Toyota Remote Connect Not Working? (Here Is How To Solved!)

Toyota Remote Connect Not Working

Do you know why my Toyota remote connect is not working or why my Toyota remote connect is not activating? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Tech nowadays is fantastic. Gone are the days when you need to walk around with a starter remote for your vehicle. With some vehicle models, you can do it with an app on your phone.

Modern Toyota vehicles use Toyota Connect for this service. In our opinion, Toyota Connect is one of the best apps on the market. But, what happens if you can’t get Toyota Connect working? Is it a problem that you can fix?

Here are the 7 main steps you need to do if your Toyota remote connect is not working which included:

  1. Is Your Vehicle Registered In The App?
  2. Check Your Internet Connection
  3. Check For Updates On The App
  4. Clear The Cache For Your App
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall The App
  6. The Toyota Servers Are Down
  7. Report The Bug To Toyota

Let’s run you through a few of the ways that you can fix the app. 

We suggest that you go through each of these solutions in order.

1.    Is Your Vehicle Registered In The App?

We know that this may sound obvious, but you will be surprised at the number of people that incorrectly register their vehicle in the Toyota Remote Connect app.

Obviously, if your vehicle is not registered correctly, then you don’t have any hope of being able to start it remotely. You can skip this step if your vehicle has previously worked.

To register your vehicle for the app, you will need to make an account at

Once you have made an account (and confirmed your email address), then head on back over to the Toyota Remote Connect, log in to your account, and input your details.

This means including the VIN for your vehicle, local dealer, etc.

If you have properly registered your vehicle in the app, then you should be able to start your vehicle using it.

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2.    Check Your Internet Connection 

In order for Toyota Remote Connect to work, you are going to need to have an internet connection on your phone.

You do not need to have an internet connection on your vehicle. That is all handled on the end of Toyota.

If you do not have an internet connection on your phone, then the app simply won’t work. This is because there is no way for the app to send that signal to your vehicle to lock and unlock.

It doesn’t really matter what type of internet connection you have on your phone. You could be connected to Wi-Fi, you could be connected to a mobile network. As long as the internet connection exists, then you should be fine.

There are a variety of reasons why your internet connection may have cut out.

One of the most common is that you have run out of data allowance on your cellphone. This often happens towards the end of the month, so you may want to check that.

In other cases, you may have accidentally turned off data on your phone, or perhaps you have accidentally switched on aircraft mode.

How you resolve this issue is going to be dependent on the type of phone that you own.

In other cases, you may just have no signal on your phone. This normally happens if you are in the middle of nowhere or, perhaps, you are in an underground car park.

We are afraid that, in this case, you will have no choice but to start your vehicle manually.

How To Set Up Toyota Connected Services >> Check out the video below:

3.    Check For Updates On The App

Every so often, Toyota will release an update for their Toyota Remote Connect app. When they release the update to their app, it will render the old version of the app useless.

If you are lucky, the app should update automatically, which means that you will not have to worry about this too much.

Still, if your Toyota Remote Connect app doesn’t seem to be working, then you are able to update it manually.

You can search for the Toyota Remote Connect app on the app store (normally Google Play for Android or Apple App Store if you have iOS).

You will be able to find the app listed on one of these services. If there is a required update, then an UPDATE button will appear. Click it and wait a couple of minutes.

4.    Clear The Cache For Your App

This is something that you are likely only going to need to do if you have Android. Every so often, the cache of the Toyota Remote Connect app will need to be cleared.

When you are doing this, you are basically clearing out old, corrupted, information. This is not going to have any impact on the app, although in some cases you may need to log in to the app again. 

To clear the cache, shut the app down completely. You can then hit the ‘Settings’ button on your device and then look for ‘Apps’.

Under the list, you will be able to find Toyota Remote Connect. Click it and then select ‘Clear Cache’.

Open up the app again. If needed, log in to your account. If this worked, you should be able to use the app.

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5.    Uninstall and Reinstall The App

In some cases, you may want to just uninstall and reinstall the app.

While it is rare, there is always a chance that the software could become corrupted, particularly if you have gone through a good number of updates on the app. 

How you uninstall the app will be dependent on the operating system that you have. In most cases, you will just have to do a long press on the app name and click ‘uninstall’.

You will then be able to reinstall the app using the relevant app store.

6.    The Toyota Servers Are Down

Every so often, Toyota will need to maintain the servers for their network. This means that, on occasion, you may find that the Toyota servers are inaccessible.

If this happens, then the Toyota Remote Connect app will not work. At the most, this is something that will happen for a couple of hours, and Toyota will normally give advanced warning of this.

You will know that the servers are down if the app won’t connect but you seem to have an internet connection.

7.    Report The Bug To Toyota

None of these methods fixed the problem? There is a good chance that the software is buggy for some reason.

You can send a bug report to Toyota through the app. Although, unfortunately, they are often going to be pretty slow to fix the app.

Thankfully, it is incredibly rare that this is the case. You can still send a bug report to the app team at Toyota. However, every so often, you will want to check whether it has all been fixed.

In the vast majority of cases, you probably did have one of the issues that we highlighted before, but it took a while to fix itself e.g. the Toyota servers were down for a short period of time.

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There are various reasons why the Toyota Remote Connect app may not work. In some cases, it is as simple as you not having an internet connection on your phone or the app needing an update.

In other cases, it may be because the Toyota servers are down. We can assure you that, as long as you have your vehicle correctly registered in the app, none of the issues should be long-term issues, and you should be able to solve them without any problem.

If you can’t, then send a bug report to Toyota. 



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