What Does SXT Mean For a Dodge Caravan? (Explained)

What Does SXT Mean For a Dodge Caravan

Have you ever wondered what does SXT means for a Dodge Caravan? Well, look no more. We´ve got you covered.

If you are looking to buy a new minivan, you’ve likely been entranced by the Dodge Caravan. Its large cabin easily fits seven people and, thanks to Stow n’ Go seats, you can store a lot of luggage.

Yet, the Dodge Caravan isn’t a single vehicle. Within its class, you’ll find the Caravan SE, SE Plus, and SXT.

But what does SXT mean for a Dodge Caravan? SXT, or “Standard Xtra”, is an upgraded trim package available for all Dodge Caravans built after 2014. It includes power sliding doors and liftgates, folding second-row seating, Stow n’ Go third-row seating, higher-quality seats, and several other bonus perks. Although slightly more expensive, the SXT trim package promises greater comfort and luxury as your drive.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in the SXT package, how it stands out from other trim packages, and how much more you can expect to spend for this level of luxury.

Before you buy, be sure to go through this guide so you know exactly what you’re in for!

A Breakdown of the Dodge Caravan’s Three Trim Levels

Currently, you can buy the age-old Dodge Caravan in three different trim packages—SE, SE Plus, and SXT. Each consecutive trim package builds on the previous package to add higher-quality materials and better features.

Dodge Caravan SE

The SE package includes all of the standard features you’ll find on a Dodge Caravan. Under the hood, you’ll find:

  • A 3.6 L V6 Pentastar engine with 283 horsepower
  • A 6-speed automatic transmission
  • An electronic range-select transmission function
  • Brake assists with a four-wheel antilock brake system
  • Electronic stability controls
  • All-speed traction controls

From the exterior, you’ll notice:

  • Matte black door handles
  • Color-matched applique on all lower sills
  • Heated exterior mirrors that foldaway using powered controls
  • Deep-tinted glass
  • A ParkView backup camera
  • Keyless entry

Inside the Caravan, you’ll find:

  • Bucket seats trimmed in cloth
  • Foldable and reclinable second-row seating that can be removed
  • Stow n’ Go third-row seats
  • Power windows in both the second and third rows
  • A triple-zone temperature control system with both heating and cooling options
  • An auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Built-in AM/FM/MP3/CD radio with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Audio controls built into the telescoping steering wheel

These features offer safety, convenience, comfort, and the ability to pack both your family and their luggage into the back of your caravan without a problem.  

Dodge Caravan SE Plus

The Dodge Caravan SE Plus includes all of the features built into the Caravan SE, with a few additional exterior and interior perks.

From the exterior, you’ll notice:

  • Additional automatic headlights that activate as soon as light levels drop
  • New blackened headlight bezels frame the Caravan SE Plus’s headlamps
  • A powerful set of fog lamps
  • Remote startup capabilities
  • An added security alarm system
  • 17-inch wheels finished in polished aluminum with added gloss black inserts
  • Heated power mirrors that match your vehicle’s body-color

Inside, you’ll find a wide range of added features:

  • Higher-quality cloth-trimmed seats, sewn using silver stitching for an added bit of accenting
  • The front door armrests and the instrument panel are both finished in Piano Black appliqués and chrome strips
  • The HVAC system also features a new chrome bezel
  • The steering wheel and shifting knob are both trimmed in black leather with additional Piano Black bezels
  • A mini floor and overhead console, as well as a black headliner
  • A rear fascia scuff plate
  • The radio is updated with Uconnect Hands-Free features such as SiriusXM Radio3, a USB port4, and voice command capabilities.

These added features help bolster the Dodge Caravan’s overall comfort and luxury, so you can enjoy longer rides with your family and friends.

Dodge Caravan SXT

At the SXT level, you’ll find the same engine, transmission, and design features as the SE Plus, but with even more premium materials and features.

From the exterior, you’ll find:

  • 17-inch wheels finished in higher-quality Tech Silver aluminum
  • Bright chrome trims around the windowsills
  • New power sliding doors and liftgates
  • An integrated crossbar Stow n’ Place roof rack in bright chrome
  • Higher-quality automatic headlamps that activate when light levels diminish

Inside the Dodge Caravan SXT, you’ll notice:

  • The cloth seats have been replaced with new bucket seats trimmed in black Torino leather
  • The seats have added suede inserts and have been sewn using silver stitching
  • The driver’s seat included two-way lumbar supports and eight-way comfort positioning
  • The piano black appliqués on the front door armrests and shifting knob now include silver stitching
  • There is a new super console
  • Both the second and third rows of seats are build using Stow n’ Go technology

With the SXT trim package, you unlock everything the Dodge Caravan has to offer. You and your family will drive in comfort no matter how far you’re going.

Why the SXT Package Stands Out from Other Trim Packages

Not only does the Dodge Caravan SXT include all of the same features you’ll find in a lesser trim package, but it also goes the extra mile to provide drivers and passengers with all the comfort they need on a long road trip.

The Dodge Caravan SXT combines luxury with flexibility, allowing you to pack your entire family into the car and hit the road as a team.

Unrivaled Cargo Space

If you’re planning to travel cross-country, you’ll appreciate the Dodge Caravan SXT’s ample storage space and built-in Stow n’ Place roof rack. If you run out of room in the cabin, simply attach a hard-shell roof carrier and you’ll have all the space you need.

Alternatively, you can hitch a trailer to the back of your Caravan and pull up the 3,600lbs of added weight.

If you and your family are moving, you’ll also appreciate the built-in in-floor storage bins located below the second and third-row Stow n’ Go seats.

You’ll be able to fit more of your belonging into the car so you don’t have to pay a shipping service to transport your goods across the nation.

The Ultimate in Luxury Comfort

While on that cross-country journey, you and your family will also enjoy the added comfort and entertainment options built right into your Dodge Caravan SXT.

Sit back and listen to the sounds of SiriusXM Satellite Radio or connect your own music via Bluetooth and jam out as you drive.

From the driver’s seat, you’ll enjoy total lumbar support with eight-way comfort positioning. On cold mornings, rest your hands on the heated steering wheel or, on boiling summer days, blast the triple-zone air conditioner to create an icy-cool cabin.

Safety for Your Family

What’s most important, though, is your family’s safety. With ParkView backup cameras, electronic stability control, automatic headlights, and seven airbags located throughout the cabin, you can drive knowing your family is completely safe in your Dodge Caravan SXT.

With a price tag only $6,000 more expensive than the standard Caravan SE, it’s hard to pass on the luxury, cargo space, and safety included in the SXT trim package


If you’ve been looking to buy a new minivan for your family, you’ve probably been wondering what the SXT the Dodge Caravan means.

The SXT (Standard Xtra) trim package offers drivers the highest level of luxury available in a minivan. With more cargo space, more comfort, and more safety, what’s not to love about the Dodge Caravan SXT?

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