Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Real Gold? (All You Need To Know)

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Real Gold

Kendra Scott Jewelry is known for providing a range of beautiful pieces in a range of collections and metallurgical compositions.

When purchasing Kendra Scott jewelry, you can find plenty of options, including all three colors of gold.

Kendra Scott Gold Jewelry comes in a range of colors and prices, but whether it’s real gold is determined by whether you’re looking at their Fine Jewelry collection of solid gold alloy, or their Demi-Fine Jewelry of Gold Vermeil.

We’ll look at the details of Kendra Scott Jewelry, similarities, and differences, here.


Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Real Gold?

Kendra Scott has a whole range of gold jewelry, but the composition changes between their Fine Jewelry, their Demi-Fine Jewelry, and their Regular Jewelry.

Which line you’re looking at determines whether you’re looking at solid gold alloy, gold vermeil, and gold-plated brass.

Is Kendra Scott Regular or Fashion Jewelry Real Gold?

Kendra Scott Jewelry in their regular line, rather than their Fine or Demi-Fine is described as gold plated, rather than Vermeil or gold alloy.

Kendra Scott describes their Regular or Fashion Jewelry as cast in brass before being layered and plated in 14 karat gold in a variety of textures.

The gold plating used can be done in:

  • Smooth
  • Filigree
  • Hammered

According to the jewelry industry, Kendra Scott Fashion Jewelry would not be considered real gold, though it does have a real gold finish in it’s plating,

Is Kendra Scott Demi-Fine Jewelry Real Gold?

Kendra Scott Demi-Fine Jewelry is described as being made with Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil.

What Is Gold Vermeil?

Gold Vermeil is made with a sterling silver core, plated with 18 karat gold.

It’s known as a finer quality of jewelry since the core is made of precious metals as well as plating.

However, by the standards of the jewelry industry, this is still gold plated, rather being real gold jewelry, though it does have real gold in the plating.

Is Kendra Scott Fine Jewelry Real Gold?

Kendra Scott Fine Jewelry is made entirely of a 14 karat gold alloy with an anti-tarnish finish. Kendra Scott uses white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold all three in their different pieces.

To be considered ‘Real’ gold, the alloy must have a rating of at least 10 karat gold. At 14 karats, the Fine Jewelry line for Kendra Scott is considered real gold.

What Does The Karat Rating Signify for Kendra Scott Jewelry?

The karat rating of gold alloy describes how many parts out of 24 are pure gold.

In 10 karat gold, which is the minimum karat level rated as ‘real’ gold,  the gold alloy is 10 parts pure gold, and 14 parts alloy (predominantly silver) for an alloy that is 42% gold.

The 14 karat Gold:

14 karat gold is 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts alloy – the final alloy is approximately 58% pure gold.

Kendra Scott uses this both as the gold finish on their Fashion Jewelry and as the alloy for their Fine Jewelry.

The 18 Karat Gold:

18 karat gold is 18 parts pure gold and 6 parts alloy for a final metal that is 75% pure gold.

This is what is used in their Demi-Fine Jewelry line as the plating over their sterling silver jewelry.

Why Are There Different Lines and Alloys of Kendra Scott Jewelry?

Different alloys give different levels of durability and affordability. They also give different colors, shades, and sheens to the jewelry as a whole.

The alloy for rose gold contains a higher amount of copper, for example.

Other alloys add mostly silver or rhodium to the gold to introduce the brighter gold color, or the paleness of white gold.


Gold is a soft metal that bends and scratches easily. The addition of silver or other metals in the alloy helps make the gold more resistant to damage.

The use of gold plating over sterling silver or rhodium serves the same function – it gives the jewelry durability and helps it last longer.


A core of base metals under 14 karat gold plate provides for a piece of jewelry that is more affordable, while still being beautiful.

Why Is Plated Gold Jewelry Not Considered ‘Real’ Gold?

Since the core is not gold alloy, the gold can be worn away, leaving behind a base metal that has more chance to tarnish. As such, it’s not considered ‘gold’ jewelry.

Are There Different Ways To Handle Real Gold and Gold Plated Jewelry?

Real Gold Jewelry and Gold Plated Jewelry both should be stored in a secure, moisture-free environment. It should also be wrapped in a soft cloth or a jewelry bag to help protect it.

Both types of jewelry should also be kept away from harsh chemicals and things like beauty products, which can affect the color of the metal, or else coat the metal and dull the natural shine.

In terms of cleaning, they do need slightly different handling.

Gold alloy jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap, scrubbed with a soft brush or soft bristled toothbrush. It should be completely dried with a soft cloth.

Gold plated jewelry can be scrubbed lightly with a soft cloth for basic maintenance.

How Do I Know if My Kendra Scott Jewelry is Real Gold?

Kendra Scott Jewelry comes with a description and details as to its composition. A simple read through will tell you whether it’s gold plated, gold vermeil, or pure gold alloy.

If you’re interested in more details, you can speak to a Kendra Scott representative, or have your jewelry professionally appraised.


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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for ‘Real’ Gold jewelry at Kendra Scott, be sure to check out their Fine Jewelry collection, where you’ll find plenty of pure 14 karat gold jewelry in rose, white and yellow gold.

If you’re looking for gold jewelry with a little more durability or affordability, then you can look at their gold plated Fashion jewelry, or their Gold Vermeil Demi-Fine Jewelry for something that has a balance between gold elegance and something sturdier.

It’s not ‘real’ gold, but it’s still beautiful.



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