How to Fix a Hole in Nylon Leggings (Best Tips Explained!)

How to Fix a Hole in nylon Leggings

People ask, how to fix or repair a hole in Nylon leggings? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Nylon leggings are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe and as such, every woman has felt the pain of their favorite nylon leggings getting torn.

You might think it’s the end of the road for your favorite legwear but think again.

There are many ways to fix a hole in nylon leggings including using a needle thread, patches, mending tape, or fabric glue.

In this article, we will instruct you on several ways to fix a hole in your nylon leggings including sewing it together with a needle and thread, using patches, and other options that don’t require sewing.

 Additionally, we will also give you clues as to why your nylon leggings may have ripped in the first place to help you prevent it from happening again.

How Do I Sew a Hole in My Nylon Leggings?

Sewing a hole in your nylon leggings is as easy as picking up a needle and thread.

Tie a knot at the end of your thread and start sewing at the end of the hole until the knot catches in the fabric of the leggings.

Weave your needle back and forth across the hole to sew the tear shut and finish it off by placing a knot in the other end.

If you are sewing up a hole along the seam, stretch the material so that at least a quarter of an inch reaches over the existing seam.

Use pins to keep the material together then run it under your sewing machine starting about an inch below the tear. Set your machine to a triple straight stitch to make sure the repair holds.

For irregular shaped tears, gather the material together as best as possible and use the same method that you would for a small circular hole.

Just make sure you cover all the open areas. You don’t want to still leave a hole behind when you’re done!

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How Do I Use a Patch to Fix a Hole in My Nylon Leggings?

Patches are easy to use to fix holes in nylon leggings, especially holes that don’t occur along the seamline. There are a variety of ways to perform a patch repair.

The simplest way is to cut a piece of material slightly bigger than the hole itself. Use nylon or a similar fabric to help maintain the integrity of the leggings.

Depending on the size of the hole, you can stitch the patch around the outer edge of the hole or across the entire area.

If you are hand sewing, use a double or triple stitch to ensure that the repair stays, and the stitching does not come loose.

If you are using your sewing machine, set the stitch to zig zag. It may be best to stitch across the entire patch that way it is doubly reinforced from the fabric and the stitching.

There are also iron-on or reverse applique patches that work well to repair nylon leggings. If you use an iron-on patch, be very careful not to keep the heat on your leggings for too long because nylon is liable to melt. Also, put a piece of cardboard inside the leg of the leggings to keep the front and back from sticking together.

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Are There Options to Fix My Nylon Leggings That Don’t Involve Sewing?

There are plenty of non-sewing options for fixing holes in nylon leggings. Iron-on patches are one option that can provide not only a way to fix your leggings but the perfect opportunity to add a little flair. Patches come in many shapes, sizes, and fun designs.

If you’re not looking for anything snazzy, but just want a simple repair, especially for small holes, hemming tape is the way to go.

You will need to use the iron to get the hemming tape to seal the hole as it is usually heat activated.

There are other repair options that don’t require using an iron if you are hesitant about the potential of burning or melting your leggings.

Garment tape is a simple sticky option that just requires you to line up the fabric and seal it over with the tape. Make sure to give it enough pressure to make sure it sticks.

Fabric glue also works for small holes. Use something to clamp the edges of the hole together so that the glue can set. Fabric glue usually takes a full twenty-four hours to dry completely.

Make sure you use glue that works for nylon and double check the instructions on washing after use so that the repair doesn’t come undone when you clean your nylon leggings.

Why Do My Nylon Leggings Get Holes?

Friction is the number one culprit of holes in nylon leggings. When your thighs rub together from just walking around, the fabric of one leg chafes with the fabric of the other and eventually they wear holes through your leggings.

Spraying a product like Scotchgard can prevent those kinds of holes.

Holes can also occur if you have pests such as moths or mice that might nibble through your nylon leggings.

Washing your nylon leggings with other clothing items that could snag or abrade the nylon fabric is another common cause of holes.

Avoid putting your nylon leggings in the washing machine with anything containing Velcro or zippers. Bra hooks are also guilty of poking holes in nylon leggings.

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Holes in nylon leggings are exasperatingly common, but there are many ways to fix them. You can use a needle and thread to sew a hole close either by hand or with a sewing machine.

Patches are perfect for fixing holes that don’t fall along a seamline. Iron-on or sewn-on patches work well.

Fabric glue, hemming tape, and garment tape also work well for small holes and don’t require the use of needles or irons.

Holes can occur through increased friction of rubbing the fabric of the legs together, washing nylon leggings with other clothing that can cause snags, or by storage in places where pests can access them.

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