James Allen Production Time (Shipping Time + More)

James Allen Production Time

Do you know what James Allen´s production time and shipping time are? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such questions.

James Allen is known for producing fine jewelry, including custom engagement rings or other personalized pieces upon request. But personalized jewelry can take both money and time to produce.

On average loose diamonds from James Allen arrive within 1-4 days of shipment. The production time for James Allen rings and other jewelry is between one to three weeks.

Production time for personalized James Allen Jewelry depends on the type of jewelry you decide to purchase, but even if everything you want to include in your order is in stock, you could be looking at a production time of up to three weeks.

This article looks at all the factors that might influence the production time for various types of James Allen Jewelry.

What Is The Average Production Time for James Allen Jewelry?

On average, loose stones will take 1 to 4 days to produce and prepare for shipping.

Basic engagement rings generally take about 10 days to produce, on average.

Specialty rings with designer engraving or other unique features can take much longer, up to three weeks or more.

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What Factors Influence The Production Time?

There are several factors that influence the production time. Among the most important ones are:

The Intricacy of the Design: The more intricate the design, the longer it may take. Special designs will also need to be special-ordered from and delivered to James Allen by the designer.

Availability of Materials: If the diamonds or metals you want are not in stock, they’ll need to be ordered and shipped to James Allen or the appropriate designers before production can be completed.

Quality Certification: James Allen takes time to professionally grade and certify their stones, as well as the finished pieces. The number, type, and quality of stones you request can prolong the process of grading and certification.

Engraving and Sizing: Personalized messages and determining the proper size can take time.

Order Volume: If your order is placed during a high-volume period, the production time may be extended. This is something to remember if you’re considering ordering around major holidays or the prime wedding season for your area.

Financial Issues: To lower the risks of fraudulent charges and transactions, certain steps must be taken to verify your credit card or payment information before your production can be completed. Problems with these verification procedures may result in a production delay for your order.

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What Is The Range of Possible Production Times?

Loose stones don’t usually have a production time unless you count certification and shipping, so you’ll usually get them in a few days.

For jewelry, simple pieces, such as rings with single stones and a plain band, usually take only 7 to 10 days.

Intricate or highly personalized designs, including engraved rings and rings with multiple stones, may take much longer. These rings tend to take up to 3 weeks, even if there are no delays.

To be on the safe side, James Allen recommends ordering your jewelry 4 to 6 weeks in advance of when you want it, to avoid problems

Most orders fall within this range of products, so plan accordingly when choosing your perfect ring.

Is There A Way To Track The Progress of An Item’s Production?

When you place your order, James Allen will provide an estimated time of delivery. They will also provide tracking information for when it is shipped.

If you want to know the status of your order before shipping, it’s possible to call customer services and see what information they can provide you.

James Allen also makes an effort to keep customers apprised of any delays through email or phone calls. However, there may be issues with designers or suppliers that are difficult to properly track.

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Is There A Way To Get An Estimate Of The Production Time When Designing My Jewelry?

James Allen will provide an estimated production time and shipping date when you place your order.

You can check with them at any time to find out if your order is still on track for the projected delivery date.

If the date changes, you can call Customer Service to find out the details of why the date changed, and what other issues may arise.

If I Select A Predesigned Ring, Does It Still Have a Production Time Attached?

Even if you select a ring design provided on the James Allen website, and a ring that’s in stock, you’re still looking at a production time of at least a week.

This is so quality can be verified, and any resizing, polishing or simple personalization like engraving a name can be taken care of.

Even if it’s a premade design, it might not be in stock at the nearest James Allen location, or it might not be in stock at all. In that case, it will need to be made from start to finish, like a custom order.

If the design needs to be made from the raw materials on up, then it will have the same production time as a customized or specialty ring.

Does Production Time Include Sizing Or Resizing?

The original production of the ring does include sizing. If for any reason the size is not correct, you can send it back for resizing at no cost within 30 days of receiving it.

If the ring you select is premade, resizing it will be part of the 7 to 10 days production time.

If the ring you select is custom-made or a specialty design, the original sizing will be part of the Production Time.

Does The Production Time Include Certification And Shipping Time?

Production time does include Certification and Quality Assurance Inspections, including:

– Professional grading, assessment, and certification of all stones

– Professional assessment of setting to find and correct any potential flaws.

– Professional quality assessment of the band for any damage, or other imperfections

– Check to ensure that all specifications are met, in terms of size and design.

Production Time does not include shipping time, which is a separate issue.

What Is The Average Shipping Time?

Shipping time depends on location and order.

Orders over $500 are shipped Overnight or Expedited. These will arrive within 1 to 2 days, unless shipped on a Friday, in which case they will arrive Monday.

Orders Under $500, or orders that are over $500 but shipped overseas, generally take between 2-3 days to be delivered.

Orders under $500 and shipped overseas usually take 3 to 5 days, but can take up to a week.

Shipping times may be influenced by Customs Issues for international orders, or by local issues, such as a pandemic, or a period of high-volume shipping, such as the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Does Production Time Influence The Cost Of The Finished Item?

Most of the cost of producing an engagement ring is due to the materials involved.

Gold of various purity levels is a large part of it, sometimes platinum or silver, all of which are somewhat expensive materials.

The use of semi-precious or precious stones is also a part of it. Most gemstones and other diamonds cost upwards of $300, and even the simplest cut, smallest lab-created diamonds retail for over $1000.

Are There Any Production Time-Based Factors That Influence The Cost?

The intricacy of the setting, band, and any engraving can contribute to both the production time and the cost. In that respect, cost and production time are somewhat intertwined.

How Do James Allen Production Times Compare to Other Jewelers?

It’s difficult to make comparisons because of all the factors involved in calculating production times.

Many jewelers prefer to give a general time-frame, rather than specific deadlines.

For example, Braunschweiger Jewelers says it’s possible to take a ring home within hours. It’s equally likely that it may take months for your ring to make its way to you.

How Do Other Jewelers Calculate Production Times?

According to their website blog, Braunschweiger estimates production times, or times until delivery, along the following lines:

Cinderella Ring: An engagement ring that is exactly what you’re looking for, and already the proper size.

A Cinderella Ring can be taken home from a physical store or shipped the same day from an online store.

Resizing And Minor Alterations: Resizing and minor alterations don’t take long at all

If your ring only needs minor alterations or resizing, then it can be done in a week to 10 days, if not sooner.

It should be noted, however, that certain rings, such as those with stones inlaid around the entire band, can’t be resized and will have to be made from scratch.

Ordered Rings From Online: Ordered rings from online can go one of two ways.

Items that are in stock and require few or no alterations may be shipped within a week or two.

Items that need to be made from the beginning to the finished product can take 4 to 6 weeks.

Custom Rings or Jewelry: Custom Rings can take months, depending on the details that go into customizing it.

Custom rings often require a specially made mold to cast the band and the setting (or settings) for the stones. The mold must be handmade and may take several attempts before a satisfactory result is achieved.

After that, all the work required for any other ring must also take place. Polishing, sizing, setting the stones, and evaluations all add up in terms of production time.

One of a Kind Specialty Rings: These rings are almost guaranteed to take months in terms of production time

One-of-a-kind jewelry is impressive and truly unique, but it does take a while.

In addition to the extra steps involved in Custom Order pieces, special rings like these also require a design phase, in which you and the jewelers work through the various aspects of the design.

The design phase can add an additional several months to the production time.

Are All These Factors Of James Allen’s Production Time?

Many of these factors will also apply to James Allen’s production times for jewelry, though times may vary based on the availability of supplies and the speed and precision of the manufacturers.

James Allen shortens some of the design phase for Custom and One-of-a-Kind by allowing you to design your rings online through their Ring Studio and other design tools.

This allows you to make custom designs and see them, as well as the stones you choose, in 360 degree virtual images so you can be sure you’ve got exactly what you want. The manufacturers and designers can take what you design to production.


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Final Thoughts:

James Allen Production Times will vary greatly with the amount of detail you choose to include in your ring design, and the availability of the materials you choose to incorporate, so you’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to receive the order.

However long it takes, the quality is assured, and you can be certain that the result will be well worth the wait, even if it does take months.




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