Target Swimwear Return Policy (What’s Covered, Claims + More)

target Swimwear Return Policy

Do you know what Target’s swimwear return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Are you wondering about how to return a swimsuit to target? We have the scoop on what you need to do to get a full refund!

Target’s generous return policy includes a full refund within 90 days, with an extra 30 days if you paid with a Target credit card. If the swimwear is from Target’s own collection, then you have one full year to return the unused swimwear. To receive the full refund or exchange, the unused swimwear must still contain the hygiene lining. Online and in-store swimwear purchases are returnable or exchangeable at any Target location.

The following article dives into Target’s return policy, including how and where you can return your swimwear to.

What if the swimwear item is a Target owned brand?

If the brand is from Target’s own collection, then you will have one year to change your mind about the product.

Within that time, you will be able to return the item, free of charge, for a full refund or exchange.

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Can I return swimwear if it was on my Target registry?

Yes, all registry items can be returned within a year of the purchase date listed on the registry details. All items must not be used, and the swimwear should have the hygiene layer attached.

Can I return my swimwear to any Target store?

Yes, you can always return an item purchased inside Target stores or online to any Target store near you. It does not have to be the same Target that you purchased the swimwear from.

They should all be able to accept the return if you have the proper purchasing documentation for the items.

Can I return swimwear that I bought online to a Target store?

Items bought online can be returned using their online system. Request a return online, or simply print out the receipt, purchase order, or return barcode, and bring the item to customer service inside one of the Target stores near you.

They will be happy to give you a full refund or exchange your unused swimwear if it is within the allowable refund period.

Can I return my Target Swimwear by mail?

Yes! You can return your item purchased online via the mail. Just log onto your account and view your order details to find a free prepaid return label ready for you to stick on the return package.

This means that returns via mail gets free shipping!

Can I return my swimwear to target without a receipt?

If you lost your receipt, you may be able to easily print a copy from your online order details page. If you don’t have access to any receipt, then Target might decide to give you store credit instead.

The store associates also might attempt to lookup the receipt in their system.

Are there exceptions to Target’s return policy?

Yes, there are always exceptions to the rules, but luckily, they do not able to swimwear! Instead, you are unable to return open collectible items, personalized items, digital downloads, opened breast pumps, and gift cards.

How will I receive my refund from a Target return?

Normally, the refund will come back in the form that was originally used to make the purchase. If you purchased the swimsuit with cash, then they should be given a refund in cash.

Unless you are past the 90 days return period, in which you may end up only getting store credit. If a card was used, the refund amount will automatically be loaded back onto that card within 10 days of the return.

How will I receive my refund if I ordered it online and paid with PayPal?

You will need to go through the same procedures that you use to start a regular return, except the refund amount will be loaded onto a Target gift card instead of going back onto your PayPal account.

What if my swimwear was part of a BOGO promotion?

You will only get a refund for the amount paid for the items, never more than what you paid.

If you decide to return one of the items from the BOGO sales, then your refund will be reduced to reflect the amount discounted for each item.

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Will shipping charges be included in the Target refund?

Online orders from accrue shipping charges that are typically refunded to you if the return is accepted.

If the return was declined by Target or the return was not due to an error caused by Target, then they might not refund your shipping costs. But they will pay for you to ship it back to them!


Target has an extremely generous return policy, even with swimwear. Many stores only have a 30 day return policy, while Target allows returns for full refunds up to 90 days.

Add 30 day onto that if you use their credit card, or an entire year if the product of one from Target’s own collection!

Target will give you a full refund or exchange in store for swimwear that was purchased at any store or online. Target will also pay for the shipping costs associated with mailing back an online order.

While you can obviously try it on, Target does require that the swimwear be unused, and the hygiene layer retained.

Target’s return policy makes them a great place to try new swimwear styles for summer!



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