How To Get Cash Back Without A Receipt? (Secrets You Need To Know!)

How To Get Cash Back Without A Receipt

Do you know how to get Cash Back without a receipt? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If all else has failed, you’re trying to return something, and you simply don’t have a receipt, remember, the customer is always right.

Businesses still place a lot of focus on their customer service and many times, the customer’s preference is what it boils down to.

So, how to get cash back without a receipt? There are many ways, especially in the day and age of “there’s an app for that,” to return items without a receipt. There are more ways than one to record a purchase. The store will generally do it, and there are apps that keep a recorded, digital receipt for you. 

Even without a receipt, stores will generally try to give you the whole “no returns without a receipt” line. Fortunately for you, it often doesn’t hold up, especially if it gets escalated to a manager.

There are a few tried and true tips you can follow that will add weight to your claim when you wander into the Walmart customer service center because the car battery they sold you wouldn’t run a pocket calculator. 

Always Remember Who Sold It To You

One of the best chances you have for a quick and easy reconciliation so you will walk out with your refund is to remember who sold you the item, to begin with.

Unless you’re trying to return a purchase that’s a year old, the person who worked the cash register that day is likely to remember your purchase.

Worst case scenario, they will be placed on the spot, either denying that they sold you the item—and risking the fact that there are cameras always mounted around cash registers—or admit that they sold you the item and refund it without a receipt.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should approach the situation from an angry standpoint. You catch more flies with honey, after all.

It’s especially important to be courteous at all times. This will be especially true if management gets involved.

Be courteous but also remain firm. You purchased this item yesterday. Don’t question yourself or the situation in front of management and give them an excuse.

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Don’t Make Returns For Ludicrous Reasons

No store is bound to refund your item because you liked the way they looked yesterday and today you’ve suddenly decided that the color red just isn’t you.

If you don’t have your receipt, you’re going to have to have a better reason.

That being said, you’re likely to get the exchange or refund that you want even for something as arbitrary as changing your mind over something frivolous.

However, the idea here is to understand how to return items without a receipt, not make an employee have a bad day.

If there’s a legitimate reason, you’ve recently purchased the item, and you just don’t have a receipt, you’re likely to get a refund.

It really goes a long way to act respectful, professional, courteous, and firm. 

Use An App To Track Your Receipts

Android and iOS devices are rife with apps for copying and maintaining a filing system for your receipts.

Some are designed to give you bonuses, incentives, and cash-back depending on what you purchase and scan.

Other apps cover you by keeping a virtual file of your receipts for tax purposes or other business-related organizations.

 Whatever the app is designed for, you have a foolproof way to keep track of receipts even if you accidentally threw the physical one in the trash. 

Receipts By Wave

This receipt-scanning app is available for iOS, Android, and web versions. The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything. Sure, there are some ads that you have to deal with but nothing is ever, truly free. 

With Wave, you can scan and upload your receipts to the cloud, where they are encrypted and held until the day you need them. It’s a perfect app to have in case you are prone to losing things.

Not only can you pull up the app in the store when you are trying to get a refund, but you can also print your receipts from home and bring them in.

You can keep track of and organize your receipts by date or by purchase, whichever method works for you. 


Shopkick gives you the best of both worlds because you can scan and keep your receipts while also participating in secret shopper programs that will save you money as you shop. 

You can also earn money by uploading your receipts for specific, sponsored products.

So, you’ll always have a receipt in case you need to return items and you get to make money or save money. Why not both? You can do that as well. 


While WellyBox is primarily designed for scanning receipts for independent contractors or freelancers, it also serves the function of being a place to keep your scanned receipts.

If you happen to be an independent contractor, then WellyBox can fill both the role of providing proof of purchases and you can forward them to your Quickbooks software for your business accounting needs. 

Pay Close Attention To Store Policies

No matter what the manager or an employee might try to tell you, the truth is always in the company profile. More specifically, the policies that the company follows and is known for. 

If their policy is a 90-day, guaranteed return or exchange, a manager will be hard-pressed to deny you.

As the saying goes, “pay attention to the fine print.” Well, in this case, you want to pay attention because the fine print helps you instead of hurting you.

Every retail outlet, regardless of who or where they’re located, has a company policy. If you’re caught in a situation where you can’t find the receipt, jump online and read the company policy. Odds are, you can return it. 

Bring Your Credit/Debit Card

Nowadays, debit and credit cards are used far more often than straight cash. If you didn’t make your purchase with cash, you’re probably in luck.

Many big-chain retailers keep purchasing information on file in their system.

Be sure to bring your card and there’s a good chance that they can look up the purchase with just your debit or credit info.

If you made the purchase from a small business, such as a “mom and pop” store, pull your bank statements. 

Your bank statement may not list the specific item, but it will show the price paid and the company it was charged to.

IF you walk in with a bank statement showing a $19.99 expenditure at “Joe Bob’s Toilets,” and you have the item in question, the prices will match.

At the very least it’s a strong evidence link to the item you’re trying to return.

Last But Not Least

For the most part, stores are going to refund your purchase. IF you’re talking about a 65” OLED LG TV that you dropped in the parking lot, probably not, but we have to be reasonable about these things. 

The best tool in your tool chest is courtesy.

Be respectful, polite, and courteous, however, always remain firm. Don’t let them take your kindness for weakness.

All things considered that will probably go a whole lot farther than actually having the receipt.


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