Is a CeX Warranty Transferable? (Coverage + More)

is cex Warranty Transferable

CeX is essentially the largest second-hand marketplace that buys and sells computer technology, video games, and video game consoles in the United Kingdom.

Everything that is sold by CeX comes with a 24-month warranty with certain exceptions, however, are these warranties transferable from one owner to a new owner?

The CeX terms and conditions page that lays out all of the detailed information of their warranty coverage makes no mention of a transfer accommodation that is provided by CeX. In other words, if it’s not on their terms and conditions page, then warranties offered by CeX are not transferable.

In fact, the only thing that is mentioned as transferable on the CeX terms and conditions information page are vouchers. V

ouchers are CeX’s in-store currency. They have no real value outside of CeX and it is pretty much the same thing as getting a gift card that can only be spent at CeX. 

The CeX Warranty

CeX offers a 24-month warranty on nearly every item that they sell, however, there are a few exceptions. The warranty also includes batteries, assuming that the device you purchased comes with batteries.

If you purchase a product from CeX and it develops a fault within the first 30 days of the purchase, CeX will completely refund the item immediately, no questions asked. They will return your money to you in using the same method that you used to pay for the device in the first place. 

If the fault occurs after that 30-day window but before 6 months have elapsed, CeX will run your item through testing, which is a polite way of saying that CeX is going to investigate your device and scour over every single inch of it to try and discover reasons that this could be your fault. 

If they can’t find anything, then you will be refunded in the amount of the original purchase price and via the original payment method, however, you can also opt to have the device repaired, completely free of charge. 

If your device reveals a fault that is between the 6 months and 24 months timeframe for the warranty coverage, CeX claims that they will simply repair or replace the item. If you take the words for what they typically mean when it comes to business, replace is not the same as a refund. 

CeX does claim that if the item was previously repaired, then they will refund you in the amount that you originally paid for the item.

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Terms and conditions for warranty services are generally written by attorneys who know and understand that words have singular or multiple meanings. 

Bearing that in mind, you can only assume that an item that faults in between 6 and 24 months can only be repaired or replaced with a new version of that very same item.

Returns and Unwanted Items

The Returns policy and the Unwanted policy are two separate policies in the CeX warranty and return ecosystem. The Unwanted policy applies only to devices that are purchased and returned within 48 hours. 

Of course, CeX will run a test on the equipment if you return it within 48 hours. The reason that they run a test on the equipment is to ensure that you didn’t go out and drop it on the concrete and decide that you want to bring it back because it is no longer “wanted”.

The Returns policy works a little bit differently. If you want to return one of the devices or products that you have purchased from CeX, you will need to have a few things with you when you arrive.

  • You have to have a valid proof of purchase
  • All of the associated accessories should be returned with the product
  • Return it with the original packaging
  • The product will be tested and verified
  • After testing and verification, a refund or replacement will be issued
  • CeX doesn’t specify a return time frame 

There is no return timetable that you can find underneath the category for CeX return policies. In that case, you will probably have to go with a generic 14-day time frame or contact CeX directly to find out what their policy is. 

Like all returned items, whether it is just a standard return, an unwanted item, or any item returned because of defects under their warranty policy, CeX will test and validate the reasoning behind your return. For instance, if there is a problem with the power cord, CeX will verify that. 

You will also need to return the product or device with the proof of purchase. If you purchased the device online, you will need to bring in your order confirmation and if you purchase it in-store, you will need to bring a receipt.

CeX is pretty clear about the fact that they will not accept returns unless you bring in a valid proof of purchase along with you.

You also need to return your item in the original packaging and have all of the accessories that came with the device or product with you when you arrive at the store. 

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Final Thoughts

CeX has a pretty decent returns and warranty policy, especially because much of the business that they do revolves around used electronics, such as games, computers, and game consoles. 

Not only are they offering a pretty extensive warranty, but it’s also coming with a used product. However, there is no fine print or declaration from CeX when it comes to the transfer of warranties.



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