Lululemon Replacement Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Lululemon Replacement Policy

Lululemon heavily promotes its “quality promise” of accepting returned items. However, there are rules and policies governing such returns of its sportswear. You can return products that are unused within 30 days, return them through the “Like New” program after that, and even return defective products up to a “reasonable lifetime” which is between two and five years. 

The Quality Promise

The designer sportswear company puts quality as one of its core values. That’s why it insists it will take a product back if it doesn’t work out for you.

However, its quality promise stipulates it doesn’t cover the product past a practical lifetime of the product. It’s not a lifetime guarantee. 

It also doesn’t apply to products bought through the “like new” section since those are slightly used items customers brought back after being dissatisfied. 

Returning Unused Items

Lululemon is like many stores with a standard 30-day return policy on new items. They will give you a full refund but there are some caveats. The items must be unwashed and still have tags attached to them. 

The store makes returns simple with two ways to do them. You can return items in the store or by mail and there isn’t a charge for returning an item. Shoes must remain the in the original box and have a receipt or proof of purchase with them to get the full price back.

The full amount spent will be returned in the same manner it was paid for, whether that is cash, or with a credit or debit card.

Some items can’t be returned under the policy. Those include gear from the We Made Too Much section, face masks, and gift cards. 

Like New Returns

Lululemon customers can return some used products through the “like new” program. These products don’t need to be returned within the 30-day return policy and are typically returned because the customer was unsatisfied. 

Customers using this program will get an e-gift card that can be used in the “like new” section. The amount given is determined by the items returned.

However, an item bought through the program can’t be returned using the Quality Promise guarantee but can still be returned. 

Like new items also can’t be returned in the store but can be returned through the Like New Returns portal.

Once on the portal, you will need to put in your name and the order ID. You will get a return authorization number along with instructions. You will need to pay the shipping costs of returning the product. 

The Lifetime Guarantee

Lululemon promises it will take back any product that doesn’t perform well for you. This is part of what it calls a lifetime guarantee, although it’s not a true lifetime warranty as there are conditions.

The company’s guarantee covers defects found in a product. This is identified as manufacturer issues like using low-quality fabric or stitches that break after a few times wearing the garment.

It could also be some damage done to the product at the store discovered later or performance issues while wearing it. 

Some confusion happens over how long is too long to wait to return a Lululemon product. The company doesn’t have a specific time for products customers are unhappy with. However, the company said it must be returned within the “practical lifetime” of the product.  

Lululemon Align leggings can last from two to five years so that is the assumed range for many items. 

The warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, nor does it cover outlet items. It’s also good to bring along a receipt as proof of purchase since that is likely required. 

While such a guarantee sounds too good to be true, Lululemon customers state the company honors the guarantee.

One customer posted a video saying she noticed her leggings were pilling after a few months of use even though she maintained them well. 

The customer submitted information on the product through the company’s website. This included a statement and pictures of the damage, the date of purchase, where it was bought, and the order number. 

It only took three days for Lululemon to reach a resolution. She was issued a Lululemon gift card that included the total original price she paid. She got the card two weeks after she shipped the leggings back to the company. 

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What to Expect in Returning an Item

The Lululemon guarantee is meant to cover defects of a product and doesn’t include normal wear and tear after years of use. You can’t wash them in hot water and bleach and expect to get approval for a return. 

Also, returns involving the quality promise that stretch beyond the initial 30-day period on new items will result in the customer getting a gift card rather than cash or a refund on their credit or debit card. 

Sale items are not included in the return policies unless you have a Lululemon membership. Members can return sale items in either in-store exchanges or in a refund put on a gift card. 

The Lululemon Quality Guarantee and Return policies have some unknown areas to them where discretion must be used.

That leaves the details of how to implement the return policy and decide what gets approved by individual store employees which could vary from store to store. The final approval of a return can be up to the store manager. 

When in doubt, call either the assistant manager or the store manager and talk to them about your product.

Remember to be nice as that can go a long way to getting a return approved. Store employees and managers are happy to help and want you to leave satisfied.

Return Policies a Win-Win 

Most business experts say Lululemon’s return policies are generous when compared to other stores. That helps them in their branding because it shows the store stands behind its products. That, in turn, gains the trust of customers. 

Since Lululemon is more expensive than many other similar products, trust that the product will last over time is huge. 

Lululemon is smart to provide only store credit for such returns, according to experts. That ensures the money spent on products stays within the store with the customer purchasing another item. 

The experience of using the policy creates happy customers and the store maintains its sales, causing the return policy to be a win-win.

These types of generous return policies work well for honest customers who love or want to try the brand. They become loyal customers and that’s good for business. It’s also good for branding and encourages people to try a more expensive product since there is little risk in the investment.

Lululemon prides itself on listening to both athletes and customers and states it’s willing to make changes to improve its products.

However, stores revisit return policies to ensure they still work for the company and no one is abusing the policy to gain money or products. Any store can change its policy if it feels people are abusing it in some way for gain. 
While there is no indication that Lululemon is headed down that path, it always remains a possibility. 

Keep a Record

Those who want to make sure any returns will be accepted over the lifetime of the product should keep their receipt, and ordering information including the order ID, and be ready to prove how the product was defective. 

Lululemon will then inform you of a decision and issue you instructions on how to return the item to get a gift card. 

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