Louis Vuitton Return Policy (In Depth Guide)   

Louis Vuitton Return Policy

Lindsey, do you know if I can return my Louis Vuitton bag? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you bought something from Louis Vuitton that didn’t quite fit your style, don’t fret about returning it. We’ll tell you all you need to know to bring back that Louis Vuitton product without hassle.

Louis Vuitton accepts returns made to any its stores, shipped back to its returns department, or arranged for pickup from your home by a Louis Vuitton concierge. The item for return must include all paperwork and original packaging to be accepted.

In this article, we will cover all aspects of the Louis Vuitton return policy including return time frames, receiptless returns, Christmas and holiday returns, returns without original packaging, and in-store returns.

How Do I Return an Unwanted Item to Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton will accept returns made in three different ways: in store, via mail, or by pick up. If you return your Louis Vuitton purchase to a free standing Louis Vuitton store, make sure that you have your receipt and the item’s original packaging.

If you ordered a Louis Vuitton item online, you have the option of returning it to a physical store location or shipping it back to Louis Vuitton.

If you want to ship it back, you need to prepare the package by including your order slip or receipt along with the item in its original packaging.

Use the pre-paid shipping label to send it back to Louis Vuitton by dropping it off at a UPS store.

For premium delivery orders, you can arrange a return through Louis Vuitton’s concierge pickup service.

Schedule a two hour window that is convenient for you and a Louis Vuitton representative will show up at your door to pick up your return so you don’t even have to leave the house.

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Louis Vuitton Return Policy Without Receipt

Louis Vuitton does not accept returns without a receipt. Their merchandise is highly valued and highly priced so they do not want to increase the risk of their losses by allowing potential scammers to swindle them.

Order confirmation slips and packing receipts may be sufficient proof of purchase. Call Louis Vuitton’s customer service department or ask a store manager if these are acceptable for online purchases being returned to physical stores.

In addition to your purchase receipt, you must also provide any supplementary paperwork or certifications that came with your Louis Vuitton purchase.

Some items may include precious gems such as diamonds that would be accompanied by a report from the Geological Institute of America.

Watches also come with additional paper certifications from the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres. These certificates confirm the authenticity of the merchandise and must be included with any return.

If you have your receipt but fail to present any of the required accompanying documentation, Louis Vuitton will not accept your request for a return.

Louis Vuitton Refund, Return Time

Louis Vuitton allows you thirty days from the date of purchase to return any merchandise that you no longer want. If you want to exchange what you bought for the same priced product, perhaps in a different color or pattern, you also have thirty days in which to do so.

You must bring in your purchase receipt or order confirmation slip so that the Louis Vuitton associate who processes your return knows that you fall within the thirty day return period.

Returns and exchanges will not be honored outside of the thirty day limit, not even in exchange for store credit.

Thirty days allows you a full month to decide whether or not you want to keep or return the Louis Vuitton item you purchased. If you intend to send a return back via mail and they store may not receive it until after the thirty days, contact Louis Vuitton customer service.

They may be able to make a note on your account to acknowledge that your return fell within the appropriate timeframe. Alternatively, they may use the shipping date as proof that your return fell within the 30 day period.

Louis Vuitton Return Policy For Christmas

Louis Vuitton does not have a special Christmas return policy. If you purchase or receive as a gift a product from the Louis Vuitton store, you must return it with a receipt within thirty days of the item’s purchase date.

It is good to keep in mind Louis Vuitton’s return policy when you are shopping for Christmas gifts. Since they don’t have a special Christmas return policy, it may be a good idea to wait until December to buy any gifts from Louis Vuitton.

This way the recipient of your Christmas present has time after Christmas to return any unwanted items.

Always make sure to include a gift receipt with any gift as well because Louis Vuitton will not accept returns without a receipt. Christmas is a popular time of year for gift giving and Louis Vuitton may have some great Black Friday sales.

However, unless you are 100% positive that the person you are shopping for will love the gift you get them, make sure to leave at least a few days after Christmas for them to be able to return the gift.

Can I Return Louis Vuitton Without the Original Packaging or Box?

Louis Vuitton will not accept returns without the original packaging. If you receive your order by mail, also keep the box in which Louis Vuitton sent your purchase so that you can rebox it easily and place the return shipping label over the old one.

Keep all of the plastic bags, tags, boxes, paper stuffing, and other packaging items that you originally received with your purchase. Louis Vuitton needs to be able to resell any products that are returned to stores.

If the merchandise is not in mint condition with all of the parts and pieces, they cannot resell it.

Louis Vuitton holds to a very strict return policy because of the value of their merchandise. If you attempt to make a return of an item even with a receipt and additional paperwork, they may not accept it if you don’t have the original packaging because they will not be able to put it back on the floor for sale.

Louis Vuitton Return Policy During Holiday

Louis Vuitton’s thirty day, receipt required return policy remains constant throughout the year even during holiday shopping seasons such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Louis Vuitton may hold special holiday sales around the time of popular gift giving holidays, but their regular return policy remains in place.

It is important to remember that the thirty day return window begins on the day of the purchase – not the day you gift somebody a Louis Vuitton product.

Plan your shopping accordingly so that the recipient of your gift has an ample amount of time to return the gift if they do not want it.

Exchanges are treated the same as returns, so even if you purchased the wrong color of an item as holiday gift, your gift recipient only has thirty days to take it in and swap it out for the color they want.

Can I Return Lous Vuitton Items to Any Store Location?

Louis Vuitton allows you to return items to any store Louis Vuitton store location even if it isn’t the store where the item was originally purchased. There are some department stores that carry Louis Vuitton products such as Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus.

If you purchased a Louis Vuitton item at a Louis Vuitton store or through Louis Vuitton’s website, you cannot return that item to any of the department stores that sell Louis Vuitton merchandise.

All returns must be made to a physical Louis Vuitton store or shipped back directly to Louis Vuitton.

If you purchase a Louis Vuitton product at one of its third party seller department stores, returns must be made to that store and not to Louis Vuitton directly.

Louis Vuitton has contracts in place with each of these companies that prohibit the return of Louis Vuitton items at store chains different than where merchandise was originally purchased.

If you purchased your Louis Vuitton item at a Louis Vuitton kiosk in a mall or airport, refer to the return instructions on your receipt or call Louis Vuitton’s customer service for more information on returns to these places.


Louis Vuitton has a strict return policy that only allows its customers to return unwanted items if they have a receipt, accompanying paperwork, all of the original packaging, and the item remains in mint condition.

All returns and exchanges must be made within thirty days of the item’s purchase.

There are no policy exceptions for Christmas or other holidays so shoppers should plan gift purchases accordingly.

Returns may be made to any Louis Vuitton store location; however, returns to any of Louis Vuitton’s third party department store sellers are prohibited for both in store and online purchases.




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