Michaels Christmas Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Michaels Christmas Return Policy

You can count on Michael’s to have everything you need to create beautiful Christmas crafts and creations during the holiday season.

You can even grab a Christmas tree, gifts, and so much more. But do you know if you can return these items if you do not need them?

Micheals does not offer a Christmas or Holiday return policy. All returns during this period, along with all Christmas items, can be returned within 60-days for a full refund. 

No matter what you are shopping for this holiday season, you can trust 

What is Michaels’s Christmas Return Policy?

Micheal’s does not have a specific return policy for the Christmas holiday. If you purchased something from Micheals and wish to return it, you will be required to return the products in the same manner as everything else, on any other given day. 

With that in mind, Christmas items such as trees, decor, and crafts also follow the basic return policies of the company. 

So, what is Their Return Policy?

If you do not want to keep the item you purchased from Micheals for any reason, you have 60-days or two months to send it back for a full refund. With that said, there are a few rules you have to follow.

  • All products returned to the store must be in brand-new, unused condition
  • Everything initially included in the package must be sent back, including cords, paperwork, accessories, etc.
  • The product can not be altered or changed in any way
  • Holiday costumes and kits have to be returned within 7-days before the holiday

Can I Still Return Christmas Items After 60-Days?

There are many times when people can become very busy and forget to take their returns back within the 60-day timeframe.

While this can be a big waste of money with many stores, Micheals actually makes it pretty simple.

You can return items to Micheals after the 60-day deadline, but you are not entitled to a cash or credit refund; you will only receive a gift card in return.

How Will I Receive My Refund?

How the refund is issued will depend on how you paid for the item originally.

The following shows how you will get your money back when returning items to Micheals.

  • Debit card purchases will be returned to the customer in cash.
  • A store return gift receipt would be issued if you purchased an item with a gift card or store credit.
  • If you paid by check, a 10-day waiting period is required before a refund can be issued. After the check clears, you will receive store credit as a return.
  • If you bought items online using PayPal, you would receive the return in cash.

What About Returning Christmas Items Purchased Online?

If You choose to return your items online, you can do so by contacting customer care at 1-800-MICHAELS (1-800-642-4235).

From there, Micheals will email you a prepaid return packaging slip. All you have to do is place the return slip outside the package and drop it off at the nearest UPS.

Online purchases can be returned to your local Micheals store. However, in-store purchases cannot be returned by mail.

What Happens if I Don’t Have My Receipt?

The return process will go much smoother if you have your receipt readily available when returning a product to Micheals.

However, you aren’t out of luck if you don’t have your receipt. You can go to your local Micheals store, and they can attempt to look up the transaction for you.

If a receipt cannot be located, you are still entitled to a refund. In this case, you will need to provide a valid form of photo ID, and you will only receive a refund in the form of store credit.

Another bummer about not having your receipt is that you will only get back the lowest sales price of the product over the last two months.

Say you bought a Christmas tree for $120 on November 18th at full price; it went on sale for $20 off on November 24th; then you return it with no receipt on November 30th.

You will only get $100 back on a store credit card.

What Christmas Items Does Micheals Sell?

Many people only think of craft supplies when they think of Micheals. While this company does sell a massive variety of crafting gear, they do sell other items as well.

During the holiday seasons, you can get a lot of Christmas decor from Micheals in-store and online. You can pick up things such as,

  • Christmas Stockings
  • Christmas Trees
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Costumes
  • Gingerbread house kits
  • And so much more.

If you decide to return any of these items, they must be unopened and in brand new condition.

What if I Put Up a Christmas Tree and Do Not Like it?

In order to keep themselves safe from fraud and less than truthful customers, you cannot return any products to Micheals (including Christmas trees) if it has been opened and set up.

If any store allowed this type of situation to occur, some people could abuse the return policy, use the tree during the holidays, and return it afterward to get their money back.

This isn’t fair to the company or those who do things honestly.

What if I Opened Christmas Decor and It is Broken?

Nothing is more upsetting than opening up a box of Christmas lights, putting them up around the house then finding out they don’t work.

Luckily, Micheals makes an exception to the no-return rule on open items if these items come out of the package broken or parts are missing.

In these cases, you will want to contact customer service immediately and let them know about the situation with the item.

You can get quicker service if you take it back to Store you bought it from.

However, you can also request a shipping label be emailed to you for the return as well.

Does Micheals Offer a Christmas Exchange Policy on Products?

Whether the items you want to exchange are Christmas related or not, Micheals does not offer exchanges on any products.

If you wish to exchange an item, you will have to return it to the store, then purchase the one you wanted instead.

I Got a Micheals Gift Card for Christmas Can I Return it to Store?

Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts to give out during the holiday season.

While these can be a great present to receive, they can be a huge disappointment if the person getting them doesn’t shop at that store.

Micheals has a strict return policy when it comes to gift cards and unfortunately whether you are in the 90-day time frame or not, you can not return gift cards.

If you don’t want the gift card you received, you can do a few different things.

  • You can re-gift it to someone who might use it.
  • You can exchange it for another retailer gift card on a card exchange website.
  • You can sell it on 3rd party websites like eBay. (This option will not get you the entire amount the card is worth, people tend to lose between $10 and $20.)

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What if I Paid for a Christmas Crafting Class and Can’t Attend?

Micheals offers customers tons of unique classes throughout the year, with some of the most exciting and creative ones during Christmas time.

If you paid to take one of these classes and then found out you won’t be able to make it, you could request a refund all the way up to the day of the class.

Summing Things Up

Micheals is a great place to do all of your Christmas shopping. You can get tons of great gifts, decor, and fun crafts to enjoy.

They also make it pretty easy to return any of these items if you decide you don’t want to keep them.




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