Lululemon Holiday Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Lululemon Holiday Return Policy

Some retailers change their return policies during the holiday season. It makes sense since they know there will likely be more returns and exchanges than usual during that time.

Lululemon has a generous holiday return policy. They allow more days at holiday time. Customers normally have 30 days to return any new, unused merchandise. The company even allows you to try out shoes for 30 days. If you don’t like them, you can return those for the full purchase price. You can return in store or online. You can return like-new merchandise, as well.

Lululemon is an athletic and fitness gear company. They offer tops, bottoms, socks, jackets, bags, and yoga mats. Most of its customers are women but some expansion is taking place, too.

Let’s look at the holiday return policy for Lululemon so you know what you need to going into the holiday season. Read on for all you need to know.

What Is Lululemon’s Holiday Return Policy?

The official return policy states you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return unworn, unused items that still have the tags on.

It’s 30 days from the date of delivery for online purchases. The holiday return policy extends the 30-day timeframe.

You also need to have proof of purchase to have your money refunded to the same form of payment you used originally. 

What If I Took the Tag Off?

Lululemon is pretty generous about their return policy. While officially they want the tags to be in place when you return an item, they will accept items that are missing their tags if they appear to be in new condition.

You’ll have the most success if you have your receipt with you, also. 

Keep in mind that if an employee decides to enforce the policy to its official limit, you could have your return turned down for a refund.

A store employee may offer to exchange the item for you or give you a store credit in exchange for the returned item. 

What If I Don’t Have the Receipt?

You can return items without their receipts, however, you won’t get money refunded to your original method of payment.

If there’s no proof of purchase, you will be provided with a gift card that has the balance of the refund amount on it. It works as a store credit.

Be aware that if you bought the item at full price and it is on sale at the time of your return, you will not get the full price credited on the gift card.

When you don’t have the receipt proving how much you paid for the items, you’ll have to settle for the current price as the credit amount. 

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Can I Return Something I’ve Worn?

We all know there are times you are undecided on something. You think you like it and you’re going to wear it, but then you do and decide it’s not for you. 

At that point, you’ve already taken the tags off and now the item is not new. The return policy says they accept returns for new items with tags that are unused.

Does that mean you’re stuck with the outfit you don’t really like?

You are not stuck with it. You can still return items like this, there’s just a slightly different process to do so.

How to Return Like-New Items to Lululemon

Should you find yourself in a situation where you want to return a like-new item, you may be able to do that. You won’t likely get to return it in store, though.

Lululemon generally accepts returns in store and through the mail. The policy states they will take new items back inside stores. They strongly discourage customers from bringing like new items to retail locations for returns.

So, why the difference? It’s because of efficiency. New items brought back to stores are inspected and then put back on the shelf to re-sell. You can’t do the same with like-new items. 

Like-new items must be sent back to the distributor for further processing when they’re returned. Customers are to contact the online sales support team to request a return approval for an item they don’t wish to keep.

If it’s approved, they’ll be given an authorization number. Customers are responsible for their own shipping for these returns.

Are There Items I Can’t Return?

Lululemon does have some “final sale” items. These cannot be returned for any reason. 

Only a few items fall under the “final sale” category. You can’t return gift cards. You can’t return marked down items indicated as “final sale.”

You also can’t return items purchased from the “we made too much” section.

Can I Return Something Bought Online to a Store?

Sometimes it’s easier to go in store to return something. It seems like less of a hassle. Much of what customers buy from Lululemon is bought online.

Customers often wonder if they can return those items in store or if they have to send them back through the mail.

You can return an online order item to a store location. It will be subject to all the return policy rules. You’ll need your proof of purchase, the packaging, and the tags to be intact.

If you don’t have your receipt, you may still be offered a gift card but the money won’t be returned to the original account. 

Can I Exchange an Item?

You can exchange items for many reasons. Exchanges must be completed in person in a retail store location.

Even if you purchased the item online and had it delivered to your home, you have to go in store to exchange it.

Factory Outlet Stores Are Different

Lululemon does have some factory outlet stores. These stores don’t work the same with regards to what you can return there. 

Factory outlet stores take returns and exchanges for items purchased in the outlet store. They do not accept returns and exchanges from regular retail locations or from online orders. 

Can I Return Swimwear to Lululemon?

You can return swimwear that has the tags and hasn’t been worn. Swimwear returns are scrutinized more than other types of items. This is because of the nature of how they’re worn.

Employees will look to see if the hygiene strip is still in place at the bottom of the bathing suit. It also needs to appear untampered with.

If all looks good, you can get a refund for the new swimwear.

When Will I Get My Refund?

If you return your new item in store with the tags in place and you have your original receipt that shows you paid cash for it, you will receive cash back that day.

If you do the same for an item you used your credit or debit card for, the employee will process the refund but it may take a number of days before you see it show up. 

Lululemon states you should see your refund back in your account within 3 to 10 business days. They don’t control what happens once they’ve processed the refund.

The bank has a role to play, too. So some of the timing depends on the bank.

Can I Return a Gift Item to Lululemon?

Retailers know that holiday season brings a lot of returns and exchanges to process. Gift givers don’t always know the right size or the right style to get someone else.

If you receive a gift from Lululemon and it’s just not right for you, you can return it without having the original receipt. You can even return it through the mail using the website for free. 

If you go in store, you’ll receive a gift card with the amount due loaded on it. Remember, too, that if you want to exchange an item, you must go in store. That transaction is not available online. 

What Is a Fast Track Refund?

Lululemon has a program that allows you to get a Fast Track Refund. The company partners with FedEx and USPS so that when they scan a returned package from you, you get refunded then instead of when the items make it back to the warehouse.

It works by logging into your Lululemon account and choosing the Fast Track Return. You’ll choose the carrier label you want.

Once you’ve packaged it and taped the label to the outside, you can drop it at a USPS or FedEx location close to you. 

When the package handler scans your package, you will receive an email with the refund amount on an e-gift card. You should get your refund within about 2 hours.

What Is the Holiday Return Period?

Lululemon designates a longer timeframe as the holiday purchase season. The holiday return policy encompasses items purchased from November 1 to December 24th.

Instead of the regular 30-day timeframe, you have through January 24th or 30 days, whichever is longer.

Lululemon Return Policy FAQs

Will Lululemon accept returns after 30 days?

The answer to this question depends on the discretion of the store employee. There are instances where customers are allowed to return a new item that was purchased more than 30 days ago or when an item is found to be defective. 

Does Lululemon have a lifetime guarantee?

Lululemon does not offer a lifetime guarantee on their products. The nature of these clothes and items is to work.

It would be bad business for Lululemon to offer lifetime guarantees on this kind of equipment. The company stands behind its products with a Quality Promise, however.

Can you return Lulu leggings for pilling?

Lululemon changed their list of quality issues in 2019. They took pilling off the list as something caused by poor quality. The company no longer accepts leggings back for refunds because of pilling.

Can I exchange my Lululemon leggings if they have a hole?

Lulu leggings with holes will be investigated on a case-by-case basis. You may get an exchange but may not.

One thing you can do is have the hole repaired. Lululemon provides repairs for holes and ripped seams.

You can simply take your leggings into the store and an employee can help you through the process.

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How long do Lululemon leggings last?

The average lifespan for Lulu leggings in 2 to 5 years, if cared for properly.


The Lululemon holiday return policy gives you extra time to get items back in because you may not have received it until well after the purchase date. 

The company takes back all new items with tags and a receipt. You’ll get a refund back to the method of payment you used originally.

If you’re missing a receipt or you received the item as a gift, you can get the balance loaded to a gift card, which serves as your refund.



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