LL Bean Backpack Lifetime Warranty (How It Works + Claims)

LL Bean Backpack Lifetime Warranty

Some of us take a backpack wherever we go. LL Bean knows that so they offer high quality products. But do they also offer an LL Bean backpack lifetime warranty?

LL Bean backpacks are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. That means you have one year to return the item for a refund or replacement. You can also exchange it for something else. The company no longer offers a lifetime warranty on backpacks.

We’re looking at the LL Bean guarantee and why it doesn’t cover the products for as long as it used to. This article covers what is and isn’t covered and how you can make a claim.

Read on to learn more about their process.

Is There a Lifetime Warranty on an LL Bean Backpack?

There is no longer a lifetime warranty on any LL Bean products. There was, up until the company changed the policy in 2018. 

LL Bean cited abuse of the policy as the reason they had to change it. Some people were bringing in items they purchased from yard sales or garage sales and getting them replaced with brand new gear. 

The new guarantee/warranty gives customers one year to make a claim for a refund, exchange, or replacement. 

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What Is Covered Under the LL Bean Guarantee for Backpacks?

Backpacks that are damaged or defective are covered under the guarantee. You can request a refund or replacement for broken zippers or straps, ripped handles, defective clasps, and more.

You can also replace or exchange a gifted backpack if you’d like a store credit or another item.

Any items that haven’t been used and are still in the original packaging can be returned. You can even return those after the one year is up. LL Bean employees review those on a case-by-case basis. 

Items with defects caused by the manufacturing or the materials are considered for replacement after the year is up. You can reach out to the company for instructions on how to get those inspected.

The warranty does not cover lost or stolen backpacks. If you have nothing to bring back to the store, the company will not refund you any money, nor will they replace the missing backpack with another.

How Does Making a Claim Under the Warranty Work?

LL Bean requires customers to show proof of purchase for any return or exchange. This can be provided in two different ways.

You can keep your paper receipt and bring it in with the item you wish to return under the warranty. The receipt includes the date of purchase, the method of payment, the item information, and the purchase price.

The other option is to provide your information to the employee who checks you out so they can enter it into the system.

Once your name and contact information are stored with the company, they can typically pull up a record of your previous purchases. 

You may wish to return your backpack through the mail. You can do that, as well. Contact the customer service department and a representative will walk you through how to return items through the mail.

Can You Return a Backpack You Received as a Gift?

You can return gifted backpacks. Make sure you take the gift receipt with you to the store if one was provided.

LL Bean will issue you a store credit for the same amount the gift was purchased for.

If you did not receive a gift receipt with the backpack, you can still return or exchange the backpack.

 As long as the backpack has not been used and still has any tags or packaging that were included, you are able to exchange it or get a merchandise credit.

What Are the Conditions of the Backpack Warranty?

LL Bean does have some conditions that stipulate situations they won’t accept returns or exchanges for.

These include the following:

  • Backpacks that are abused, neglected, misused, or accidentally damaged.
  • Backpacks without a label or with one that is altered.
  • Backpacks that are obviously overused.
  • Backpacks that are contaminated or excessively dirty.
  • Backpacks that are being returned by persons making excessive returns.

Are LL Bean Backpacks Good Quality?

LL Bean is well known for its high quality products, such as outdoor gear, backpacks, and outerwear. Most customers are quite satisfied with the quality of LL Bean products.

When the company made its decision to discontinue its lifetime warranty program, many consumers speculated it was because they were lowering their quality standards. That wasn’t and still is not true.

This was a circumstance of dishonest people finding ways to cheat the system so they could get brand new gear without spending the money to do so.

The quality of the LL Bean products has not changed. The company stands behind their guarantee and even makes exceptions for items that are defective beyond the year due to manufacturing or materials. 

Where Are LL Bean Backpacks Made?

The LL Bean company prides itself on manufacturing many products in the United States. LL Bean backpacks and many other items are made in Brunswick, Maine. 

The manufacturing facility in Maine is still owned by the company and operated by it, as well.

What Does LL Bean Do with Returned Items?

LL Bean designates returned items as “first quality,” “second quality,” or “destroy quality.”

So, what does this mean?

  • “First quality” – These are items that are in pristine shape. They’re returned in new or like-new condition. They’re in original packaging and have tags. These are put on the store shelves and resold.
  • “Second quality” – These items aren’t quite in new condition. They could be opened or missing packaging. They may look like they’ve been sitting around somewhere for a while. Items in this category get sold at outlet locations or donated.
  • “Destroy quality” – This category includes all items most people would not want. These items get tossed out. They are thrown away because they’re defective or damaged badly.

How Much Do LL Bean Backpacks Cost?

LL Bean backpacks are reasonably priced. They generally run between $30 on the low end and about $100 on the high end. 

Beyond that range for regular use backpacks, the company also sells more specialized backpacks that cost $150 or more. 

What Is LL Bean’s Biggest Backpack?

The largest typical use backpack has a 40 liter capacity. It’s called the Super Deluxe Book Pack.

It’s meant for teenagers and adults and has space for notebooks, textbooks, a laptop, supplies, and more.

Does LL Bean Offer a Lifetime Warranty on Any Products Anymore?

LL Bean took the lifetime warranty off of all products. The one year guarantee applies to all items. 

Some specialized product lines have their own service plans you can opt into.

These provide repair services for items that frequently need maintenance due to their nature of use.

The Bottom Line

LL Bean does not offer a lifetime warranty on their backpacks any longer. They provide a one year guarantee period that allows you to return or exchange your backpack in many situations.

You’ll need to provide proof of purchase in most cases. The company will accommodate returns and exchanges beyond one year for items that are in new condition or are defective due to manufacturing.




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