How to Fix a Hole in Mesh Leggings (Best Tips Explained!)

How to Fix a Hole in Mesh Leggings

Do you know how to fix or repair a hole in Mesh leggings? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Mesh leggings have become hugely popular and are seen anywhere from in the gym, to the yoga studio, to even simply doing errands around town.

However, despite being an activewear staple, mesh leggings are notoriously delicate. One snag and your mesh leggings appear destroyed for good! 

If a hole appears in your mesh leggings, don’t despair and throw them out! You can repair the holes. It can be tricky and you may not be able to make the hole completely vanish, but there is no need to throw out your mesh leggings if you get a hole in them. You can even make a fashion statement by putting a cool patch or embellishment over the hole! 

Learn how to fix holes in mesh leggings using different techniques in this guide. You’ll be glad to learn a few techniques that can save your mesh leggings from the trash bin. 

Fixing a hole in mesh leggings without sewing

There are a few tried and true techniques for mending small holes in mesh, pantyhose or tights material.

These methods are best used for small holes or runs that you want to prevent getting larger. Both use items commonly found around the home: nail polish and hairspray. 

Fixing a hole using nail polish

Take clear nail polish, turn the leggings inside out and apply outward from the edges of the hole to about ¼” from the edge.

Allow the polish to dry, turn the leggings back right-side out, and repeat the process. This technique should prevent the hole from getting any larger. 

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Fixing a hole using hairspray

This technique is similar to the nail polish technique, except you use hairspray instead of nail polish. This technique won’t make the hole go away but will keep it from getting worse.

Even better, you can use this technique while you’re still wearing the leggings. Just spray the edges of the hole and surrounding area, let dry, and if possible, turn inside out and repeat the process. 

Fixing a hole using fabric glue

Another technique can be used to permanently close a hole or tear in mesh fabric, however it will be a visible repair. This technique uses fabric glue, a product commonly found in fabric stores, arts and crafts stores, or online. 

  • Fold the fabric in half so that the edges of the hole are lined up at the edge of the fold.
  • Apply a fabric repair glue lightly to the edges. 
  • Unfold the fabric and place it on a flat surface. Allow the glue to almost dry, but not completely dry. 
  • When almost dry, press into the glue along the tear, flattening it and pressing the edges of the hole together. 
  • Allow glue to completely dry. It will dry clear, however the repair will still be visible.

This type of repair will be visible, however it is a durable repair that can withstand machine washing. 

Fixing a hole in mesh leggings by sewing

Most people shy away from sewing a hole shut in mesh leggings, because it seems impossible to stitch mesh material closed.

However, in a few situations, you can do just that. A sewing method is a quick way to fix small holes and holes along seams in mesh leggings. You don’t even need a sewing machine for these techniques.

All you need is a needle, some thread, and scissors. 

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How to stitch and repair a hole along a seam in mesh leggings

A common weak point in mesh leggings where small holes can develop is along the seams, especially along the inner and outer thighs. Luckily, holes along the seams in mesh leggings can be easily repaired.

You don’t even need to worry about hiding the stitched repair because the seam will mask the stitching. 

  • Gather a needle and the same or similar color thread as the legging material.
  • Turn your leggings inside out and begin your threading just below the hole.
  • Back stitch to secure the thread, then begin stitching the two sides of the hole together along the seam.
  • With each stitch, thread the needle back through the loop before tightening it to create a knotted stitch.
  • When finished, secure the thread, trim the excess with scissors and turn the garment back right side out. 
  • Here is a video guide that illustrates this technique. 

How to fix a hole that’s not along a seam in mesh leggings

Fixing a hole that’s not along a seam is trickier in mesh, because it is almost impossible to disguise the repair. However, using this method you can minimize the appearance of the repair while still creating a durable fix. 

  • Trim any loose threads from the mesh and fold the fabric in half so that the edges of the tear or hole are right along the edge of the fold. 
  • Using a lightweight thread, begin stitching just before the hole begins to secure a knot. 
  • Using a whip stitch method, thread the stitches through the intact fabric close to the hole but not so close to the frayed edges that the stitches tear out.
  • Finish the stitches just past the hole in intact fabric, knot and trim the thread. 
  • Use a fray check liquid (commonly found in fabric stores, arts and crafts stores, or online) and lightly apply over the repair and the stitches. This will help keep the repair and the stitches from fraying. 
  • Unfold the repaired fabric and gently pull the repaired area to flatten any wrinkles.   

This method is shown here in this video. In the video, the instructor uses chiffon, however, the technique will be the same. 

How to fix large holes in mesh leggings

Larger hole repairs in mesh leggings will be nearly impossible to disguise, however you can repair and mend them to give your leggings a little more life.

Use a clock method to stitch the hole closed and reinforce it. 

  • Gather a needle and find some thread that closely matches the color of your mesh material. 
  • Start stitching around the hole as you would around a clock, from 12 to 6, 1 to 7, etc, until the hole is closed evenly. 
  • Once finished, trim the excess thread. 
  • You can steam or iron the repair with the iron on low setting to help reduce puckering.   

Using a patch to fix large holes in mesh leggings

Sewing methods work well in mesh for small holes and holes along seams, however they don’t work as well for larger holes or holes in the middle of a mesh panel because it can create a bunched up look.

For those situations you can get creative and use a patch to mend the hole.

Fabric stores carry a wide variety of cute and colorful lightweight patches that you can apply without sewing. Think of it as a cool embellishment, and a way you can extend the life of your mesh leggings. 

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