How To Get a Title For a Camper Without Title In NC (Best Tips!)

How To Get a Title For a Camper Without Title In NC

If you plan on purchasing or selling a camper in North Carolina, you need to make sure it has a title. You will need a title to prove you own the vehicle and to register it. If you do not properly register your camper, you can get a ticket.

So, how to get a title for a camper without a title in NC? if you are in North Carolina and you need to get a title for your camper and you do not already have one, you will need to do the following:

1. Fill out an Application for Duplicate Title.

2. Notarize your application.

3. Provide a lien release. You can skip this step if there are no liens against your camper.

4. Take your license and the necessary fees to your local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

What is a Vehicle Title?

A vehicle title is a legal document that signifies ownership of a vehicle. Titles are applied to many motor vehicles and trailers.

In general, they are issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the state where the vehicle is sold and purchased. Titles can be transferred between states if the vehicle moves.

You can expect the title of your vehicle to have information like your full name, the full name of anyone else who owns the vehicle, the model of the vehicle, and the vehicle’s specifications.

This helps connect your name to that particular vehicle.

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What Types of Vehicle Titles Are There?

Vehicle titles are labeled in four different categories. These categories designate the current status of the camper, car, or trailer.

These title labels can also help establish the vehicle’s history. This means the status of the title can explain if there is a lien against the vehicle or if it has ever been totaled.

The four categories titles can fall under are:

  • Clean: If the title is clean, the vehicle has never been totaled. It does not need significant repairs and should be running.
  • Clear: If the title is clear, there are no outstanding liens against the vehicle.
  • Salvage: Salvage titles are assigned to vehicles that are “totaled” or significantly damaged.
  • Rebuilt or Reconstructed: If a vehicle was previously totaled or considered “salvaged,” but has now been rebuilt and deemed safe to be on the road, it will be assigned a rebuilt or reconstructed title. Generally, vehicles must pass an inspection before they can be given a rebuilt or reconstructed title.

Do Campers Need Titles in North Carolina?

If you plan to travel with your camper legally in North Carolina, it needs to have a title. North Carolina requires titles and registration for nearly all campers and trailers. There are only a few exceptions to this rule.

Those exceptions include:

  • Tractors and other farming equipment. These vehicles do not need titles, and in general, should not be driven for distances on the road.
  • Trailers used by farmers to haul livestock do not need to be registered. They do need titles, though.
  • Trailers that are attached to vehicles from states that do not require registration will not need to be registered in North Carolina. For example, South Carolina does not require tags and registration for trailers, so if you are towing your camper trailer with a vehicle from South Carolina, you are exempt from titling it in North Carolina.

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How to Get a Replacement Camper Title in North Carolina?

Titles can come up missing, be destroyed in fires or floods, not make it during a move. Likewise, if the camper was self-built or salvaged, it may not have a title.

For all of those reasons, most states have systems in place to let you replace a missing title and register your vehicle.

Depending on which situation your trailer is in, you may need to fill out varying applications to get a new title.

Missing Camper Title

If your camper is missing a title because the original title was lost or destroyed, you will need to obtain a duplicate title. This process involves some paperwork and a fee.

If you are looking to sell a camper and do not have the title, it is important to obtain a duplicate title before selling the camper so the transition can be handled smoothly and without extra expenses.

Similarly, if you are buying a camper and the seller does not have a title, you should always insist they obtain a duplicate title before selling you the camper, as this can save hours.

To obtain a duplicate title for a missing camper title you should:

1. Fill out an Application for Duplicate Title. You can find the application on the North Carolina Department of Transportation website.

2. Notarize your application. Since your title is to prove ownership, notarization adds an extra level of security to the validity of your title. While this may seem like a small step, it can help protect your camper if anyone tries to steal it.

3. Provide a lien release. You can skip this step if there are no liens against your camper. If you do have a lien against your camper, you will need to provide all of the contact information for the lienholder and other information about the lien.

4. Take your identification and the necessary fees to your local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can expect the fee for a duplicate certificate of title to cost $21.50. The fee is the same if you need to obtain a duplicate title with corrected information (a spelling change or lien removal).

You will need to bring valid identification that can prove your age, such as a birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license. A list of appropriate identification is on the North Carolina Department of Transportation website.

No Title During Purchase

Usually, you will need a duplicate title because the title was lost or destroyed. Occasionally, though, the title may be lost or missing during the sale.

North Carolina camper dealerships are required to provide titles. If an RV dealership does not have a title, they should handle the title replacement before you purchase any campers or motorhomes.

If your title paperwork was lost or you are purchasing a camper from a state that does not require titles, then you will need a duplicate/replacement title AND a title reassignment. You will follow the same steps as if you need a duplicate title. Additionally:

1. Provide proof of ownership. This often looks like a bill of sale. If you work at a dealership and need a replacement title, you can look for the certificate of manufacturer’s origin.

2. Pay the additional fee. To reassign and replace a title has an extra cost. The total fee will be $77.50

Remember, if you are purchasing a used camper from someone and they do not have the title, it is best to get the replacement title before you transfer ownership. This can save you time and money.

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Title Application Items

If you are seeking a duplicate title, you will want to have as much of the necessary information ready quickly. This will help streamline the process.

To fill out a title application for a camper, you will need to know:

  • The year of the camper
  • The make of the camper
  • The model of the camper
  • The Vehicle Identification Number
  • The fuel type that the camper uses
  • The series number of the camper
  • The full name of any registered owners
  • The residential address of the owner(s)
  • The mailing address of the owner(s), if different from the residential address
  • The current location of the camper, if it is not at the mailing or residential address of the current owner(s)
  • Current odometer reading (camper trailers will not need this, but motorhomes will)
  • Lien information, if applicable

It is important to answer all of the fields on the application truthfully. Do not guess, as this may further complicate the process and delay the processing of your new title.

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Registering Campers

If you recently purchased a new camper or have received a new title, you will want to register the camper to legally drive it in North Carolina.

To register a camper in North Carolina, you will need to bring these items to the DMV:

  • Your identification
  • Insurance information
  • The title of the camper
  • A Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (if you do not have a title)

Final Thoughts

It is easy to obtain a duplicate title in North Carolina if you have lost your camper’s title.

You will need to fill out an application and provide various information on the camper as well as provide your identification. During this process, you can also register the camper.

Taking care of missing titles can help sales go more smoothly.


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