Does Michaels Fill Helium Balloons (Tanks and Pump)

Does Michaels Fill Helium Balloons

Do you know if Michaels fills helium balloons? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

There is nothing that screams party like a great array of helium balloons. Sadly, it can also be an extreme hassle to find a store to have your balloons filled.

Micheals is such a large arts and crafts store; you would think they offer a helium balloon service.

So, does Michaels fill helium balloons? No. Unfortunately, Michaels does not fill helium balloons, and they do not sell prefilled helium balloons either. You can, however, purchase a helium tank and balloons you can inflate yourself from this popular arts and crafts store.

It can be very frustrating trying to find a store that still fills helium balloons. Although Micheals doesn’t offer this service, they do offer a few alternatives that are just as good, if not better.

Does Micheals Fill Helium Balloon?

As of this time, no, Micheals does not fill helium balloons in their stores. It seems as though there are very few departments and craft stores that still provide these services to customers anymore.

What is Micheals?

So, what types of store is Micheals, and what items do they sell? Michaels is an art and crafts and framing store.

You can purchase anything you need for craft projects at Micheals, from DIY home decore to the best scrapbook ever made.

In this craft store, you will find paints, fabrics, wall decor, and so much more for an affordable price. 

The one thing you won’t find is a helium balloon filling station. 

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Can You Get Prefilled- Helium Balloons From Micheals?

That’s another hard NO. While you can still find stores around that have prefilled helium balloons corralled near the ceiling of a store, Micheals is not one of those places. 

You will not be able to walk out of Micheals at any time, with filled and floating helium balloons. 

Can You Get A Helium Tanks From Michaels?

This, you can get from the Michaels store. Michaels does offer standard and jumbo-sized helium tanks in all of their stores and online.

The jumbo-sized helium tank will inflate up to 27 latex balloons (11 inches), 50 latex balloons (9-inches),  or 27 foil/Mylar balloons (18-inches).

The standard tank can fill 16 (11-inches) latex balloons,30(9-inches) latex balloons, or 16 (18-inches) foil/mylar balloons.

Can You Purchase Deflated Helium Balloons From Micheals?

When you are at the store picking up your helium tank, you can also grab an array of latex, foil, or mylar balloons.

While Michaels may not fill them for you, they do provide a large variety of options when it comes to decorative balloons. 

You can get different colors, letters, numbers, and holiday-themed deflated balloons. There are even kits of balloon backdrops, balloon archways, and balloon art.

Other Ways to Fill Balloons From Michaels

Micheals also offers a balloon air pump and a hand pump.

Although these are not going to provide you with fun floating balloons like a helium tank would, they are perfect for the giant archways or fun holiday-themed backdrops that do not require a floating balloon to look fantastic. 

If all else fails, you can always go old school and blow up your balloons by mouth.

Where Can You Get Helium Balloons Filled?

Well, Michaels is a great location to purchase tons of helium balloon options, accessories, and tanks; there are other stores that actually fill these balloons for you. 

You can easily go to your local Party City, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree to get your helium balloons filled.

If you go to Party City, your balloons will be filled for free if you purchase them there. If you want to bring in your own balloons you bought from somewhere else (like Michaels ), there is a small fee for each balloon filled.

Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree will not inflate balloons for you that come from other places.

However, their balloon selection is pretty decent and a lot cheaper than most party stores.

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Does Walmart Fill Helium Balloons?

While Walmart previously offered this service, they stopped filling helium balloons years ago and have no plans of re-visiting this service any time soon.

Did You Know?

Did you know there is and has been a global helium shortage for years now? Well, there is an abundance of helium in the Universe that cannot be said for here on earth, and helium has been depleting from our top sources.

Well, this isn’t necessarily a serious issue as of yet; it could be a huge disadvantage to your pocketbook.

The cost of filling helium balloons has nearly doubled over the last four years, and it looks like that price can continue to grow as time goes on unless we can find a new location to mine helium from. 

Summing Things Up

If you are looking for a great store to purchase arts and crafts supplies, Michaels is a great option.

However, when you are looking for somewhere to go to fill your helium balloons, just pass this store right by because they do not provide that service at this time. 

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