How Long Does Triangl Take to Ship? (Shipping Time – The Truth!)

How Long Does Triangl Take to Ship

People also ask, how long does Triangl bikinis take to ship?

Triangle is an international swimwear apparel company. They have a huge selection online but sometimes we want our garments as fast as possible.

With a capability for serving customers worldwide, it’s natural to wonder how long does Triangl take to ship? Officially, Trangl’s website states that it takes up to five business days via FedEx. However, many customers have waited much longer than that to receive their order. In extreme cases, it can take well over a month. Having said all that, most people receive their items in a speedy fashion.

This bit of confusion is because of how Triangl is an Austrialian-owned company with offices off the coast of France and factories in Hong Kong, China.

Apparently, there are some distribution centers and suppliers in the US, but there’s no way to verify if these places actually ship to American locations.

What Does Triangl Say about How Long It Takes to Ship?

When you go to Triangl’s website and visit their shipping FAQs, they indicate that shipping happens from Hong Kong, China and takes about five business days.

But, this means five business days for the item to reach the shores of wherever you are in the world.

What Are Customer Experiences with Triangl Shipping?

There are both positive and negative reviews when it comes to customer experiences with Triangl shipping. Most people report that they received their items quickly and without incident.

Others say it took over two weeks while some say three weeks.

Additionally, now with China’s zero-tolerance policy of SARS-COV-2, shipping is uncertain. While some people say their customer service is as sweet as can be about it, returns are atrocious regardless.

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How Much Does Triangl Shipping Cost?

On Triangl’s FAQs and in the checkout, there is a general flat rate shipping cost of $20. In some cases, you must pay duty fees and taxes after your delivery arrives.

Some customers say they had to pay an additional $4.00 duty tax because they classified as an “international order.”

While Triangl does mention this, there is no way to determine which areas incur such fees. It would stand to reason that this would show up in your checkout totals.

But, there are some reports of surprise fees after the fact.

How Long Do Returns ; Exchanges Take with Triangl?

Triangl doesn’t have much information about how long it takes to make returns and exchanges. They mention they accept them along with how to do it.

They also discuss how returns go to their distribution center based in the US. Additionally, they indicate it will take 10 business days after receiving your return to see the refund in your bank account.

However, customer reviews indicate that returns can take one to three months with Triangl. But this was well before lockdown measures. Now, there are claims of it taking much longer than that.

How Do You Make a Return or Exchange with Triangl?

To make a return or exchange with Triangle, you have to initiate the return via their online form. You will need your order number along with original email address for this to work.

The screen will give you step-by-step instructions and you select the items you wish to return.

Then, they’ll send you an email with shipping guidelines once they approve your request. You can do this within 14 days of receiving your order.

However, you are responsible for the return shipping fees. Past customers say this is about $15 or $16. Some others have had to pay much more than that.

With the average cost of a bikini running the range of $80 to $100, you’re looking at paying an additional $20 for shipping plus duty fees and taxes.

With a return, you’re looking at spending an extra $15. At the end of the day, you’re going to spend at least $35 on shipping fees alone.

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Restrictions; Caveats

Also, there are some restrictions with making returns to Triangl. The items must be in their original packaging and condition. Any free gifts or other promotional items that came with your initial Triangl order are not returnable.

What’s more, Triangl may accept your return but they won’t honor it. They will inspect the garment(s) and then send you an email.

Here, they’ll notify you of receiving the return and whether they accept or reject it. This means you may go through the whole rigmarole and not get your money back.


To receive an order you place with Triangl, you can expect your items to arrive within five business days.

On average and most of the time, it will be somewhere in the ballpark of two to three days. However, some people do report it taking much longer than that. Returns are a whole different story.

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