Hollister Return Policy with No Receipt (Your Complete Guide)

hollister return policy no receipt

Hollister is well-known for its up-to-date fashion options that are always on point with their seasonal selections. While these options are always in style, it doesn’t mean these styles are for everyone; making it crucial you have the chance to return them as needed with or without the original receipt.

Unfortunately, Hollister will not take back any items that do not have any type of receipt, invoice, or sales confirmation sheet available, even if it is in perfect condition.

If you buy anything from Hollister, it is critical that you keep your receipt on hand until you are 100% sure you will be keeping it. Without the receipt, you are stuck with whatever item you purchased. 

Hollister Return Policy With No Receipt

You can not return any item to Hollister without the original receipt, invoice, or confirmation of sale. However, if you do not have your receipt on hand, you might not be out of luck quite yet. 

First, you can only return the item if you provide a valid, government-issued photo ID to the store and you have the original method of payment; they may be able to look up your purchase through their online systems.  

This is especially helpful when you use a Hollister credit card or purchase things from the company online. 

If the item can be pulled up from the online system, you will get your money returned to you in the same manner in which it was purchased, debit/credit card, or store card, as long as it is returned within 30-days of the date of the original sale. 

If you are returning an item to Hollister after 30-days, you will only be granted a return in the form of store credit. 

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Can You Return Items to Hollister that You Bought Online Without a Receipt?

If you bought something from a Hollister brick and mortar store and do not have the receipt but want to return it by mail, you can not return the item, whether by mail or the actual store’s location. 

If you do have a receipt and want to send items back to Hollister, you are fully responsible for the cost of shipping and handling unless the reason for the return is due to damage or other issues caused by the company themselves.

To start the return process, you simply log onto Hollister.com and go to the returns and exchange tabs, then click the start my returns button.

Here you will be provided with a return label, and the fee for shipping will be taken from the total you get back. (in the form of an eGift card if it is past 30-days from the time of purchase.)

In the case you received a defective or incorrect item in the mail, contact Hollisters customer service department before sending it back. 

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How Long Can You Return Items to Hollister?

Hollister doesn’t specify a limit on time for returns, only that any returns after the 30-day time period must be given back in-store credit.

As long as you are bringing back items that are in their original condition and with a valid receipt, you can typically return them without any issues.

Can You Exchange Items Without a Receipt at Hollister?

If you bought something from Hollister and got it home only to realize you don’t like the way it fits or how it looks on your body, hopefully, you still have your receipt. Without a receipt, just like with returns, you can not exchange the item, even if it is just for another size or color.

While it may seem unfair, Hollister has these rules in place to protect themselves and other customers from return fraud and theft, where people abuse the return option for their own personal gain.

Can You Get Money Back if You Bought an Item from Hollister and it Soon Goes on Sale?

As long as you have your proof of purchase for the item, Hollister will price match their products for up to one week after your transaction date.

This means if an item goes on sale within 7-days of you buying that product (and have a valid receipt), you can take the receipt to the store, and you will be compensated in the adjusted amount. 

Can You Return Gifts to Hollister Without a Receipt?

Sadly, even gifts are not accepted back by Hollister unless they are accompanied by a gift receipt. If you do have a gift receipt, you will only receive store credit in return. 

You can not return gift cards to Hollister in stores or online even if you do have the receipt on hand.

All sales are final when it comes to any gift cards purchased from this brand, including Gilly Hicks, Ambercrombie and Fitch, Abercrombie and Fitch Kids, and Social Tourists.

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Can You Return Items to Hollister Outlets to Hollister?

Nope, you can only return items bought at Hollister Outlets to Hollister Outlets. The same goes for Hollister Stores and states.

All products purchased must be returned to a store located in the same state and the same brand. 

Hollister policy states you cannot return items across brands; this also means, even with a receipt, you can not take items you purchased from Hollister back to an Abercrombie and Fitch store and vice versa; the same goes for online returns across brands. 

Can You Return a Product to Hollister if You Get it Home and it Has a Defect Without a Receipt?

Again, the answer is no. You should always check the items you are purchasing thoroughly before leaving the store.

If you do not, it is imperative you keep your receipt, or you are stuck with something you can’t even use. 

Summing Things Up

While Hollister is dedicated to making sure their customers are happy and receive the best products possible, they also have strict rules regarding returns.

If you do not have a receipt, invoice, or confirmation of purchase, you will not be allowed to return anything, period.




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