Is Monet Jewelry Real Gold? (All You Need to Know)

Is Monet Jewelry Real Gold

Monet jewelry is fashion jewelry sold in some of your favorite department stores. The pieces are unique and made to accent any type of outfit. Many pieces have gold-toned metal foundations. But is it real gold?

Monet gold jewelry is made of various metals, including some real gold. The company uses metal alloys which are mixed with real gold, silver, and platinum. The amount of real gold in the pieces that have it is unknown. Monet gold jewelry is not pure gold, though.

Monet jewelry has been around for a few decades. Monet gold chains are highly popular with a broad audience.

Keep reading to learn about how Monet jewelry is made and more.

What Is Monet Gold Jewelry Made Of?

Monet gold jewelry does include real gold in its structure. It just isn’t made purely with real gold.

Monet jewelry is crafted with metal alloys at its core. These usually consist of zinc, nickel, or copper. 

Once the core is manufactured, precious metal plating is lain over top of it. Monet jewelry is usually silver or gold.

Signature pieces are typically triple-plated in silver or gold. It gives each piece the customary look customers are used to seeing.

How Much Does Monet Jewelry Cost?

One reason Monet jewelry is so popular is it’s highly affordable. Monet enthusiasts get to enjoy the classic, vintage look of the jewelry while paying less than many other brands cost. 

Prices for pieces vary. Some of the thicker gold chains may go for over $100. Other pieces, like some Monet earrings or bracelets, aren’t more than $15. 

Monet jewelry isn’t of the fine category. It’s meant to be fun and help you accessorize your look. The brand is designed around vintage costume jewelry pieces, so there are many colors used and unique looks.

Where Can You Buy Monet Gold Jewelry?

Monet gold jewelry is sold in several places. You can walk into your local JCPenney store or Macy’s and find Monet jewelry for sale.

You can also order Monet jewelry from several different online retail outlets. You can order it from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Poshmark.

The variety of offerings varies from one outlet to the next.

Did Monet Ever Make Gold Jewelry?

In the 70s, Monet did try to branch out into the world of fine jewelry. The company started offering their Ciani product line.

Ciani was a line of jewelry made of pure precious metals. Instead of gold plated pieces, there were real gold items. 

It didn’t last long before the decision was made to move away from fine jewelry and refocus on the colorful vintage style customers love.

Is Monet Jewelry Always Marked?

Monet did start to mark their jewelry pieces from early on. There have been several types of company marks used over the decades.

The original mark was used from 1927 to 1937. The mark was Monocraft, which was the original name of the Monet brand.

Monocraft became known as Monet in 1937. The jewelry mark changed at that time. There have been a few Monet marks used up until 1955.

At that point, the company started using the Monet mark with a copyright symbol included.

Does Gold Stick to a Magnet?

Real pure gold does not stick to a magnet. So, if you take a gold ring or necklace you have and test it for magnetism and it sticks, we’re sorry to say your jewelry is not made from pure gold.

Let’s look at an example. You have a gold ring that’s stamped as 14k gold. When you place a magnet up to it, it sticks. Now you’re scratching your head thinking why is my gold ring sticking to a magnet?

It’s not that your ring isn’t made of real gold. It is. It’s just that there are other metals mixed in with the gold. 24k gold is pure. As you move down in karats, it means there are more other metals mixed into the gold.

14k gold has metal mixed in that responds to magnetism. 

Is Monet Jewelry a Good Brand?

Monet is a good brand of jewelry. It’s affordable. It’s durable. It’s crafted with detail and passion for the industry.

The company was started by two brothers more than 80 years ago. A jewelry business doesn’t make it that long if they’re not a good brand.

Monet also offers a wide variety of costume jewelry, so there’s something for almost everyone.

Does Gold Plated Jewelry Turn Your Skin Green?

When gold plated jewelry is made right, it will not turn your skin green. The plating on the outside that touches your skin is real gold.

It should not wear away, nor should it be mixed with enough other metals to turn your skin green or brown. 

If you find your gold plated jewelry is turning your skin colors, you should talk to someone from the place you purchased it and see about possibly making an exchange.

Should You Buy Monet Gold Jewelry?

This brand is made with high quality materials and with attention to detail. The pieces are designed to make statements.

The Monet brand includes pieces that are dainty and understated, as well as those that are chunky and bold.

Beyond all the different looks you can create with Monet jewelry, the brand is highly affordable overall, too.

What Is Monet Jewelry Most Famous For?

The most popular pieces are generally the gold chains. They’re easily recognizable to fans of the brand. 

Close seconds in the run for most popular pieces include bracelets and earrings.

Final Thoughts

Monet jewelry is made with real gold. The pieces just aren’t made purely of gold. The vintage costume jewelry is made of different metal alloys in the center that are then plated with real gold on the outside. 

Monet makes vintage costume jewelry that ranges from everyday pieces to sophisticated enough for a night at the theater.

The best part is the price tag, though. Monet jewelry is made with quality materials and priced affordably.



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