Jansport Backpack Lifetime Warranty (How It Works + Claims)

Jansport Backpack Lifetime Warranty

Jansport has been making reliable products for over fifty year and their backpacks remain staples for students and adventurers alike. What happens if that reliable backpack breaks down though?

Jansport offers a lifetime warranty on its backpacks that covers any damages or defects due to the manufacturer and will provide a replacement at no cost.

In this article, we will reveal what products qualify for the lifetime warranty, how to file a warranty claim, and what is covered.

Additionally, we will cover if the warranty can be transferred, how the warranty works, and if you have to pay for shipping.

Jansport Backpacks Qualify for Lifetime Warranty

All backpacks that are branded with the Jansport logo are covered under the lifetime warranty. This guarantees that for the lifetime of the backpack Jansport will offer a free replacement if at any time the product fails due to a manufacturer’s defect.

The lifetime of the backpack can mean a variety of things but is generally defined as its usability until wear and tear prevent its functionality.

Backpacks aren’t the only products that are covered under Jansport’s lifetime warranty though. Other bags, totes, pouches, and cases that bear the Jansport logo also qualify for their trusted lifetime warranty.

While this means that the majority of products manufactured by Jansport fall under warranty, there are products that do not, including pins, face masks, patches, and other accessories.

Additionally, cooler bags have a special warranty that only lasts for five years from the day of purchase, instead of the entire product’s lifetime.

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How Do I Replace My Jansport Backpack with a Lifetime Warranty Claim?

Filing a warranty claim with Jansport is very simple. The first step is to carefully read their terms and conditions regarding which products qualify for the lifetime warranty and under what circumstances a warranty claim may be filed.

If your product qualifies, you need to fill out the Jansport Consumer Repair Return Form which can be found on their website.

Make sure to indicate if you want the item replaced if it is deemed irreparable or if you simply want it sent back to you as is.

Once you’ve filled out the form, you can send your damaged backpack with the paperwork to Jansport’s warranty department in Uvalde, Texas, or Saint Laurent, Quebec depending on your country of origin.

Repaired and replaced backpacks usually have an average three week turnaround time.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding your warranty claim, Jansport will reach out to you before they proceed with repairs or a replacement.

What Is Covered Under the Jansport Backpack Lifetime Warranty?

Jansport backpacks are expected to last for years, but sometimes defects in the manufacturing or materials or the backpack itself cause the product to fail.

While it is difficult to precisely list out all of the possible reasons a Jansport backpack could fail before the end of its lifetime, it is usually fairly clear when these occasions arise.

To grasp an idea of what the Jansport backpack lifetime warranty covers, it may be helpful to note the conditions it does not cover. If the fabric of the backpack degrades, deteriorates, loses its color, or wears away due to constant use, this is considered normal wear and tear which is not covered.

Similarly, breakage of wheels, handles, and zippers over time are also wear and tear.

If you spill any liquids in or on the backpack which compromises the integrity of the fabric or abuse the backpack similarly, any failure of the backpack will not be covered under the warranty.

Can the Jansport Backpack Lifetime Warranty Be Transferred?

Technically, the Jansport backpack lifetime warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the backpack and lasts for the lifetime of the bag itself – not the owner’s lifetime.

However, since Jansport backpacks can last for years and you can make a valid warranty claim at any time during your possession of the backpack, Jansport does not expect that you would still have the original receipt.

They do not require you to send in proof of purchase with your warranty claim as you would for a return. By all rights, the warranty is non-transferable; however, there is no way to prove that you aren’t the original purchaser.

That being said, be aware that if you attempt to make a warranty claim on a secondhand Jansport backpack, you may be denied because many resell places will mark branded items to prevent fraudulent returns to the original companies.

When in doubt, just stick to the rules.

How Does the Jansport Backpack Warranty Work?

Jansport takes pride in the products it manufactures especially its exceptional backpacks. They provide a lifetime warranty that will cover any manufacturer’s defect whether due to the materials used to make the backpack or the workmanship that constructed the backpack.

When you send in your defective backpack with a warranty claim form, they will attempt to repair the defect if possible and send you back your newly repaired piece. If the defect is irreparable, Jansport will replace the entire product for free.

They will attempt to replace it with the exact product, provided it is still available. If that product is not available, Jansport will provide you with a similar product and ask you for your top three color choices to serve you as best as possible.

Without exception on backpacks, if at any time during your ownership of your Jansport backpack you experience a failure of the product due to a manufacturer’s defect whether it be two months or two years after purchase, you can file a warranty claim.

Will I Have to Pay for Shipping to Claim My Jansport Backpack Lifetime Warranty?

If you are shipping your backpack to Jansport’s warranty department to have it repaired or replaced, you are required to pay for shipping and insurance on the package.

Jansport will not provide prepaid shipping labels, reimburse you for shipping, or cover the losses of any packages during transit to their facilities.

However, if you have made a valid warranty claim, Jansport will return your repaired or replacement backpack at no cost to you.

If Jansport deems that the repairs made to your backpack did not fall under the conditions of the warranty, they will contact you regarding charges for repairs as well as the return shipping.

Charges for cleaning may also be applied, if for valid warranty claims, so make sure to tidy up your backpack before sending it in.

While the replacement of a faulty Jansport backpack may come at the cost of shipping, at least it’s still cheaper than buying a brand new backpack.


Jansport backpacks have an advantage over other backpacks since they come with a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturer’s defects attributed to the materials used and the construction of the backpack.

The warranty is not transferable, and you do have to pay for shipping.

However, if you make a valid warranty claim, Jansport will repair or replace your backpack for free including free return shipping.

Normal wear and tear do not qualify for warranty replacement and you must fill out a repair return form to send in with your backpack.




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