Is Applesauce Keto Friendly? (Low Carb + More)

Is Applesauce Keto Friendly

Do you know if Applesauce keto friendly? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Imagine your house smelling of the delicious aroma that accompanies applesauce. Tempting, right? Applesauce must be a staple in your household, as it is delicious, comforting, and convenient. However, if you have recently switched to a keto diet then you must be wondering, is applesauce approved on keto?

So, is it? No, it is not approved for a keto diet. The reasons that make it unsuitable are its naturally high sugar and carbohydrate content. In a 4 ounce serving of sugar-free applesauce, there are 13-23 grams of carbohydrates. Additionally, if you prefer the sweetened version, the serving will contain an even higher amount of carbohydrates and sugar.

For a more detailed review of why applesauce is not appropriate, continue reading this article.

Applesauce what is it?

Simply put applesauce are apples that are pureed. This means that the apples are first peeled, cooked, and then ground into a smooth paste.

Other additives like sugar and cinnamon are also added but are entirely optional. Furthermore, you can add other fruits into the applesauce like strawberries or kiwi, according to your taste palate.

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Benefits of applesauce

It is a source of some nutrients and is rich in anti-oxidants as apples are a rich source of anti-oxidants.

Due to its soft texture, it is considered good to eat if you have an upset stomach as it has low quantities of fiber and is easy to digest.

Lastly, applesauce can be used as an alternative to sugar in baking, consequently, reducing your sugar intake. 

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Are all kinds of applesauce not approved for keto?

The nutritional value of applesauce depends on the brand, the variety of apples used, and the sweetener content.

However, almost all types of applesauce contain high amounts of sugar, carbohydrates, and very minimal amounts of vitamins and minerals, therefore making them unsuitable for a keto diet.

What is a keto diet?

A ketogenic diet entails a diet plan that contains very low amounts of carbohydrates and higher amounts of fat and protein.

The sudden reduction in the portion of carbs and increased fats and proteins causes the body to effectively utilize the stored fats and proteins, leading you to lose weight. 

The loss in body weight and some health benefits are some of the causes of its popularity. Certain health benefits like reduction in cardiovascular problems, slower progression of Alzheimer’s disease, and lessened seizures in epileptic patients are seen with the following of a keto diet. 

Different types of keto diet

Four different kinds of ketogenic diets exist, including the standard ketogenic diet (SKD), cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD), targeted ketogenic diet (TKD), and high protein ketogenic diet.

In most cases, the standard ketogenic diet is prescribed as it is the most widely studied and researched. In this diet, you consume approximately 10% carbs, 20% protein, and 70% fats.

Targeted and high-protein ketogenic diets are mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders and are not normally used in your day-to-day lives.

Why is applesauce not approved on a keto diet?

When following a keto diet, normally your daily target carb intake is 20-30 net carbs or a max of 40-50 net carbs daily.

So, if you consume 8 ounces of applesauce, you have already consumed all the amount of carbohydrates that you were supposed to eat in a day. This is not preferred by many people and you might feel that applesauce was not worth the carb intake.  

Many people use a carb manager during their diet to keep track of their carb intake. Applesauce, in such apps, is graded as an F which means that it is to be avoided.

Keto-friendly alternatives to applesauce: –

Shifting to a keto diet, you must be making a lot of adjustments in your daily diet, and unfortunately, finding an alternative to applesauce is also one of them.

As mentioned above you cannot consume applesauce when you switch to a keto diet but worry not, some alternatives taste just as delicious and are healthier.


Instead of pureeing apples, you can boil the zucchini and grind it to give a thick paste that can be seasoned using an apple pie spice.

This is a very good replacement for apples as it does not contain excessive quantities of sugar and carbohydrates and gives the perfect texture.

Chayote squash

Another very frequently used substitute is the chayote squash.

This fruit has the same mild flavor that is seen in a zucchini, the texture and shape of a pear, and the color of a granny smith apple. These characteristics will make it a very suitable choice for you.

The fruit is pureed similar to apples and zucchinis and then seasoned using a spice mix of your preference. 

How can you incorporate applesauce into your keto diet?

Applesauce in itself is not very suitable for a keto diet but it can be used in other ways. When you are making desserts, applesauce can be used instead of sugar as it contains less sugar in comparison.

In certain recipes, you can incorporate the taste of applesauce albeit only in very little quantities. 

Keto-friendly fruits that can be used

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but, unfortunately, this does not go for a keto diet. Instead, other fruits can be used.

The keto-friendly fruits are strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, raspberries, tomato, lemon, blackberries, avocado, and numerous other fruits.

These fruits can be pureed and used as healthier alternatives to applesauce.

Applesauce is a much-loved snack and food item in all our households but if you have decided to switch to a keto diet then you might have to let this one snack go.

The high quantities of sugar and carbohydrates in this food item will hinder your body’s progress and you might not get the results you want from the diet. 

If you are unable to let go of it then you can use some substitutes that will provide you with more health benefits and will also not derail your progress.

When it comes to your diet you should always put your health first and decide accordingly.



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