Is Tide High Efficiency Detergent? (How They Work + More)

Is Tide High Efficiency Detergent

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Tide high efficiency detergent is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

According to Tide, all of the detergents they produce are high efficiency detergents, meaning they are compatible with high efficiency washers that are great for saving time, money, and water. High efficiency detergents like Tide’s produce less suds and help to clean clothes thoroughly in less time and using less energy.

In this article, we look at what makes Tide a high efficiency detergent, how to tell if a detergent is high efficiency, as well as some of the pros and cons.

Is Tide high efficiency detergent?

According to Tide, all of their detergents are high efficiency detergents, meaning that they are compatible with high efficiency washers.

Tide detergents are designed to regulate an even level of suds, which means less water is needed to thoroughly clean and maintain the quality of your clothes. Later, we will cover how they differ from regular detergents.

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How do Tide detergents work?

High efficiency detergents, including those produced by Tide, work to stop too many suds being created in a wash. This helps to prevent the need for further rinse cycles, which may be needed if too many suds are created and cannot be removed in one wash.

This means you need less time to finish a wash and saves you water in the long run.

The lack of suds produced by Tide’s high efficiency detergents also means dirt is prevented from getting back into your clothes once it has been removed. Clothes can become dirty again when the dirt is removed from the material and becomes trapped in suds.

This is then deposited back into the material, meaning more washes are needed to clean clothes.

What does high efficiency detergent mean?

So, we know that Tide detergents are high efficiency, but what does that label mean? High efficiency detergents are those which are intended to work in high efficiency washers, which are designed to use less water.

High efficiency washers are more sustainable, energy saving options than regular washers, alongside using less water and taking less time.

High efficiency washers require high efficiency detergents.

Regular detergents cannot be used in a high efficiency washer as they create too many suds, which can lengthen the time your wash lasts, reduce wash quality, and even overflow the washer itself.

Further on, we will look at some of the ways regular detergents differ from Tide’s high efficiency options. 

How do you know if your detergent is high efficiency?

The best way to make sure you are buying a high efficiency detergent is by making sure to check for labels. A high efficiency detergent should be clearly labeled with ‘HE’. If there is no label, this is likely to mean the detergent is not intended for use in a high efficiency washer, which can be harmful to your washer and your clothes. 

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How do Tide high efficiency detergents differ from regular detergents?

According to the American Cleaning Institute, high efficiency washers use up to 66% less water than regular washers.

High efficiency detergents like Tide’s help to ensure less water is used; as regular detergents produce a high level of suds; they require more water which can force a high efficiency washer to produce more water.

Some detergents claim to be safe for use in both regular and high efficiency washers, but these detergents should be avoided if possible.

They are likely to use less detergent, which is not necessarily effective. Less detergent does not always mean suds, which can affect cleaning quality and requires more water to remove the excess suds.

What are the pros and cons of Tide’s high efficiency detergents?


  • Quality. You are likely to get a better clean with high efficiency detergents like those produced by Tide. Not only do they thoroughly clean your clothes in a more sustainable way, but they can also offer the advantage of protecting clothes from the dirt that can collect in suds and be deposited back into the material.
  • Time-saving. Tide’s high efficiency detergents allow you to complete a wash faster by removing the need for multiple rinse cycles. With high efficiency detergents, your wash is thought to be cut by around 25 minutes. This has the added benefit of saving you energy as well as time.
  • Dry time. When clothes are washed using high efficiency detergents, they will tend to dry more quickly. As such detergents use less water, clothes do not get as wet and dry much more quickly than they would with a regular washer and detergent.


  • Staining. Some claim deeper staining cannot be removed as thoroughly with high efficiency detergents. Things like diaper staining or caked-on soiling may not be suitable for a high efficiency detergent, as they are likely to need more water and more suds.
  • Requirements. It is vital that you remember to look for the right kind of detergent when shopping, as regular detergents cannot be used in a high efficiency washer and can be harmful to the washer itself. High efficiency detergents, on the other hand, can be used in both, so it’s vital that you check before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

According to Tide, all of their detergents are compatible with high efficiency washers, meaning they are likely to be more sustainable, energy-saving options compared with regular detergents.

Here, we have covered how such detergents work, how to distinguish high efficiency from regular detergents, and some of the pros and cons.

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