Rural King Battery Return Policy (Coverage, No Receipt)

Rural King Battery Return Policy

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Rural King’s battery return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Rural King will accept returns of most batteries. In most cases, Rural King will offer a full refund on any battery returned with a receipt within thirty days of purchase. Although returns made without a receipt are possible, a refund will only be given to customers who can present a valid ID and will either be in the form of a gift card or credit.

In the following article, we look at everything there is to know about Rural King’s battery return policy, including what it covers, how to make a claim, and whether a receipt is needed.

What is Rural King’s battery return policy?

Rural King will accept batteries for a refund if they are returned within thirty days of purchase and sent back with all parts and documentation included in the purchase. If you present a receipt when making your return, Rural King will refund the full amount in the form of either cash or credit to your original payment method. 

Rural King claims that their returns policy is intended to be as smooth and fair as possible, making it easy for anyone who isn’t entirely satisfied with their purchase to return the product.

They will happily refund purchases which don’t completely meet the standards or requirements of the customer.

Products are also able to be exchanged for another model and make if a refund is not appropriate or wanted.

Part of Rural King’s warranty on certain batteries means they are eligible for a free replacement at any time up to twenty-four months from the time of purchase.

What does the policy cover?

Rural King will accept returns of batteries for a number of reasons, which makes receiving a refund much more accessible.

Some of the reasons Rural King will happily accept a return include:

  • If the products were misordered by the customer,
  • The customer has changed their mind on the suitability or whether they really need the product,
  • The item is found to be defective in some way,
  • The product has been damaged in some way during delivery.

For items that were misordered or in cases where the customer has changed their mind, the customer is responsible for paying return shipping costs or return freight fees, depending on the size of the product.

Items which are damaged or defective should be returned immediately or else freight charge must be paid, particularly large items.

Rural King’s battery return policy without a receipt

Batteries can be returned to Rural King both with and without a receipt. However, there are some important differences between making a return with a receipt and without one.

With a receipt, customers are eligible to receive a refund in the form of either cash or a credit card reimbursement.

Returns made without a receipt are eligible only for a refund in the form of gift card or store credit. If credit is given, it must be used toward the purchase of products of equal or greater value.

Remember that in place of a receipt, a Driver’s License or State ID must be presented in order for a return to be approved for refund. 

Rural King’s return policy for a used battery

While products cannot be refunded once they have been used, Rural King does offer an alternative solution.

Used batteries can be returned to Rural King to be recycled and customers can receive a gift card in exchange.

There’s no limit on how many returns Rural King will accept, and any battery is accepted for return.

How do you make a return claim?

To make a return claim to Rural King, contact their Customer Service Department to get the process started.

Customer Service will provide you with a Return Authorization Number, which is needed for the return to be processed correctly.

When sending the parcel back to Rural King, this Number should be attached to the package.

Alternatively, you can also request a return online, using Rural King’s Contact Us page to file your issue and your wish for a refund.

Bear in mind that it can take some time to hear back from a representative, who will help you to proceed with the next steps and get the returns process started. 

Do Rural King offer warranty?

Rural King does offer a 30-day warranty on most of its batteries, applicable for thirty days following purchase. However, Rural King sells a lot of different batteries, and most will have slightly different warranty periods.

Their Automotive Battery, for instance, has a 24-month warranty period for a free replacement, and a 72-month period for limited warranty.

Pros and cons of Rural King’s battery return policy


  • Compared with other retailers, Rural King’s return policy is fairly simple to get through. They state that they have designed the policy to be as fair and smooth as possible for their customers, and so they offer multiple ways in which to initiate and arrange a return for dissatisfied customers.


  • Unfortunately, Rural King’s return policy makes it hard to receive a full refund without a receipt. Instead, any reimbursement will be given in the form of a gift card or store credit, which can only be used on a purchase equal to or greater than the value of the refund. This can make it tough for anyone requiring a refund.
  • Rural King offers thirty days during which returns can be made. Compared with other stores, this is a small period of time and not necessarily long enough for customers to be aware that something is wrong with the battery they have purchased or that it does not suit their needs. 

Final Thoughts

Rural King will happily refund any battery which is returned damaged, defective, or faulty within thirty days from the date of purchase.

A receipt is typically required in order for customers to receive a full refund, otherwise, a gift card or credit may be offered instead.

Used batteries may be returned to Rural King only to be recycled, in exchange for a gift card.



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