect is a safety subscription for your Toyota that costs $80 per year or you can pay $8 every month – your call! Included are features such as automatic collision notifications, emergency assistance, enhanced roadside assistance, and a stolen vehicle locator just in case you need it.

Best of all, there are standard and extended trials available with some models, so you might even get your Safety Connect and their Service Connect option for FREE for up to 10 years!

Today we’ll take a closer look at the features of this and also touch on some of the ‘connected’ features suite so that you’ve got a better idea of what Toyota Safety Connect and some of the additional upgrades can really do for you.

If you’re ready, then let’s start with a closer look at Toyota Safety Connect and what it really does.

What is Toyota Safety Connect?

Toyota has always had a nice habit of keeping things cutting edge, as long as the technology is worthwhile and reliable.

Starting back in 2010, they introduced the Toyota Safety Connect feature and it was available for select Toyota models – with examples including the 2010 Land Cruisers and Prius models, and later 2012 Camrys and Prius V’s, and later models like the 2013 Avalon, 2014 Highlander, and the Mirai 2016.

Since then, the Toyota Safety Connect hardware started coming in standard on most models, so it’s also a perk enjoyed on 2023 Toyotas and likely for many new models to come, well into the foreseeable future. So, what do you get? We’re glad that you asked!

What are the perks of Toyota Safety Connect?

You’re probably aware of the ‘emergency safety button’ aspect, but to better understand Toyota Safety Connect, it’s best to break down the perks individually so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Here are the services that come with Toyota Safety Connect and a little information about each:

  • Automatic Collision Notifications – It’s a feature you’ll hopefully never use, but Automatic Collision Notification is a smart feature that comes into play if your vehicle suffers a severe rear-end collision or if your airbag should deploy. In such cases, 24/7 Emergency services will attempt to contact you and will dispatch emergency services to your location.  
  • Emergency Assistance – This is the famous ‘emergency button’, and it’s pretty darned handy. If you have an emergency requiring medical, police, or other emergency services, just press the button and you will be connected to an emergency response team.
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance – As an extended functionality of your ‘emergency button’, you can also be instantly connected with 24/7 roadside assistance and at no cost to you, get help with emergency gas, battery jumpstarts, tire repair, towing, winching, and more. There’s also a connected app you can load on your phone, to unlock the door if you lock yourself out!
  • Stolen Vehicle locator – If your vehicle is stolen, then this feature will enable PS tracking of the vehicle that will commence immediately once a police report is filed.

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Other Toyota Connected options

We’d mentioned that Toyota has an entire Connected Services suite and while we are only going to go into two of the most popular features – the Toyota Service Connect and Toyota Insure Connect – you can see the entire list by clicking this link. Here is a summary of all of the connected services for quick reference:

  • Safety Connect – Toyota’s Safety suite for emergency services and roadside assistance.
  • Service Connect – A smart service designed to keep you on top of vehicle maintenance to extend the life of your Toyota
  • Drive Connect – Gives you access to live agents, real-time traffic, and more – courtesy of Toyota’s Cloud!
  • Remote Connect –  Wanna open your locks with a smartwatch or your phone? Remote Connect gives you access to this and more.
  • Wi-fi Connect– Collaboration between Toyota and AT&T can help to ensure high-speed 4g connections for your Wifi, Tunes, and streaming – available on certain 2022 and later models.

There is also a service called Toyota Insure Connect, although we’ll talk about that shortly as it’s not listed officially as a part of Toyota’s Connected services suite.

 For now, let’s look at Toyota Service Connect, as this is typically included in your Toyota Safety Connect trial so you’ll want to know what kind of perks this will entitle you to. Let’s take a look!

Toyota Service Connect can help ensure your vehicle is properly maintained

In this day and age, cars have all kinds of smart technology that you can take advantage of to really extend the life of your vehicle. Toyota’s Service Connect is there to help you do this, with features such as:

  • Vehicle Health Report- Accessible through Toyota’s app, the Vehicle Health report helps to keep you informed in the case of service or recall campaigns, vehicle-specific alerts, and warnings, and can also keep track of useful maintenance information. You can still keep backup paperwork in the glove box, but it’s nice not to have to open that box to get the information that you need.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Alert – With this option, maintenance and vehicle alert information can be forwarded to the dealership, so that they can inform you when it’s time to get those brakes checked, a tune-up scheduled, or any other kinds of recommended current or preventive maintenance.
  • Maintenance Reminders – If you don’t want the dealer calling you about repairs, you can use the maintenance reminders feature of your Toyota Service Connect plan to simply email you reminders – just be sure to mark your first one as ‘not spam’ so that your email provider doesn’t accidentally hide your maintenance alert and you should be golden!

Toyota Insure Connect can also help lower your insurance premiums

One final feature of the Toyota Connect Suite that you might want to consider while you’re evaluating the Toyota Safety Connect is their ‘Insure Connect’ option. You can read a little more about it by using that link, but basically what you do is download their app, enter in your vehicle vin number, and then opt to share location information.

This allows Toyota to evaluate your driving habits so that they can help you to find cheaper insurance, all based on your safe and sensible driving habits.

For those folks out there who really make an effort to drive safely, this can really save you a lot of money, so we thought it would be worth mentioning to check out when you’re evaluating your Toyota Safety Connect.  

Some final words on Toyota Safety Connect

In today’s article, we’ve answered the question ‘What are the costs of Toyota Safety Connect’ and for all those fine, fancy features, it’s only $8 month-to-month or $80 for a yearly subscription and little savings.

This subscription gives you access to emergency services at the touch of a button, including free roadside assistance for emergency fuel, jumpstarts, and more.

Add in that any airbag deployment or rear-end collision of sufficient force will also get you a phone call and immediate assistance if you can’t be reached, and you’ve definitely got a safer ride for you and your family.

Finally, if the car is ever stolen, it can be quickly reported and tracked – so what’s not to like?

You can learn more about Toyota’s Connected Services suite here and don’t forget to check with your dealer to see if you’re entitled to an up-to-10 year free trial.

Who knows? You might just be able to start enjoying your Toyota Safety Connect services for free TODAY!


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