Hudson Bay Online Shopping Return Policy (Time Frames + More)

hudson bay return policy

When purchasing something online, there’s always a concern that it might not work out the way you want it to. In which case, you’ll need to know the return policy for wherever you order your merchandise, whether it’s an all-for-one place like Amazon or a shop like Hudson Bay.

The Hudson Bay return policy allows for free returns of online purchases. For most items, they can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, or 90 days for store credit, so long as the items are still in their packaging and proof of purchase is provided.

This article looks at the details of the Hudson Bay Online Return Policy.

What is the Hudson Bay Online Return Policy?

The official Hudson Bay Online Return Policy has the following guidelines:

Large items that do not qualify for home delivery (such as furniture or grills) may be returned for a full refund within 14 days.

Regular items, also known as Standard Size Merchandise, can be returned within 30 days for a full refund.

Purchases made with a Hudson Bay Mastercard can be returned for store credit up to 90 days from the date of purchase, provided they are standard size merchandise and proof of purchase is provided.

Proof of purchase must be included with the return. Valid forms of proof of purchase include receipts, order invoices, packing slips, or online transaction communications such as email invoices.

Items purchased online may be returned via mail to the warehouse, or in-person to a Hudson Bay store.

Items must be in original condition with tags attached, and no visible wear or signs of use to qualify for a return and a full refund.

Items that meet all these conditions for returns may be returned or exchanged at no cost to the customer, with full reimbursement to their method of payment.

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Can I Return Items After the Designated Time Frame?

According to their policy, Hudson Bay will not accept any returns after the designated time frame for the return has expired.

Once the return period has expired, the item is moved to the ‘Final Sales’ category and cannot be returned.

Can I Return Items Without a Receipt or Other Proof of Purchase?

Hudson Bay does not accept returns on items without some form of proof of purchase. To return an item, provide one of the following:


Purchase Order

Packing Slip

Online transaction records, such as emailed invoices.

What is the Process for Making Online Returns?

The process for making online returns to Hudson Bay is fairly straightforward, though it differs slightly between Marketplace purchases and other returns since Marketplace returns must be returned to the Marketplace seller.

For Marketplace Returns:

– Log into your Hudson Bay account

– Select ‘Start a Return’ and fill out the form

– The seller will contact you.

Mailing Returns:

– Find your Order Number

– Prepare your Package in secure packaging (the original packaging if possible) with the proof of purchase

– Hudson Bay will help you create a return slip to attach to your package.

– Take your package to the nearest mailing center

You can track the progress of your package via tracking number.

In-Store Returns:

Online purchases can be returned to Hudson Bay stores directly unless they were purchased through the Marketplace and a third-party vendor.

Purchases made through the Marketplace vendors must be returned to the seller and may be subject to different terms.

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How Long Does it Take for the Return Process to Go Through?

For online returns, Hudson Bay generally requires about 10-14 business days to process the return, an additional 7 days to reimburse the customer, and for the reimbursement to appear in the individual’s account.

Are There Items That Are Excluded From the Return Policy?

Certain items are excluded from the return policy, or subject to more stringent conditions. Items include:

– Non-medical face mask sales are final.

– Baby gear must be unopened, and all Car Seats and Breast Pumps are ineligible for returns.

– Casper Mattresses must be unopened for an in-store return. Otherwise, call Customer Service.

– Anything labeled ‘Clearance’ or ‘Final Sale’ is not eligible for returns.

– Jewelry and Electronics can only be returned within the 30 day window, after which they are designated as ‘Final Sale’ items.

Can I Return Items Purchased From Third Party Vendors?

Items from third-party vendors cannot be returned online or directly to Hudson Bay stores. They must be returned to the vendor from which they were purchased.

Third party vendors are not required to follow Hudson Bay’s return policy, so be sure to ask what their return policy is before making a Marketplace or other third party vendor purchase.

Does the Hudson Bay Policy Cover Exchanges or Price Changes?

Hudson Bay accepts exchanges within the 30 day window of the return policy.

Price changes may only be applied within 7 days of purchase, as long as the original receipt is provided and the item was not on clearance at the time of purchase.

The Hudson Bay Online Return Policy is easy to navigate, as long as you remain mindful of the designated time frame.

If you have concerns about whether or not an item can be returned and what the limits of the policy are for that item, be sure to consult with a Customer Service Representative.



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