Does a Pop up Camper Need a License Plate In KY? (Explained)

Does a Pop up Camper Need a License Plate In KY

Have you ever wondered if a pop up camper need a license plate in ky? Well, we´ve got you covered.

In many states, you do need to have a license plate attached to a pop-up camper. But, what about Kentucky? Do you need to attach a license plate to a pop-up camper, or can it be avoided? Let’s take a look!

So, does a pop up camper need a license plate in ky? The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the state claims that you need to license the pop-up camper in Kentucky if it is a travel trailer or RV. Now, obviously, a pop-up camper sort-of falls under this.

However, the DMV also states that you do not need to have a license if it is just a standard trailer. Again, the pop-up camper is going to fall under this definition too.

Does a Pop Up Camper Need a License Plate in KY?

If you have a pop-up camper in Kentucky, you do not need to attach a license plate to it. As long as you are driving within the state, the fact that you will have a license plate attached to your vehicle should be more than enough.

That being said, many people recommend that you have a license plate attached to the pop-up camper anyway. It is going to be saving you a whole lot of hassle.

Remember, the whole purpose of having a license plate attached to a vehicle is so that other road users can identify you. It also signifies to the police that your vehicle has been properly registered. We see two problems with not having a license plate on your pop-up camper in Kentucky.

Firstly, your vehicle isn’t really identifiable. If you got into an accident, then it could cause problems with an insurance claim.

After all, the insurance company may be able to argue that it wasn’t your car that got into the accident because they cannot see the vehicle registration number in any photographs.

The second is that if you do not have a license plate on your pop-up camper in Kentucky, you are more likely going to be stopped by the police. After all, they do need to know that a vehicle is legally allowed to drive on the roads of the state.

Obviously, this is something that can be easily avoided if you have a registration number that is easily viewable on your vehicle.

To be honest, not having a license plate on your pop-up camper is probably going to be far more hassle than it is worth. For the sake of $20-$30 to get some license plates printed up, you are going to be avoiding a whole host of issues related to taking that pop-up camper out there on the road. 

Remember, your pop-up camper is not going to have its own registration number on the license plate. It will be shared with the vehicle.

Do You Need to Register a Pop Up Camper in KY?

The laws related to pop-up campers and registration in the state of Kentucky can be somewhat murky.

Most people, however, do claim that they have not had a need to registered their pop-up camper in Kentucky. You can always check with the DMV to see whether you need to do so. However, they will probably say no.

Some people have reported that they have been required to obtain a license for their pop-up camper, though.

Since it is only going to cost a small amount of cash and will provide you with a whole lot of safeguards, we recommend that you try and get a license for your pop-up camper even if the DMV says that you don’t need one.

Remember, this only applies if you are planning to only drive within Kentucky. You may need to obtain a registration for the pop-up camper if you are heading out of the state.

It may be worth noting that there are some insurance companies out there that do require that you register your pop-up camper. This is for insurance purposes.

This will likely be outlined in the insurance policy, so it is always worth double checking. If you are unsure, then give the insurance company a call. This ensures that you are doing everything ‘above board’. 

How Do You Register Your Pop-Up Camper in Kentucky?

While there isn’t really any need for you to register a pop-up camper in Kentucky, there are some people that do so anyway.

It can help with insurance and, as we said, it may also be required if you are planning on traveling to a different state with your vehicle and the pop-up camper in tow.

Thankfully, registering your pop-up camper shouldn’t be that difficult. All you need to do is head to the DMV and fill in a few forms.

You will have to provide proof that you own the pop-up camper. You may also be required to provide details on the value of the pop-up camper. This only has to be a rough estimate. 

If your pop-up camper is fully registered, then you will be given a license for it. The number on the license is the number that needs to be put on the license plate when you are driving your vehicle around.

Do not put the vehicle’s registration number on the pop-up camper. This is because that registration number wouldn’t actually belong to the pop-up camper. Again, this is probably going to end up causing far more issues than it is worth.

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Do You Have to Renew The Registration on a Travel Trailer in Kentucky?

Yes. Every March, you will have to renew the registration for the pop-up camper. This is a nominal fee and you will not have to prove that you own the pop-up camper again. Well, unless you have somehow managed to lose the registration documents.

We have read a few stories online about how people have managed to avoid paying the renewal fee for their pop-up camper each year. They just rely on not being pulled over by the police.

That being said, it isn’t really recommended that you try and avoid paying the license fee. You will be caught out eventually and, if you are caught out, the fines are going to be a whole lot higher than if you had just bothered to pay the renewal fees, to begin with. 

When Do You Place the License Plate or Registration on the Pop-Up Camper?

If you are choosing to register your vehicle, then you will be provided with a small sticker. This small sticker can be placed anywhere that you want on the vehicle. As long as it can easily be seen if you are stopped by the police.

Remember, this sticker will have to be changed out every single year. Thankfully, they should be dead simple to remove. This means that it shouldn’t pose that much of a problem!

If you do decide to use a license plate on your pop-up camper then, again, this is probably going to need to be put in a location that is easy to read.

Thankfully, most pop-up campers will have a special location to place the license plate. The majority of the time, this will be in almost the same location you would place it on a car i.e. near the bottom of the pop-up camper in the dead center.

Once you have placed the license plate on there, it won’t ever have to be removed. Well, unless you decide to sell the pop-up camper on. After all, the license number for your vehicle is never going to change!

It isn’t enough to label the pop-up camper, though. You will also want to ensure that you keep all relevant documentation inside of your vehicle. This includes the registration documents that you were given when you registered the vehicle at the DMV.

Once again, this is going to save you a whole lot of headache if you end up being stopped.

Do You Need a License Plate if You Plan on Driving ‘Out of State’?

Yes.The rules related to license plates in Kentucky will only apply when you are driving within Kentucky.

We have seen a lot of people claim that they have been able to drive their vehicles with a pop-up camper attached in other states without any issues. However, to be honest with you, we probably wouldn’t recommend it.

If you are driving through a state that requires plates without actually having any plates attached, then you are just asking to be pulled over and questioned.

Again, for the sake of a few dollars, you may as well add some plates onto your pop-up camper. Trust us, this is something that is going to save you a whole lot of headache in the future.


You do not need to have a license plate on your pop-up camper in Kentucky. There is also no need to register it if you are driving it on the roads of the state.

However, do bear in mind that these are rules that are only going to apply while you are within the state. If you are planning to head out of state, then di


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