Home Goods Holiday Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Home Goods Holiday Return Policy

Do you know what Home Goods holiday return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Home Goods is the best place to shop for Christmas gifts, but sometimes your friends and family members aren’t that great about getting the best gifts. What do you need to know about Home Goods’ Christmas return policy?

Home Goods rewards early Christmas shoppers by extending the return timeframe for gifts purchased starting mid-October through December with a gift receipt.

In this article, you will learn more about the return extension for the holiday season, how to return gifts, and what gifts are non-returnable. Additionally, we will cover non-receipted returns, exchanges, and more.


Does Home Goods Give a Return Extension During the Holidays?

Most retail stores will extend their return window to accommodate early shoppers during the Christmas holiday season.

Home Goods allows those who purchase items starting October 10 through the end of December to return them as late as January 25 of the following year.

This works in favor of those who want to get their Christmas gift shopping done early so they don’t have to worry about waiting until right before Christmas in order to give their gift recipients ample time to return unwanted gifts.

If you are purchasing a Christmas gift from Home Goods, don’t forget to get a gift receipt so to make the return smoother.

In addition to Home Goods, other TJX stores such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx also adhere to the extended Christmas return policy although you cannot return Home Goods items to any other TJX store, only Home Goods locations.

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How Can I Return a Gift from Home Goods?

If you receive a Christmas gift from Home Goods that you want to return, you can bring it to any Home Goods location for a Home Goods gift card in the amount that the gift giver paid for the item.

Be sure to bring your gift receipt with you to make the return an easy transaction for all parties involved.

If your gift giver ordered your Home Goods Christmas gift online, you can also return it in person, or you can mail it back to Home Goods returns department.

Any purchase made online should come with a return shipping label. If your gift giver didn’t provide you with one, contact them to ask if they still have it.

Otherwise, you can call Home Goods customer service department and inquire as to the best way to proceed with your mail in return.

Just remember that all Home Goods returns must be made either in person or by mail to another Home Goods store and not a different retailer under the TJX parent company.

Can I Return a Home Goods Christmas Present Without a Gift Receipt?

It is possible to return a Home Goods Christmas present if you do not have the gift receipt. However, your return is more likely to be rejected since Home Goods is very wary of fraudulent returns.

Before you make a non-receipted return, ask the gift giver if they still have the original purchase receipt or a gift receipt.

Otherwise, you will need to provide your name, home address, a valid form of picture ID, and your signature when making the non-receipted return.

Home Goods will enter this information in their returns verification system to keep track of all returns, receipted and non-receipted, that you make.

Home Goods also reserves the right to completely reject the return if they feel that it is a fraudulent return.

If you are giving a Christmas gift that you bought at Home Goods, make sure to include a gift receipt to make it easier for your gift recipient to return if they want to.


What Home Goods Gifts Are Non-Returnable?

While most items sold at Home Goods are returnable, there are a few gifts you may receive that are not eligible for returns.

For example, any items that are clearly used or worn and not returned in the same condition in which you received it will not be accepted for a return.

Beauty products that have been opened cannot be returned because they are considered unsellable since they pose a health and safety risk for any customers who may purchase the resold item. Gift cards are also non-returnable.

If you receive a handbag from Home Goods that is valued at over $500 for Christmas or any other merchandise that is priced over $1000, you need to mail the item in for a return.

Home Goods will not accept in-store returns on these items.

Can I Exchange My Unwanted Home Goods Christmas Gift?

If you got a Home Good Christmas gift that you don’t want but don’t want to return, exchanging it for something else is a valid option.

If you want to make an exchange for your original Home Goods gift, you need to do it in person at a physical store location. Home Goods does not allow exchanges online because of their constantly changing inventory.

If you pick a similarly priced item in the Home Goods store to exchange with your Christmas gift, you will be allowed to make a straight exchange. However, if the new item is worth more than the original gift, you will have to pay the difference.

If the new item is worth less than the original gift, you may be given a Home Goods gift card for the balance.

However, straight exchanges made to trade for a different color of the same item or replacement of an item that was received broken or defective are far easier to process for Home Goods.

Make sure to relate your reason for exchanging to facilitate the process.

Do I Have to Pay to Return My Home Goods Gift?

If you return your Home Goods Christmas gift to a physical store location, you do not have to pay for returns. There are no restocking or processing fees involved with an in store return.

However, if you want to return your Home Goods gift by mail, you will need to pay for shipping.

When mailing back your return, Home Goods will provide you with a prepaid label to place on your package.

Once your return is received and processed, a $15 deduction will be taken from your issued gift card refund to pay for the cost of shipping.

Additionally, if the Home Goods gift you are mailing back is considered oversized in weight or dimensions, there may be added shipping fees that you will have to pay.

To avoid any fees or deductions in your refund, the best way to return your Home Goods gift is to simply bring it to your nearest physical store location.


Home Goods is a great place to shop for Christmas gifts made even better by their extended return policy which allows purchases made during most of October through December to be returned by January 25 at the latest.

You can return your Home Goods gift at any Home Goods store or mail it back to Home Goods; however, you will be charged shipping.

While Home Goods will allow returns made without a gift receipt, they are also more likely to reject them.

Be sure to check that your Home Goods gift is not included in the non-returnable items before attempting a return.




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