How Tall Is An RV Garage Door? 12 Facts To Consider (Explained)

How Tall Is An RV Garage Door

Have you ever wondered how tall an RV garage door is?

Well, one of the most troublesome parts of owning an RV is knowing where to store it when it is not in use. Many people find that they have to store their RV off their property entirely because of how big it is. Other people choose to store it outside, where it can become damaged x vandals and elements.

Because both of these scenarios aren’t necessarily ideal for keeping your RV safe, you might want to install a garage big enough for your RV. Unfortunately, your regular garage will likely be too small, causing you to need a specific RV garage door and size.

So, how tall is an RV garage door, though? The minimum height for an RV garage door is 12 feet (3.6m) tall and between 10 and 12 feet wide. However, depending on what you add to the top of your RV, you might want to make it even taller.

The rule of thumb is that you should have 2 feet of room between the top of your garage door and the eave of your garage.

In this article, we are going to explore the basic dimensions of an RV garage, as well as how to calculate what size door you need.

Read on if you are considering adding an RV garage to your property.  

Average Size Of A Garage Door

Before jumping into RV garage door sizes, let’s talk about regular garage doors. This can be helpful for comparison purposes. Unlike RV garage doors, standard garage doors are pretty regulated and easy to understand.

What is the average size of a garage door? Today, most garages are about 7 or 8 feet tall. The width depends on whether or not you have a one-car or two-car garage. One car garages tend to be 9 or 9 feet wide, whereas three-car garages tend to be 14 to 18 feet wide.

Certain garages can be slightly bigger, especially for homes that have several SUVs. Most people who have SUVs like opting for the larger-sized standard garage doors.

RV door dimensions

This means that most of them are about 8 feet tall. An 8-foot tall garage is standard but on the larger side of things.

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Can I Fit My RV Through A Regular Garage Door?

RVs come in quite a few shapes and sizes. Some may do a better job of fitting in a standard garage than others. A pop-up camper, for example, can fit in just about any garage, including a regular one-car garage.

Most RVs, however, are much bigger than campers, requiring them to have their own garage.

The biggest issue with most standard-sized garages is the height and length. RVs tend to be much taller and longer than regular vehicles, causing most garage heights and lengths to not fit the bill for RVs.

If you tried to fit RVs in these regular garages, the RV could take off the top, be hanging out the back, or both! This proves how important it is to have an adequate-sized RV garage door.

In the table below you can find the height examples of some popular RV models and makes:

RV Model / MakeHeight
Winnebago Forza11+ feet
Forest River Inc. Berkshire XL12,5 feet
Newmar Dutch Star12 to 13 feet
Winnebago Travato9+ feet
Roadtrek Zion SRT9,5 feet
Thor Gemini RUV10 to 11 feet
Thor Four Winds11+ feet
Winnebago Navion11+ feet
Forest River Inc. Sunseeker11 feet, 3 inches
Keystone RV Company Cougar Half-Ton11+ feet
Starcraft RV Mossy Oak10 and a half feet to 11+ feet
KZ RV Escape Mini8+ feet
Keystone RV Company Montana13 feet, 4 inches
Northwood Arctic Fox13 feet, 3 inches
RV Height Sizes

Basic Dimensions For An RV Garage Door

As we already mentioned, RVs can come in quite a few shapes and sizes, depending on their class. With that being said, most RVs are about 9.5 feet tall.

This does not include any mounted items, such as air conditioners, luggage racks, satellite dishes, or solar panels. All of these items will make the RV taller.

These additions can actually make it difficult for RVs to go under the lowest overpasses and bridges on the road. Generally speaking, the shortest overpasses and bridges are around 13.5 feet high.

Drive-through windows and bank teller lanes are even shorter. As a result, most RVs cannot fit through these sorts of items.

Door Size Requirements For RV

The door size requirements, according to your RV size, are as follows:

Class A 34’-44’14’ Sectional
Super C34’-36’14’ Sectional
Class C 24’-32’12’ Sectional
Class B+19’-24’12’ Sectional 
Class B 19’-23’10’ Sectional
5th Wheel30’-35’12’ Sectional
Travel Trailer25’-30’12’ Sectional
Pop Up Camper20’-23’10’ Roll-Up
Light Trailer18’-20’10’ Roll-Up
Truck Camper16’-21’14’ Sectional
RV door dimensions Chart


You want to make sure that your garage door is big enough for your RV to get through. The minimum height for an RV garage door is 12 feet tall.

Depending on what you add to the top of your RV, you might want to make it even taller.


Length is also a really big issue for RV garages. RVs are much longer than the average car, meaning that the garage needs to be large enough so that the garage door can actually shut.

The length may need to be between 22 to 40 feet, depending on your RV make and model.


The simplest dimension to figure out is width. Even though RVs are wider than regular cars, they are close enough so that they can fit on the road.

As a result, the RV width isn’t as serious of an issue as the height or length. Most RVs need a garage door that is between 10 and 12 feet wide.

RV Garage Size X RV Class

One of the biggest determiners of the garage size is the RV class. RVs are typically separated into three general classes. These classes can be subdivided.

Plus, there are other vehicles that are similar to RVs that may need different sized garages as well. Let’s take a look at the basic garage size x RV class.


Motorhome ClassDimensionsGarage Door
Class A16 x 50 x 16 feet14-foot sectional door
Class B20 x 24 x 14 feet12-foot sectional door
Class B+10 x 25 x 14 feet12-foot sectional door
Class C26 x 36 x 14 feet12-foot sectional door
Super C24 x 48 x 16 feet14-foot sectional door

When people talk about RVs, they most commonly are referring to motorhomes. Motorhomes are classified into Class A, B, or C.

Class A motorhomes are typically 34 to 44 feet long and 13 feet high. The ideal dimension for a Class A motorhome is 16 x 50 x 16 feet with a 14-foot sectional door.

A Class B motorhome will typically range between 19 and 23 feet long and 10 feet high. These motorhomes need a garage that is typically about 20 x 24 x 14 feet with a 12-foot sectional door.

Similarly, a Class B+ a slightly bigger, being 19 to 24 feet long and 11 feet high. The garage needs to be 10 x 25 x 14 feet with a 12-foot sectional door

Finally, Class C motorhomes are 24 to 32 feet long and 11 feet tall. The ideal dimension for a garage is 26 x 36 x 14 feet with a 12-foot sectional door. A Super C motorhome, which is 34 to 36 feet long and 12 feet tall, needs a garage that is 24 x 48 x 16 feet with a sectional door that is 14 feet.

Travel Trailers And Campers

Travel trailer TypeDimensionsGarage Door
Fifth Wheel24 x 40 x 16 feet14-foot sectional door
Travel Trailer30 x 40 x 14 feet12-foot sectional door
Pop Up Camper20 x 20 x 12 feet10-foot roll up door
Light Trailer20 x 20 x 12 feet10-foot roll up door
Truck Camper24 x 30 x 16 feet14-foot sectional door

When you factor in travel trailers and campers, the dimension for an ideal garage gets even more muddied. A fifth wheel is really similar to an RV, but it is connected via a hitch to another vehicle.

It will be 30 feet to 35 feet long and 12 feet high. This will need a garage that is about 24 x 40 x 16 feet with a 14-foot sectional door.

Similar in size to the fifth wheel is the travel trailer. It will be 25 to 30 feet long and 11 feet high. It needs a garage that is 30 x 40 x 14 feet with a 12-foot sectional door

Pop-up campers are typically 20 feet to 23 feet long when extended and 10 feet tall when extended. Most pop-up campers can fit in a regular garage once they are folded down.

A light trailer will be 18 feet to 20 feet long and 10 inches tall. It needs a 20 x 20 x 12-foot garage with a 10-foot roll up door.

Finally, a truck camper will be 16 to 21 feet long and be 12 feet tall. It needs a 24 x 30 x 16-foot garage and a 14-foot sectional door.

Calculating Your RV Garage Door Size  

Calculating what size RV garage door you need is relatively easy. All you need to do is begin by measuring your RV. This will tell you the bases.

To get the door height, it needs to be 2 feet taller than the top of your RV, including any additional items overhead.

For example, say that your RV is 20 inches, measuring from the ground to the top of the air conditioner, which is the tallest point on the RV. This would mean that your garage door needs to be 22 feet tall.

Garage Door Size How Big How Tall Do I Need >> Check out the video below:

Benefits Of Building An RV Garage

Many people do not consider adding on a completely new garage for their RV because of how much it costs to install one. Although RVs are expensive, they also add value to your home and help you to protect your RV.

According to certain studies, adding a new garage of any kind can increase the property value by about 13%.

Similarly, you will not need to pay rent at an RV storage facility when you have your own. As a result, you will eventually save up more than you spent on the RV garage after using it for several years.

Finally, the last major benefit of installing your own RV garage is that you can better maintain and protect your RV.

At a rental facility, you cannot monitor the RV as well as you could on your own property. In the case that you currently keep your RV outside your home, an RV garage will protect the RV from the elements and vandals.

Building An RV Garage

If you need help building an RV garage, there are likely multiple contractors near you. These contractors specialize in creating buildings that are safe, effective, and the ideal size.

With the help of one of these contractors, you can ensure that the RV garage door and garage is the proper size for your vehicle.

The easiest way to find contractors near you is to look online. Remember to read reviews of the site and company to make sure you invest in the best company possible.

Final Thoughts

As a whole, the average RV garage door needs to be at least 12 feet tall. For many RV owners, however, 12 feet might be too short. If that’s the case, a general rule of thumb is to add 2 feet to the highest point of your RV.

This will tell you exactly how tall the RV garage door needs to be for your exact make and model.

To ensure that you get all the calculations right, it’s best to contact a professional who knows how to create the blueprints and plans for an RV garage. This will ensure everything goes over correctly and safely.  


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