Lululemon Fixing Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Lululemon Fixing Policy

Buying athletic apparel at Lululemon can feel like a bit of an investment. These clothes are not cheap, so what do you do if they need repairing? Is there a Lululemon fixing policy?

While it is not official, many customers and employees report that Lululemon will carry out simple repairs if you ask, although this is not guaranteed. Lululemon has a complimentary hemming policy and will hem an item for you for free in their stores.

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What Is Lululemon?

Before we get into the likelihood that they might fix some of your clothes for you, we should first get a better idea of the company itself and what their general ethos is.

Lululemon Athletica inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in high-quality (and high-value) athletic apparel. They are probably best known for their expensive leggings that have become the go-to choice for celebrities and fitness influencers over the years – so much so that it would be pretty surprising if you haven’t heard of them already!

It was first founded in 1998 and, since then, they have become one of the largest names in athleisure, operating more than 660 stores and employing over 34,000 people.

The company is pretty big on quality, and they talk a lot about craftsmanship and wanting their clothing to last a long time.

Considering the price that you pay at the till you would hope it would, but what happens if you do need to make a repair?

Does Lululemon Fix Clothes For Free?

There’s nothing worse than finding a hole in your leggings, and that’s doubly true when you’ve paid through the nose for them. If you’ve bought any apparel from Lululemon then you don’t want to be replacing it any time soon, and you might not have to.

There are many reports from employees and customers suggesting that Lululemon staff will gladly carry out simple repairs in-store at no cost at all, and all you have to do is ask nicely. It’s a very helpful hack that could save you a lot of stress and money!

It is important to note, though, that this is not an official policy so there is no guarantee that an employee will do this for you.

Lululemon, as a company, does not officially offer free repairs as part of their service and it is certainly not something that you can expect to be done at every store or for every repair.

If the staff are too busy, the repair is too challenging or costly, or they simply don’t have the time, then they may refuse.

Often, however, staff will be happy to carry out a quick fix for you – and that’s mainly because of the Lululemon hemming policy which means they always have staff on hand ready to get out the needle and thread. Technically, if the staff does help you out, then they will be doing so under this policy.

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What Is The Lululemon Hemming Policy?

So, what is the hemming policy that might allow employees to offer you a repair if you ask?

The hemming policy at Lululemon is potentially even more valuable and helpful than any fixing policy would be. As part of their dedication to ensure that their clothing is suitable for all bodies, they actually offer complimentary hemming on tops and bottoms at almost all of their stores.

If you try on an item and it doesn’t seem to fit, then you can take it to one of their employees and they will pin it and have it hemmed so that you can be confident you are getting the right shape for your body.

And, because employees are offering this service, many of them will extend the concept and choose to carry out repairs as well! Again, it’s important to note that they do this at their own discretion, and it is not a service that Lululemon promotes or officially offers, it’s just something kind that a lot of staff are willing to do.

How Can You Get Your Lululemon Clothes Hemmed Or Fixed?

Let’s talk about how you can take advantage of the hemming policy since it is surprisingly simple!

  1. Visit the store. First, take the item to a store and speak to the staff about having it hemmed. You do not even need to have a receipt or the original tags!
  2. Try on the item. They will have you try the item on and then an educator will pin the hem exactly how you want it to be.
  3. Leave it with them. Then, you leave the item with them so that their hemmers can hem it for you.
  4. Come back to collect it. When you come to pick it up, make sure to bring either your government ID or proof of confirmation email so that they know they are giving your clothes back to the right person.

Top Tip: If you’re wanting to have your pants altered, then you should also bring the shoes that you want to wear them with so that you can determine exactly how long they need to be.

If you want to get something fixed, then it is just a matter of taking it in and asking nicely. They may say no, but it is definitely worth a try!

How Long Does Hemming Or Fixing Take?

Since repairs are not an official service that Lululemon offers, it’s hard to say how long you can expect them to take – especially since some repairs are a lot more complicated than others.

A quick and simple fix might be done while you wait but they might also want to take it away and have you come back to pick it up later.

For hemming, Lululemon generally expects the clothing to be ready for pickup in three business days. The only difference is at pop-up stores where they will need to transport the item elsewhere for it to be hemmed, and this can take up to seven business days.

The exact amount of time you might need to wait for a hem could change depending on the number of orders they are dealing with and other factors at the location, so you can always check with your local store to be sure.

Will Lululemon Hem Or Fix Any Clothing?

The official hemming policy does make it very clear that, while they do offer hemming for free, they do not have to take absolutely any item that you bring to them and alter it for you. There are some clear exceptions.

Technically, Lululemon may refuse to hem your clothing if:

  • It is unclean
  • It is not in its original state
  • It has already been altered
  • It has special features that make the hem too challenging or impossible (like cuffs and thumbholes, or pants with zippers, buttons, and drawcords.)

As for repairs, they are not under any obligation to repair anything for you at all, so they can refuse for any reason.


So, does Lululemon have a fixing policy? Technically, they don’t. They don’t officially offer repairs as a service so they are not under any obligation to fix your clothing for you.

With that being said, many employees and customers report that the staff at Lululemon are often happy to repair your clothes for free if you ask them to!

Since they do offer complimentary hemming, they are set up to make simple repairs and carry out quick fixes, and they might just be nice enough to do so.

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