Is Walmart Jewelry Good Quality? (All You Need To Know)

Is Walmart Jewelry Good Quality

Do you know if Walmart jewelry is good quality? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Most customers find Walmart jewelry to be of average quality. The jewelry sold at Walmart is typically compared to that of a mall jewelry store, due to its use of low karat value metals and middle-grade diamonds. However, Walmart jewelry is also very affordable when compared with other jewelry retailers, making it a great option for anyone on a budget.

In the following article, we discuss all you need to know about whether Walmart jewelry is good quality, including whether it uses real metals and diamonds and whether it is expensive, and answer some of the most frequently answered questions.

Is Walmart jewelry good quality?

Walmart jewelry is considered to be generally good quality, but most customers would agree that it does not reflect the high quality they might expect from their jewelry.

The jewelry offered by Walmart is likely to be similar to something you might find in a lower budget jewelry store.

In most cases, Walmart’s jewelry options are made from thinner metals which can’t always meet the standards of everyday wear. Some pieces are likely to be gold- or silver-plated, while others might be genuine high-quality metals.

In this way, it seems that Walmart’s jewelry offerings are something of a mixed bag when it comes to quality.

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Does Walmart jewelry use real metals?

Walmart does use real metals for most of its jewelry, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Let’s use Walmart’s gold jewelry as an example.

While the gold itself is definitely real gold, it usually comes in at 10-karats, meaning it is likely to be around 60% mixed metals and 40% pure gold.

In terms of the silver used in Walmart’s jewelry, it is typically sterling silver, which is an alternate option to pure silver. It combines pure silver and copper and is very durable, meaning it is likely to be long-lasting.

It’s also usually considerably cheaper than pure silver. Walmart uses different grades of sterling silver, which also helps lower the price.

Some pieces in Walmart’s jewelry collection may also be gold- or silver-plated, which means it is another metal coated in gold or silver. These items look great and are usually lower in price, so are likely to appeal to a lot of people.

However, they don’t last as long as real metals, so it’s important to do your research before spending too much money. 

However, for many people, the important thing when it comes to buying jewelry is the karat value.

Walmart’s jewelry collection will always mark karat value where applicable, and plated jewelry will also be marked in some way, so you will always be informed if your jewelry is plated rather than genuine gold or silver.

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Does Walmart jewelry use real diamonds?

Just like Walmart’s use of metals, their use of diamonds in their jewelry is complicated. While diamonds in their jewelry are typically real, they are likely to be middle-grade diamonds at most.

This is likely an effort to make jewelry more affordable, as high-grade diamonds can be very expensive.

Walmart’s jewelry collection also offers a range of jewelry featuring synthetic stones like cubic zirconia. These offerings are likely to be much more affordable yet give a similar look as diamonds.

However, it’s unlikely that such stones will last as long as a diamond, so you will get what you pay for in terms of quality and durability.

It’s also worth noting that the diamonds sold by Walmart are not resalable, so purchasing them as an investment isn’t a good idea.

Since the diamonds are already sold at such a low price when you buy them from Walmart, there is no room for profit as you are very unlikely to be paid more than you paid out.

Who makes Walmart jewelry?

Although it’s not known who manufactures Walmart’s jewelry, we do know a little about where it gets its supplies.

As Walmart moves toward a more sustainable future, it has begun to gather supplies from more environmentally-friendly companies so that all stages of the supply chain can be made more sustainable.

This is likely intended to reflect the switch to more sustainable manufacturing processes many retailers are beginning to undertake.

Walmart also offers the more sustainable jewelry line Love, Earth, which focuses specifically on a sustainably, environmentally-friendly supply chain.

Is Walmart jewelry expensive?

One of the great things about Walmart jewelry is that it is not expensive at all. Walmart jewelry is typically very reasonably-priced, including its engagement rings.

In fact, some customers have been left wondering why the jewelry offered at Walmart is so cheap compared with other jewelry retailers.

The lower price of Walmart’s jewelry collection is likely due to the cheaper materials it uses since it relies on low-karat golds, sterling silver, and middle-grade diamonds.

As a result, the manufacturing process is likely to be far lower in cost than that of high-quality jewelry, so prices don’t have to be so high.

What kinds of jewelry does Walmart sell?

Walmart offers a wide range of jewelry, including different types of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Their jewelry is usually either gold or silver, and a number of different diamond colors, clarities, and settings are available to choose from.

Walmart also sells engagement rings at very affordable prices when compared with other retailers. Walmart’s engagement rings are usually great options for anyone who is on a budget but doesn’t want to compromise on style and is more interested in the symbolism of the ring.

Alongside actual jewelry, Walmart also sells organizers, which help you to organize and protect your jewelry from things like dust and dirt and prevent it from becoming tangled.

You can also buy watches from the Walmart jewelry section, including options from a number of well-known brands.

Pros and cons of Walmart jewelry’s quality


  • One of the main reasons people purchase jewelry from Walmart is that its offerings are affordable compared with other jewelry retailers. Although the lower price might reflect a lower quality, it also means people are able to afford jewelry they might not otherwise be able to buy.
  • In line with the move to more sustainable manufacturing, Walmart has attempted to work toward a more sustainable supply chain with their use of environmentally-friendly companies and the creation of a jewelry line specifically focused on sustainability.


  • Unfortunately, as we have seen in this article, Walmart jewelry is typically considered to be average in quality. The materials Walmart use to create their jewelry lines are usually less durable and long-lasting that high quality materials, meaning the jewelry itself are less likely to be of good quality.
  • As we have discussed, Walmart does not use any high-quality, high-grade materials in the production of its jewelry. Although this isn’t always a bad thing and some jewelry using middle-grade materials can be decent, it can sometimes mean that jewelry compromises on quality in favor of affordability.


Can jewelry be returned to Walmart?

Jewelry can be returned to Walmart, which is a great benefit for anyone who is concerned about spending a lot of money on a jewelry item.

Walmart allows customers 90 days to return the jewelry, which is a lot of time in comparison to other return policies. Jewelry that is deemed faulty or broken will be accepted for return, as well as the jewelry you are not happy with.

There are a few guidelines you should follow when making your return. For instance, you will need to present either a receipt or a valid form of ID.

It’s also worth noting that jewelry over $300 is only returnable by mail, whereas anything under this can be returned to the store or via mail.

Can you return damaged jewelry to Walmart?

Damaged jewelry can be returned to Walmart at any point within ninety days of purchase. Although this is a decent amount of time, it’s recommended that you carefully inspect your purchase when you receive it for any signs of damage or faults.

If you find your item is damaged or defective, contact Walmart as soon as possible to arrange a return.

Does Walmart jewelry come with a warranty?

Walmart jewelry is eligible for cover under their Protection Plan Cover. This is a form of warranty that you can purchase for $80 to protect your belongings, including jewelry and watches.

It currently provides cover for the following:

  • Normal wear and tear as a result of everyday usage,
  • Mechanical failure,
  • Breakages or faults to components,
  • Liquid damage.

However, it’s worth remembering that there are a few things that the Plan does not provide cover for:

  • Theft and loss,
  • Damage that has been caused intentionally or is suspected to have been intentional.

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Walmart jewelry is typically considered to be of average quality. Walmart uses middle-grade materials to produce their jewelry, which can cause it to lack durability and the high quality that comes with using high-grade materials.

Despite this, Walmart jewelry also has the huge benefit of being very affordable, which is a great advantage to many customers.



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