How To Get a Title For a Camper Without Title In Kentucky (Best Tips!)

How To Get a Title For a Camper Without Title In Kentucky

Have you ever wondered how to get a title for a camper without a title in Kentucky? Well, look no more. We’ve got you covered.

Campers make vacations more fun and exciting. If you plan on hauling a camper, though, you must have all the proper paperwork to legally drive it. This will help you avoid tickets and save more time for your adventures!

So, how do you get a title for a camper without a title in Kentucky? To get a title for a camper in Kentucky, you need to:

  • Collect the funds for $6.00 and the cost of a notary
  • Take your completed form, funds, and picture identification to the nearest County Clerk’s Office.
  • Fill out an Application for the Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration. To complete the application, you will need to know:
    • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • The make of the camper
    • The model of the camper
    • The body style of the camper
    • The year of the camper
    • The color of the camper
    • Information about any lienholders, if applicable
    • The full name of any owner(s)
    • The government issued the ID number of the owner

What is a Vehicle Title?

A title is a legal document that can prove ownership. Titles are given to cars, trucks, campers, trailers, ATVs, boats, and more. They are usually issued by local county clerks or the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Titles include information like the owner’s name, address, and contact information. It also has important vehicle information like the make, model, year, and license plate number of the camper.

What Types of Vehicle Titles are There?

Vehicle titles can be classified into different categories. These categories correspond to the camper’s history or current status.

There are four common title types you will encounter when working with campers. Those types include:

  • Clean: Clean titles are given to campers that have never been totaled. Vehicles with clean titles are generally considered safe to drive and do not have any severe damage.
  • Clear: Clear titles are given to campers that do not have any liens held against them. This also means there are no outstanding debts against the camper.
  • Salvage: Salvage titles are granted to campers that have been totaled. There is enough damage that these vehicles are no longer considered safe to drive. For this reason, campers with salvage titles can be difficult to insure.
  • Rebuilt or Reconstructed: Rebuilt or reconstructed titles are given to campers that were previously titled but have since been repaired. Rebuilt or reconstructed campers need to be inspected before they can be given a rebuilt title.

Do Campers Need Titles in Kentucky?

Yes, all campers need titles in KY. Trailers that will not be taken on public roads do not need to be registered, but all other trailers need to be both titled and registered.

If you plan on traveling with your camper in Kentucky, it will need both a title and a registration.

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How to Get a Replacement Title in Kentucky?

Titles can come up missing for any number of reasons. Sometimes damage from natural disasters like fires or floods can damage or destroy a title.

Occasionally a title is just misplaced and cannot be found. In those cases, the title will need to be replaced.

To get a replacement or duplicate title in Kentucky, you will need to:

1. Locate the County Clerk’s Office for your county. You can find a list of all of the County Clerk Offices in Kentucky on this website.

2. Complete an Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration.

3. Collect the funds to pay the fee. You will need at least $6.00 for the title replacement fee and a small fee to have the documents notarized.

4. Bring your completed application, the funds, and your driver’s license or other government-issued identification to the local County Clerk’s Office.

5. Watch the mail for your new title. If it has not arrived within 45 days, you should contact your County Clerk’s office to ensure your title is coming.

Title Application Items

When filling out your application, it can be helpful to gather as much relevant information as possible to help expedite the process.

To fill out the application for duplicate/replacement title, you should know:

  • The reason you need a new title. Options for duplicate title requests include:
    • The original title has come up missing.
    • The original title was destroyed (this can be for any reason ranging from natural disaster to accidental destruction).
    • The original title has been damaged. If you still have remains of the original title, it can be good to bring those scraps with you to the County Clerk’s Office.
    • The original title was written illegibly. You may also want to bring the illegible title to the County Clerk’s Office as evidence.
    • Other- If you need a duplicate title for a reason other than those listed above, you can select this option.
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The make of the camper
  • The model of the camper
  • The year of the camper
  • The model number of the camper
  • The body style of the camper (fifth wheel, pop-up camper, teardrop, etc.)
  • The color of the camper
  • The sale price of the camper
  • The full name of the owner(s) of the camper
  • The address of the owner(s) of the camper
  • Information about the seller, if the camper is now under new ownership
  • Contact information for the lienholder (email, mailing address, phone number, full name)

Does Kentucky Offer Surety Bonded Titles for Campers?

In some states, if you purchase a camper that does not have a title, and you need to prove you own it, you can obtain a surety bonded title.

Surety bonded titles involve purchasing a bond to account for the value of the camper in the case that another owner comes forward.

Kentucky does not offer surety bonded titles for campers or other motor vehicles. If you are interested in purchasing a camper and the current owner does not have a title, you should understand that you will then have no way to transfer ownership.

Before purchasing the camper, you should work with the owner to ensure they obtain a duplicate or replacement title before transferring ownership to you.

To transfer ownership once the owner has a title:

1. The owner must sign the back of the title in the presence of a notary. You can find a database of national notaries here.

2. The buyer (you) brings the title, proof of insurance, government-issued identification, and money for relevant fees to the local County Clerk’s Office.

You should be sure to transfer the title into the new owner(s)’s name as quickly as possible after purchase, as transferring the title late can incur extra fees and create more hassle.

You do not want to spend precious vacation time at the County Clerk’s Office dealing with late fees.

It is also always wise to confirm that the Vehicle Identification Number listed on the title matches the VIN on the camper. If it does not, do not buy that camper.

Do Camper Trailers Need License Plates in Kentucky?

Yes, all trailers, including camper trailers need license plates within the state of Kentucky.

Registration for campers expires in March, so be sure to renew your camper’s registration and tabs before March every year.

You should also make sure that your camper has:

  • A white light illuminating the license plate
  • Functioning taillights
  • Brake lights
  • Mudflaps on the rear wheels
  • Turn signals
  • Reflectors on the sides and rear of the trailer

To register a camper in KY, you will need your Kentucky title. It should be notarized and signed by both the buyer and the seller. You will not need to pay any sales tax for this.

Bring your title and driver’s license to the nearest County Clerk’s Office, and they will help process your registration. If your camper has not previously been licensed, they can also help with that process.

Final Thoughts

Your camper needs to be titled and registered to be legal in Kentucky. Campers may be missing titles for any number of reasons.

If you need a replacement title, you can apply for a duplicate title through the local County Clerk’s Office.

You will need to fill out the application as completely as possible and bring your identification and fees to your County Clerk’s Office.

Within 45 days, you should receive your new title. Once you get your new title, you can take the family and hit the road!

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