How Much Can a Dodge Grand Caravan Tow (2021, 2020, 2019, Towing Capacity)

How Much Can a Dodge Grand Caravan Tow

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend how much the 2021, 2020, 2019, or 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan can tow or pull? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Dodge Grand Caravan is first and foremost a people carrier or in the parlance of automotive marketing experts an MPV, minivan, and so on.

Though its production has ended in 2020, it is an excellent choice for many people looking for an affordable vehicle that can be used for towing a camper on weekends.

With more than 1.6 million of the 4th generation Caravans sold since 2008, one can relatively easily find a good one on the used car market.

Its popularity was always due to class-leading cargo and towing capacity, and these characteristics are what make it still an attractive vehicle to own.

So, how much can a Dodge Grand Caravan tow? On average the Dodge Grand Caravan can tow between 1,500 lbs and 3,600 lbs. The base configuration can handle 1,500 lbs of bumper towing. But if it’s properly equipped with the optional Trailer Towing Group, it grows to 3,600 pounds.

Below you can find the most common towing capacity of the Dodge Grand Caravan based on years which included:

  • 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan towing capacity is around 3,600 lbs
  • 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan towing capacity is around 3,600 lbs
  • 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan towing capacity is around 3,600 lbs
  • 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan towing capacity is around 3,600 lbs
  • 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan towing capacity is around 3,600 lbs

Let’s get a bit more into the details of this question.

What Affects A Dodge Grand Caravan Towing Capacity?

In general terms, there are several factors that can have an impact on the towing capacity of any vehicle.

The first, and most common, is the engine and transmission equipped on it, as the regulations require that towing capacity rating matches certain acceleration requirements.

When it comes to a Dodge Grand Caravan, of these two, the transmission is somewhat indirectly influencing the capacity.

Just like any other machinery, vehicle transmission generates heat, and the more strain is put on it, the more heat is produced.

This is why transmissions very often have oil coolers, and why a larger transmission oil cooler is part of the Dodge Grand Caravan Trailer Towing Group.

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As it cools transmission oil more efficiently than the base part, it allows the higher strain to be put on transmission, in other words, it allows a greater weight to be towed.

Another important factor is the construction and the limits of the rear suspension and rear subframe.

When towing a trailer, part of its weight is transferred to the towing vehicle, it’s a simple fact.

This is why there is always a big difference in how much you can bumper or hitch tow.

Bumpers are not a structural part of a vehicle, which is why they are unable to carry any significant load.

On the other hand, a proper receiver hitch is installed on the structural frame of the chassis and also constructed sturdier than a bumper, which is why they increase towing capacity of a vehicle.

Below you can find the 2021 – 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan Towing Capacity which included:

YearDodge Grand Caravan Towing Capacity
20213,600 lbs.
2020 3,600 lbs.
2018 3,600 lbs.
2017 3,600 lbs.
2016 3,600 lbs.
2015 3,600 lbs.
2014 3,600 lbs.
2013 3,600 lbs.
2012 3,600 lbs.
2011 3,600 lbs.
2010 3,600 lbs.
2009 3,600 lbs.
2008 3,600 lbs.
2007 3,600 lbs.

What Is A Dodge Grand Caravan Towing Capacity?

The base versions of the Dodge Grand Caravan have the towing capability limited to the bumper towing.

This automatically means a quite low towing capacity due to the objective limitations of this type of towing.

When it comes to numbers, such towing capacity is just 1,500 pounds, which makes what you can tow with it quite limited.

But that is not the whole story as a Dodge Grand Caravan can be equipped with an optional Trailer Towing Group which greatly increases the towing capacity and usability of this minivan as a towing vehicle.

Without going into details of what this package includes, that increased towing capacity transforms it into a class leader among minivans.

While most of the minivans currently on the new and used vehicle market have towing capacity between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds, a properly equipped Grand Caravan can pull 3,600 pounds.

While this number is not in the same league as large SUVs and pickup trucks, it is nothing to scorn at.

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What Towing Aides Are Available On A Dodge Grand Caravan?

Arguably the most important towing aid that a Dodge Grand Caravan can come equipped with is the optional Trailer Towing Group, which increases its towing capacity.

This equipment package consists of several important and upgraded parts that allow you to actually tow trailers with a proper hitch, and not a bumper.

The first part of this package, worth mentioning, is the class II hitch receiver, without which this minivan couldn’t have an increased towing capacity.

In case that you are buying a new vehicle, you should be aware that the Trailer Towing Group does not include a trailer hitch mount and that you will have to purchase it separately.

The Trailer Towing Group also adds much beefier rear suspension, which is with both load-leveling and height-control capabilities.

These two functions ensure that the vehicle is firmly planted on the road with all four of its wheels and that the front pair doesn’t lose its grip.

Something that is very important on vehicles with a front-wheel drive system, such as Grand Caravan.

Another mechanical improvement of the Grand Caravan, which comes with the Trailer Towing Group, is a larger transmission oil cooler and the engine radiator.

Both of these serve the purpose of a more efficient cooling of both transmission and engine when a higher load is placed on them during towing.

When it comes to towing safety, Trailer Towing Group ads a very good trailer sway control program to the electronic stability control system.

It is a sensor-based system and it continually monitors the angle and the rate of change of the angle of the trailer.

If swaying of the trailer is detected it will apply brakes or decrease the RPM of the engine in an effort to bring the trailer under control.

What You Can Tow With A Dodge Grand Caravan?

The 3,600 pounds towing capacity is far from the capabilities of pickup trucks or large SUVs, but it is borderline competitive with many crossovers.

While it means that you will not be able to tow large camper trailers, it still provides a very useful versatility to a Dodge Grand Caravan.

When it comes to utility trailers, there is a lot of things you can pull with this minivan.

For example, a single horse trailer, or even some smaller two-horse trailers, and many trailers for smaller farm animals with a larger capacity, depending on the animals’ individual weight.

A couple of ATVs, jet-skis, or snowmobiles for a weekend adventure are also viable options, and many smaller fishing boats do fall under this limit.

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When the camper trailer is in question, you are not limited to only the smallest kind.

Some general rule is that if a camper trailer has a 2-person sleeping capacity it almost certainly has GVWR under 3,600 pounds.

The exceptions to this rule do exist, and there are camper trailers available both for rental and purchase that have a 4-person sleeping capacity.

More often than not, these trailers are compact, around 18 feet in length, so this is another measure that can be used for a rough estimate of whether Grand Caravan can tow it.

For exact and correct decision, whether you are buying or renting a camper trailer, its GVWR is a figure you must respect.

Final Thoughts

Dodge Grand Caravan is a very versatile minivan and people carrier, but its capabilities are increased when it is equipped with the optional Trailer Towing Group.

With it, its towing capacity is increased to class-leading 3,600 pounds, though not a record-breaker by any means, it is a very good towing vehicle.

While its production was discontinued in 2020, the sales numbers of just its last generation suggest that it is a good choice for younger people making their first steps into RV adventures.

It was a very popular minivan, with more than 1,6 million of the 4th generation models sold, and some dealers still have them in stock.

Such popularity guarantees that you can find an affordable used vehicle, but also a steady supply of replacement parts down the road.

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