Sephora Cologne Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Sephora Cologne Return Policy

Do you know what Sephora cologne or fragrance return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Sephora will accept returns of cologne or fragrance for up to sixty days following purchase. However, Sephora’s cologne returns policy states that the item must be returned within thirty days in order to receive a refund. For the following thirty days, you will receive credit in place of a refund.

In the following article, we look at everything you need to know about Sephora’s cologne return policy. 

What is Sephora’s cologne return policy?

Sephora will accept returns of cologne that is unopened or opened but only gently used if the cologne is returned to them within sixty days.

A refund is only eligible for colognes that are returned within the first thirty days after purchase. For colognes returned after this point within the sixty days, store credit will be given instead of a refund.

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What does the policy cover?

Sephora’s policy states that they will happily offer a refund for items that are gently used.

Due to this, you are able to make a return on any cologne or fragrance that has been unopened, but also on any that has been opened and very lightly used.

This is one of the most lenient parts of the Sephora return policy and something that is not commonly seen in many store’s return policies. 

Sephora’s cologne policy also accepts returned products for any reason, as there does not seem to be any need to provide a valid reason for wanting to return something.

Instead, it is acceptable to say that a cologne doesn’t suit your skin, doesn’t meet your standards, or simply isn’t what you were looking for.

Are there exceptions to Sephora’s return policy?

Even though opened and even gently used colognes are likely to be accepted for return at Sephora, there are some exceptions to the return policy.

Any cologne that has clearly been heavily used is unlikely to be accepted for return, as this is likely to be seen as an attempt to abuse the policy.

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How do you return cologne to Sephora?

Returning an item to Sephora is free of charge with no shipping or handling fees at any stage; this is for both in store and online returns.

Any cologne purchased in store must be returned in store at your local Sephora. For colognes purchased online, returns must be sent back through the mail.

Can you return the gifted cologne to Sephora?

Cologne is a common gift for birthdays and Christmas, but it is very easy to get wrong and you might end up with something that isn’t right.

In an ideal situation, gifts should come with a receipt, meaning returns of gifted colognes are very easy.

Alternatively, you can ask the person who made the purchase to arrange the return for you.

In the event that you do not have the receipt or access to the original payment card, the returns process is a little more complicated.

However, in this case, returns of cologne are still possible. To do so, contact Sephora via phone to receive store credit for the amount of the cologne.

Do you need a receipt to make a return?

A receipt makes it much easier to make a return to Sephora, but it is not necessary to have one.

If you take your return back to a store, Sephora staff can access your purchase history through your payment card or Beauty Insider account and process the return that way, meaning a receipt is not always needed. 

How long do Sephora returns take?

The time it takes to get your money back depends on the method of return you use.  

If you return your cologne to your local store, the refund is either processed immediately or within twenty-four hours, depending on your payment method.

For returns sent through the mail, it can take up to thirty days to receive your refund.

Can you make unlimited returns to Sephora?

There is no official limit on how many returns you can make. However, as with a lot of stores recently, making a large number of returns in short period of time is likely to raise suspicions.

If you are found to be making too many returns, Sephora may decide to act to prevent you from making any more in the future. 

Pros and cons of Sephora’s cologne return policy


  • The return policy at Sephora is quite lenient and is a little less restrictive than other companies’ policies. Offering sixty days to send back an unwanted or damaged item, Sephora’s cologne return policy makes it far easier to return a product than other companies do.
  • A major benefit of Sephora’s policy is that colognes can be returned unopened and even gently used. This makes returns very convenient and means you are more likely to receive a refund regardless of whether you have opened the cologne. In some cases, even unboxed colognes may be accepted for a refund.


  • Sephora’s policy is somewhat strict in the methods of return. For some people, mail returns are far easier than having to travel to a local store. Yet, mail returns are not only unavailable for store purchases, but they also typically take far longer to process than store returns.

Final Thoughts

Sephora will happily accept returns of cologne or fragrance within sixty dates from the date of purchase.

A refund will be given for returns made within the first thirty days, after which point store credit will be given.

According to Sephora’s policy, a cologne that is unopened or opened and gently used can be returned for a refund.



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