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Are you looking for Pop up camper rental for your next holidays? Well, we´ve got you covered.

How much does it cost to rent a pop up camper? A case study of more than thousands of people shows that RV rentals cost between $50 and $150 per night. The pop up camper rental rate will vary between $50 and $100 per day.

However, the renting pop up camper rate will depend on the rental location, the model of the pop up camper and the time of the year you are renting.

Renting a Pop-Up Camper Vs. Other RV Rentals

Pop-up campers are popular for people who love to travel the road in a lightweight, portable camping experience. Pop-up campers do not have all of the amenities that other RVs have, but they do offer more coverage and space than tent camping.

Pop-up campers also tend to be lighter and less expensive than RV rentals.

Because of their lightweight designs, pop-up campers are more easily towed by a wide variety of vehicles. Vehicles that could not tow a large trailer are often able to tow pop-up campers.

Pop-up campers are also great for saving money, because their lighter design will take less energy to tow, so you can save gas money.

Pop-up campers often have fewer amenities (smaller or non-existent bathrooms) than other RV rentals. For this reason, they are often less expensive to rent.

If you are hoping for a more glamorous camping (“glamping”) experience, a different RV rental will provide you more than a pop-up camper.

Pop-up campers are great for people who are more interested in a slightly upscale tent camping experience.

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Pop-Up Tent Trailers

Pop-up tent trailers add more flexibility to your camper travels. They allow you to take your vacation with you wherever you want. Dive in to see if a pop-up tent trailer is right for you.

Pros for a Pop-Up Camper Rental

✔️ You can detach your trailer and explore with your vehicle- Being able to easily tow your trailer is a great blessing. However, if you park your trailer and want to explore a city, having the luxury of detaching your trailer and driving into town or on a day-trip is amazing. Pop-up trailers give you the amenities of a camper with the flexibility of a smaller vehicle.

✔️ Pop-up trailers offer flexible options for towing– Larger RVs and campers must be towed by trucks or SUVs.

Pop-up trailers often weigh so little that you can tow them behind much smaller vehicles. This means camper adventures are well within your reach!

✔️ Pop-up trailers are a less expensive option– Pop-up trailers cost less than most RVs and significantly less than hotel rooms.

They give you the luxury of cooking your food (if your trailer has a kitchen), so you can also save money on food. The lighter weight also means you will spend less on gas money.

✔️ Temperature regulation is much more manageable in a pop-up trailer- If you are camping in the heat of the summer and want to open windows, the flaps on pop-up trailers can offer similar ventilation to a tent.

In a victory over tents, though, if it is cold, you can turn on a heater to stay warm in your pop-up camper. 

✔️ Pop-up trailers are smaller for storage– If you decide to own an RV, you have to worry about where to put it when you are not road-tripping. Pop-up trailers take up significantly less room. Some can easily be parked in garages.

You will not find that with large motorhomes.

✔️ Smaller sizes also give you more flexibility in destinations and campgrounds- Some campgrounds limit the size of RVs and trailers that can be parked there.

Pop-up trailers will run into fewer restrictions, so the sky is the limit!

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Cons for a Pop-Up Camper Rental

❌ Pop-up campers require more set-up and takedown than other campers- One of the reasons pop-up campers save you on gas money is because they fold down and experience less wind-resistance. These compact designs are convenient in many ways.

You will, however, need to set up and take down the “pop-up” portion of the trailer every time you move it.

❌ More parts give you more opportunities for faults and breakdowns– Pop-up trailers have more pieces that move frequently.

This is a result of the set-up and take-down that happens at every step of your journey. With that much set-up and take-down, you do increase the chances of pieces breaking or getting lost.

❌ You are more exposed to the elements- Pop-up trailers offer more coverage than a tent. However, the pop-up walls are usually still made of fabric and cloth. Rain and snow can still occasionally drip in like they would in a tent.

You also have to be careful to fully dry the trailer at the end of a trip to avoid mold or mildew growing in the damp fabric.

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❌ Pop-up campers are more difficult to heat- Because you are more easily exposed to the elements, heat can escape more easily.

This will cost you more on electricity (or propane, depending on how your heater runs). Pop-up campers will not be as warm as other RVs.

❌ Pop-up campers have fewer amenities than other campers- While renting a pop-up camper will save you on space, you will have to sacrifice amenities.

Many pop-up campers do not have bathrooms. Many may have microwaves or small kitchen appliances but no ovens or stoves.

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Pop-Up Camper Rental Prices: How Much Does a Pop-Up Camper Cost to Rent?

Pop-up campers are some of the most inexpensive camper trailers you can rent. The prices can vary, though. Prices vary based on the location of the rental, season of rental, the model of the trailer, year of the trailer, and total trailer size.

How Much Does a Pop-Up Camper Cost to Rent? On average, pop-up campers cost approximately 50 to 150 dollars per night to rent. Some may be available for less, but you will need to check your location for those options.

Using peer-to-peer rental services can also potentially offer discounts, as you will be renting from the camper owner directly, not through an RV agency.

When budgeting for your trip, do not forget to set aside money for gas (which will vary based on how far you are driving) and insurance. Insurance can protect your rental if anything goes wrong while you are on the road.

When selecting the pop-up trailer for your trip, check the specifications to make sure your vehicle can tow it. Otherwise, you will need to add about 90 dollars per day to rent a truck.

Where You Can Rent a Pop-Up Camper Today (Huge Discount NOW!)

Now is the perfect time to rent a pop-up camper. People are looking to road-trip and travel safely with family. Pop-up campers are great for anyone looking to save money while still seeing the world.

One of the best ways to rent a quality pop-up camper and save money is through using a peer-to-peer rental site. These sites work much like Airbnb, but for an RV instead of for a house.

RV or pop-up camper owners can rent out their camper when they are not using it.

This means you are more likely to find a quality camper within your budget because the owners want to take care of their personal property.

You can also have more customization options with these websites because you can work with the owner directly to help set up a contract that fits your personal needs.

Another benefit of these sites is that the campers are available now. You do not need to book months in advance to get a good deal. You can search today and find the pop-up camper of your dreams.

Browse Pop-Up Camper Rentals Now (Outdoorsy: Our Top Choice)

Outdoorsy is one of the best peer-to-peer camper rental websites you can use. Customers love that they have great customer service. RV owners love that their policies are all very user-friendly.

If you want to start browsing pop-up camper rentals, Outdoorsy is the perfect place to start.

Outdoorsy allows you to search for campers and trailers based on location. You can search for campers available near you. If you plan to start driving from a different location, you can search for campers in that area.

Filters allow you to filter for campers that are available during your trip. You can also filter for the type of RV. If you have decided that a pop-up camper is for you, then you can narrow your searches that way.

Other filters allow for price and amenities (heating, pet-friendly, indoor shower, etc.) These filters make it easy to find a pop-up camper that fits all of your needs.

Outdoorsy offers roadside assistance and insurance in case you run into problems on the road. They also offer delivery for some RVs if your dream camper is not available in your area.

They have road-trip guides to help you brainstorm as you get started.

Are There Pop-Up Camper Rentals Near Me or in My Area?

When you search through Outdoorsy, you will find that there are tons of pop-up camper rentals available in almost every area.

Prices tend to range between 70 and 100 dollars per night. If there are no pop-up campers available in your city, chances are there are some within your region.

If you have your heart set on a pop-up camper but you cannot find a pop-up camper in your area or at your destination, you can also find a pop-up camper that is available for delivery.

You can arrange with the owner (through Outdoorsy) to have them deliver the camper to a location near you. Then, you do not even need to worry if pop-up campers are available in your area.

If Outdoorsy does not have a pop-up camper that fits your needs, they will recommend RV rentals in your area that may be close to what you want.

If you want to rent elsewhere, you can always search for RV rental locations near you.

You may need to call the rental agency to see if they offer pop-up trailers, as not every RV rental company will offer them. You can also look to other peer-to-peer sites like RVshare or Craigslist.

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3 Best Pop-Up Tent Trailers

1. Flagstaff Hard Side and High Wall

Flagstaff as a brand has fantastic, popular pop-up campers. Any of their pop-up campers are sure to be made with excellent equipment and a wide variety of customization options.

Their hard side and high wall series of pop-up campers are perfect for anyone interested in the luxury of a larger camper with the flexibility of a pop-up camper.

The hard sides will offer you more protection from the weather, and the high walls give it a spacious interior. Several models within the hard side and high wall series even come with a shower and toilet, which is not common in pop-up campers.

2. Coachmen Clipper

The Coachmen Clipper is a “hot product” in the RV world. It is quite popular, particularly the newer models (2017-present).

The earlier models were less durable, but in recent years Coachmen has re-worked the less-durable design elements.

The Coachmen Clipper has a hardtop, which gives you the option to add an Air Conditioning unit if you need to.

This camper is easy to set up and take down at the end of the day, so if you plan to make several stops along the way, it can be a great option.

The Coachmen Clipper also comes in an Ultra-Lite version, which is great if you have a smaller vehicle for towing.

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3. SylvanSport Go

The SylvanSport Go is an incredibly unique pop-up camper. It is one of the smallest, lightest, pop-up campers. It is closer to a tent than other pop-up campers, as the sides are all cloth.

The SylvanSport Go is great for campers who want to get out and explore. It can haul your equipment while you drive, so you can bring climbing gear hiking boots, life-jackets, and any other paraphernalia you may need.

It can sleep around 4 people, but as it is a smaller camper, it will be a tighter fit. This also means it is a less-appealing option if you plan to spend days and days lounging inside.

It does still offer more comfort and warmth than a tent, and it is a great budget option.

Is a Pop-Up Trailer Camper Right for Me?

Pop-up trailers are great for anyone who wants a comfortable, flexible, inexpensive vacation. If you know you enjoy RV camping but you do not want to rent a motorhome or your vehicle is too small to tow a trailer, a pop-up camper is perfect for you.

Pop-up trailers are not going to stay as temperature-regulated as other RVs, so if you are planning on living in a camper long-term, pop-up campers may not be right for you.

Pop-up campers do require more set-up and take-down, so you will need to be willing to do that if you are going to rent a pop-up trailer.

Pop-up campers also do not always have showers and toilets, so if you are hoping for a more “glamorous” camping option, you will have to look harder and spend more to find a pop-up camper that is right for you.

Pop-up campers are great if you would like more comfort and room than a tent can provide, but if you still want to be immersed in nature.

They are also great if you plan on doing day-trips and other adventures because you can park them at the campsite and detach your vehicle to go for the day.

Towing weight – capacity – 10 Popular Vehicle Models

In the table below you can find the towing weight or maximal towing capacity of 10 popular vehicle models:

Vehicle Model and TypeAverage Towing Weight / Capacity Max. (lbs)
Toyota Camry1,000 lbs
Chevy Cruze1,000 lbs
Honda CR-V1,500 lbs
Toyota Rav4 3,5000 lbs
Sedan 1,000 to 4,000 lbs
Toyota Priusunder 1,000 lbs
Toyota Corollaunder 1,500 lbs
Subaru OutbackUp to 3,700 lbs
Buickup to 1,500 lbs
Kia Sorento 3,500 lbs
Small (Quarter-Ton) Trucks6,500
Half-Ton Trucks8,500
Three-Quarter-Ton Trucks15,000
Full-Size SUVs7,200
Towing capacity chart

Top Pop-Up Tent Trailer Destinations Renters Love

Things Pop-Up Campers Can Do in Maine

Maine is a great place to visit for any kind of vacation. Maine is located in New England, and it is full of scenic rocky coasts, beautiful forests, and quaint towns and cities.

Bristol and Pemaquid Point are perfect destinations for campers with an interest in history. There is a 17th-century village you can visit. You can also tour a reconstruction of Fort William Henry.

The Pemaquid Lighthouse Park offers tours of a historic lighthouse and a great park to explore. For those hoping for a more active adventure, you can try kayaking and fishing.

Baxter State Park is another great destination in Maine for pop-up campers. The wilderness is gorgeous and expansive. You can hike on a portion of the Appalachian Trail and explore the trails on Mount Katahdin. 

Old Orchard Beach is great for those hoping to experience Southern Maine. There is a beachfront amusement park that you can easily drive to after unhitching your trailer.

This theme park and boardwalk are reminiscent of bygone days. The beachfront itself is also great for beachcombing.

Things Pop-Up Campers Can Do in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is another great vacation destination in New England. You can explore the New England experience with all of the individual New Hampshire twists.

The White Mountains are a great Pop-up camper destination. There are plenty of hiking options and lakes for those interested in swimming, water-skiing, and boating.

For golf fans, there are golf courses within walking distance. If you want to try horseback riding or rock climbing, you can spend a day exploring those while your camper waits at the park.

Bear Brook State Park is another fantastic option for pop-up camper vacationers. You can hike, horseback ride, and bike within this park.

There are also options for canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. Bear Brook State Park also offers archery ranges if you want to try out a new (or pre-existing) hobby.

Hampton Beach State Park offers more boating, kayaking, and fishing options for the people in your group interested in watersports. The campground at Hampton Beach State Park has a playground for children and an amphitheater for musical performances.

In September, they host a seafood festival at Hampton Beach State Park. There is something for everyone!

Things Pop-Up Campers Can Do in Denver

Denver is one of the most popular camping destinations in America. With soaring mountains that have earned this city the nickname “The Mile High City,” there are plenty of sites and activities for pop-up camper vacationers.

There is an abundance of campgrounds, so you can choose if you want to be closer to the mountains or closer to the city. If you want to take day trips into the city, Denver is a great city for families. There is an aquarium with great educational opportunities.

There are several museums, including Nature and Science Museum that is perfect for dinosaur-lovers.

For outdoor activities, there are still plenty. You can try rock climbing and hiking in the mountains. If you are from a lower altitude, you may notice your lungs working a little harder as you hike through the mountains in Denver.

In the winter and spring (if your camper is warm enough), you can also try some of the exceptional skiing in the area.

Denver has great opportunities for families and solo-adventurers in a pop-up camper.

Things Pop-Up Campers Can Do in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a great destination for adventurers hoping to explore the beautiful American Midwest. Wisconsin has stunning farmland, crystal lakes, and expansive hills.

The Wisconsin Dells are perfect for families and all amusement park lovers. There are several campgrounds in the area, so you can park your trailer and explore the various theme parks and water parks.

There are enough theme parks in the area that you could stay for a week and keep the new experiences coming. The area also has plenty of family-friendly restaurants.  

Other campgrounds in Wisconsin often offer miniature golf courses, fishing ponds, basketball hoops, and more. Wisconsin is a great place for a family looking to vacation without spending all of their savings.

In West Salem, Wisconsin, you can also stay at the Neshonoc Lakeside Camping Resort. In the area, you can try boating, swimming, and watersports.

You can also try hiking and biking on beautiful Wisconsin trails.

Things Pop-Up Campers Can Do in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the perfect destination if you are hoping to explore a more traditional camping experience.

There are plenty of campgrounds with lush forests in the area, so you can even set up your trailer and sleep under the stars.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park offers miles upon miles of hiking and biking trails. There is a playground for children and an archery range for anyone interested in that sport.

While staying at a campground near Colorado Springs, be sure to watch for wildlife. The area is great for birdwatchers, but also for anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of beautiful flora and fauna native to the area.

Colorado Springs is also great for those looking for a natural, inexpensive adventure that will immerse them in nature.

Things Pop-Up Campers Can Do in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix, Arizona is a fun desert location for pop-up camper enthusiasts. If you want to go from October through April you can protect yourself from some of the heat waves that Phoenix experiences during the summer months.

For this reason, if you want a warmer vacation during the winter, Phoenix is perfect for you.

Park at any of the campgrounds within 15 miles of Phoenix and you will have plenty of access to the activities in this area.

Mountain biking and horseback riding are popular for camper vacationers in the Phoenix area. You can explore caves and other fun hiking trails in the area for a truly unique hiking setting.

Pop Up Tent Trailer Rentals FAQs

Let’s close out this page about Pop Up Tent Trailer Rentals pop up camper rentals with answers to some of your most frequently-asked questions about them!

Do pop-up campers stay warm?

Do pop-up campers stay warm? Yes, pop-up campers can stay fairly warm, but they will not stay as warm as an RV can. For this reason, using them in a winter climate will require extra layers and preparedness.

You can run a heater in them, though, so they will stay warmer than a tent.

Are there pop-up campers with bathrooms?

Yes, there are pop-up campers with bathrooms. They are not the most common models, but they do exist. The Flagstaff Hard Side and High wall collection offers models with bathrooms.

What size are the beds in a pop-up camper?

What size are the beds in a pop-up camper? Many pop-up campers only have twin beds. Others can offer up to king beds, though those usually are in models that have smaller kitchenettes. It depends on which model of pop-up camper you rent/buy.

How long is the average pop-up camper?

How long is the average pop-up camper? Most pop-up campers are about 12 feet long. Smaller models can be around 8 feet and larger up to 16 feet long.

Do pop-up campers leak when it rains?

Most pop-up campers do not leak when it rains. Some can if there are any holes, or the fabric outside becomes particularly saturated and then has weight added (like a tree branch).

Can you use a pop-up camper in the winter?

Yes, you can use a pop-up camper in the winter. It is colder, though, so be sure to pack warm layers, sleeping bags, and extra fuel for the heater.

Do pop-up campers have electricity?

The amenities vary from camper to camper, but many pop-up campers do have generators to provide electricity. This is a fairly common feature, but you may wish to check before you rent/buy.


Pop-up campers are great for anyone looking for a flexible, fun vacation. You can unhitch the trailer and explore sites in an area without driving an entire motorhome through town.

They are less expensive than many other travel options, yet they still provide many of the same amenities offered by larger RVs.

Pop-up campers are easy to rent through peer-to-peer rental sites like Outdoorsy. They are available in most locations, so you can search and get started on your pop-up camper vacation today.





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