Is Kirkland Microwave Popcorn Safe (All You Need To Know!)

Is Kirkland Microwave Popcorn Safe

When compared to other brands of microwave popcorn, the Kirkland brand of microwave popcorn, which is sold exclusively at Costco, is one that can be consumed without fear of illness. Having said that, popcorn made in the microwave, in general, is not a particularly healthy food to consume.

This is due to the fact that the bag of popcorn contains numerous chemicals that, if consumed, can cause serious health problems. Even if overeating doesn’t make you feel ill right away, it can lead to health problems in the long run.

Keep reading to learn more about the manufacturing process used by Kirkland for their microwave popcorn, how it stacks up against competing brands, and the various health benefits associated with eating microwave popcorn.

What is Microwave Popcorn?

Scholars are in agreement that popcorn was first created in the Americas; however, they do not know for certain who invented the popping of corn. It is possible that people have been eating popped corn for the past 4,000 to 5,000 years. The earliest record of popcorn consumption dates back to 3600 BC.

The caves in Mexico are where this old bit of popcorn was discovered. Even sections of popcorn that are over a millennium old and have been left intact in a tomb in Peru have been found by researchers to retain their ability to be popped in modern times.

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Popcorn companies started marketing the small treat as a snack for in-home movie nights after World War II, when the number of people going to the movies decreased and more people had televisions in their homes than ever before.

Percy Spencer, a man who used microwave technology developed during World War II to create the formula for microwave popcorn, is credited with inventing microwave popcorn in the 1980s, which is when the microwave finally became a standard appliance in the majority of American households.

What Ingredients are in Kirkland Microwave Popcorn?

Whole grain popcorn, salt, natural flavors, palm oil, and ascorbic acid are the only ingredients that are included in Kirkland’s Microwave Popcorn.

This product is designed to maintain its freshness in the microwave. The Kirkland brand of microwave popcorn makes the claim that it is free of any artificial ingredients and does not contain any gluten.

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Is Kirkland Microwave Popcorn Safe?

If you are concerned about the level of safety offered by the Kirkland brand of microwave popcorn in comparison to that offered by other brands, you will be relieved to learn that Kirkland is not in any way more or less safe than the other major brands of microwave popcorn.

However, this does not imply that eating a large amount of microwave popcorn is beneficial to your health in any way. In fact, microwave popcorn has recently been the target of criticism due to the chemicals that are contained within the bags.

Let’s delve into some of the most significant problems that exist not only with Kirkland but with all brands of microwave popcorn.

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Why is Microwave Popcorn Unsafe?

When it comes to the safety of microwave popcorn, the most significant concerns center on diacetyl and PFOAs.

Recent research has revealed that the majority of microwave popcorn brands, if not all of them, use PFOAs in the bag that goes into the microwave, and diacetyl is used in the flavoring of the butter. Then, why do these things present a risk?

According to the findings of a recent study conducted at UCLA, certain chemicals that are used in the lining of microwavable popcorn bags, such as perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, are part of a class of substances which may be linked to infertility in humans. These chemicals include PFOA.

Cancers of the liver, testicles, and pancreas were found to be caused by the chemicals when they were tested on animals.

In addition, popcorn popped in the microwave has been linked to a serious lung disease known as popcorn lung.

When inhaled in large quantities, the chemical diacetyl, which is used to give microwave popcorn the buttery smell and taste that everyone loves, has been linked to severe and irreversible damage to the lungs.

Are There Safe Microwave Popcorn Brands?

In spite of the fact that more research needs to be done on PFOAs and diacetyl, there have already been a few instances in which working with these chemicals has been shown to be dangerous.

However, if you want to enjoy popcorn without putting your health at risk, there are a few different options available to you.

If you want to pop popcorn at home, you might want to try using a stove top popcorn pack rather than your microwave. These popcorn packs come in a small disposable pan, which enables you to cook the popcorn in a risk-free manner on your stove.

These packages do not contain PFOAs, and if you want to avoid diacetyl, you should steer clear of butter-flavored popcorn brands. Additionally, these packages do not contain PFOAs.



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