Specialty RVs: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know (Explained)


With three massive showrooms in the state of Ohio, Specialty RVs is one of the largest RV showrooms around.

Since we know that there are a ton of people out there that may be considering buying from this company, we figured we would put together a guide to the sorts of things that you should know about Specialty RV before you head to one of their showrooms.

Basically, we want to share a few facts on the brands that they sell, as well as highlight a service that we do not think we have seen another RV company in the state offer.

Who Are Specialty RV?

Specialty RV is a family-run company that been around for 18-years now. All of their showrooms are located in the mid-Ohio area.

While the company is primarily known for the RVs that they have in stock, in recent years, they have also started to expand into marine and agricultural vehicles.

You know a company is good when it is able to sustain itself on a product range that is this large.

While the company does offer a wealth of different vehicles from tons of different brands, this company is what is known as an exclusive Forest River dealer.

“This means that they are one of only a few companies in the country where you can go and buy your Forest River products. The customer service team at Specialty RV is uniquely qualified to work on Forest River products too.”

This means that if you already own a Forest River RV and are looking to get it repaired or serviced, then Specialty RV is probably where you need to be heading.

As you can probably imagine, while the bulk of the space in their showrooms will be taken up by RVs sold by Specialty, the company does maintain a decent stock of spare parts for those that are looking to repair or upgrade the vehicle on their own.

In fact, if you already have an RV, we suggest that you swing by one of their showrooms because they have a ton of products that you can purchase, some of which you are going to be struggling to find anywhere else in this part of Ohio.

If that wasn’t enough, Speciality RV has also expanded into offering an RV rental system in recent years. We are going to talk about that a little bit later on.

However, this is one of the better services for those that are unsure whether buying an RV is right for them.

Where are Specialty RV Located?

There are three different warehouses for Speciality RV. Well, technically there are four. However, in one of their locations, the company only sells farming equipment, which is probably not going to matter all that much to RV owners.

The current locations for the company are:

  • Canal Winchester
  • Lancaster
  • London

Each of their showrooms will have a slightly different range of products in stock. So, make sure that you go through the Specialty RV website.

This should give you an idea as to which models can be found where. Of course, you can also call the various showrooms and they will be more than happy to help you out.

The showrooms should be fairly close to one another, which means that if you do want to go through all three showrooms, then you probably shouldn’t have that many issues doing that.

What Brands of RV do Specialty Stock?

One of the brilliant things about Specialty RV is that they have gone to huge lengths to try and stock as many different vehicle brands as possible.

Obviously, it does mean that they are not going to be able to stock the complete range of any of these manufacturers.

However, because they have gone to huge lengths to try and build up a relationship with all of these manufacturers, they will be able to source a particular RV if you really have your heart set on it.

These are just a few of the brands that the company stocks. Do bear in mind that there may be additional options on top of these for those that are looking for used RVs:

  • Forest River
  • Cherokee
  • Chaparral
  • Grey Wolf
  • Wolf Pack
  • Wolf Pup
  • Della Terra
  • Riverstone
  • Geo Pro
  • Rockwood
  • Palomino¬†
  • Mini Lite
  • Signature Ultra Lite
  • Ultra Lite
  • Sabre
  • Sierra
  • Vibe
  • XLR
  • Hyper Lite XLR
  • XLR Nitro
  • XLR Thunderbolt

Yes. We do know that some of these brands overlap with one another. However, Specialty classes them as separate brands for a reason.

They are completely unique models from the same company. For example, a Hyper Lite XLR is not going to be the same as an XLR Thunderbolt.

The company is always looking to add to the range of RVs that it offers, so you may find something completely different the next season.

Who Size of RV do Specialty Stock?

The company stocks the following sizes of RV:

Basically, all the company is really lacking will be Class B Motorhomes. They can probably source them for you, but they are not going to be keeping them as standard in their product range.

We suppose this makes sense. They are going to be a rather niche product, after all.

The Company Offers an RV Builder

Obviously, if you head to one of the Specialty RV showrooms, they will have the most popular RV options in stock. This is great and all but, as we all know, RV manufacturers offer a lot more products than this in their range.

If you head on over to the Specialty RV website, you will be able to take advantage of their RV builder. This is, essentially, a service where you can go through and choose the RV that is right for you.

This means thinking about the manufacturer of the RV, the floor plan of the RV, and any special features that you want to be included in the vehicle.

There is a chance that Specialty RV will not have the exact model that you want in stock. However, because this is a company that tries to maintain links with all of the manufacturers that they have in their range, they should be able to source it for you rather easily.

This means that you can actually get the RV that you want, not just an RV that you have settled for because that is all the company had in stock.

The Company Offers Used RVs

While new RVs are probably always going to be the best way to go if you are looking for RVs with the most modern of features, not everybody wants to go down that route.

Let’s be honest, while the latest RVs are going to be the best that you can buy, the RVs from days gone by are certainly not going to be too shabby, particularly if they have had an owner that has spent a lot of time caring about said vehicle.

Used RVs are often going to be a whole lot cheaper than buying a new RV, so if you are looking to get something decent without spending a whole wad of cash, then you will be able to enjoy the fact that Specialty tries to keep a healthy amount of stock of used RVs that you can buy.

The vast majority of them can also be obtained through vehicle financing.

“You will also be pleased to know that Specialty is actually pretty picky about the used RVs that it brings in for sale. This is great, because it means that if you pick up a used vehicle from this company, then you just know that you are going to be purchasing something that is incredibly good.”

If you are looking to trade in an RV that you don’t really have any use for, then we also suggest that you head on over to Specialty, if only for the fact that the company goes to huge lengths to offer some of the best trade-in prices throughout the state of Ohio.

The Company Offers RV Financing 

Don’t you just love a company that makes it as simple and affordable as possible to buy their vehicles?

Like many RV companies currently operating in the United States, Specialty RV offer financing on almost all of the models that they have for sale.

Of course, you are going to need to have a good credit score in order to purchase a vehicle through financing. It is going to be a rather hefty expense, after all.

If you do qualify, then you should be able to enjoy some affordable pricing on the RV, which is going to be great to spread the cost over multiple years.

Since we assume that you are going to be using your RV a lot, this is probably going to be the best way to purchase the vehicle.

The Company Offers RV Rental

This is actually something pretty cool that we haven’t seen that many other RV showrooms do.

Each year, between May and October, Specialty RV actually offer a rental service. You can rent some of the models from the previous year for as many nights as you want.

This is a brilliant way to ‘test drive’ an RV that you may be interested in.

If you end up loving the RV and want to purchase it, then Specialty will be able to reduce the price for you in line with however much you rented it for (up to 7-days rental discount)

This is a great way to score yourself an affordable RV or have an affordable vacation.

Do remember that the rental season is going to be quite limited, and they rent their RVs out quite quickly, so you will need to pay attention to when that rental season starts so you will be able to get your hands on some of the most desirable of RV rentals.

Final Word

As you can see, when it comes to RVs in Ohio, Specialty RV does bring a lot to the table.

If you are interested in what they offer, then we suggest that you either head on over to their website or, better yet, you go and check out one of their three showrooms.

You never know what you are going to be able to find in their range. There is a reason why this company is loved by so many people out there.



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