Hobby Lobby Return Policy Without a Receipt (Coverage + More)

Hobby Lobby Return Policy Without Receipt

Do you know what Hobby Lobby’s return policy without a receipt is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you love arts n crafts, you probably know about the popular American retailer, Hobby Lobby. You can get home, office, and party supplies as well as stationery and decor from this brand.

Hobby Lobby currently has 969 stores in 47 states which makes it a huge name in the business. 

If you’re planning to buy something from Hobby Lobby, you might be wondering if it’s easy to return an item to the company, especially if you don’t have the receipt anymore.

So, what is Hobby Lobby’s return policy without a receipt? It is possible to return an item without a receipt to Hobby Lobby for any reason as long as you do so within 90 days of purchasing it. Without a receipt, you can get the product exchanged for another one or get store credit. However, the company still has the right to refuse a return if it is a non-receipt item. 

Want to know all about Hobby Lobby’s return policy? Keep reading this article.

What is Hobby Lobby Return Policy?

Hobby Lobby is known for its customer-friendliness and has a transparent and reliable return policy. If you want to return an item to Hobby Lobby, you can easily do so with no questions asked. However, there is a 90-day return window after which your request may not be entertained. 

Another important factor is the condition of the product. If the item looks used and is in unsellable condition, the company has the right to refuse your request. 

If these terms are met and your request is approved, you will usually get a refund within 14 days. 

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Can You Return An Item To Hobby Lobby Without The Receipt? 

Yes, you can return an item to Hobby Lobby if you don’t have the receipt, but you might not get a full refund. If 90 days have not passed, you can return the item and get another product in exchange.

Or, you can receive a merchandise credit for the lowest price of the item in the last two months. Remember, there is no guarantee that the credit you receive will be of the product’s original value.

You can use the credited amount to buy something from Hobby Lobby in the future. 

For this process to be initiated, you must take your valid ID card with you to the store. 

And the company still has the right to refuse a return request for a non-receipt item, depending on its condition or any other factor. 

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What if you bought the item online?

If you ordered the product online and wish to return it to a Hobby Lobby store, then the policy is different. You will need to show the invoice of the original transaction to return the item to the store.

In this particular case, you will receive store credit for the merchandise.

What if you don’t have the original invoice? You can simply email the company or call their customer support at 1-800-888-0321. Once checking the order details, they will issue you a new invoice copy.

Another important factor is the price of the item. If the product was part of an order of more than $250, then it is considered as a bulk purchase.

A bulk purchase item cannot be processed at the store for a return.

To return the item, you will have to ship it back to the company at the following address:

Hobby Lobby

Attention: Returns

7600 A SW 44th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73179

For returns of online orders, the product absolutely should not be opened or used. If you are shipping it back, it must be in its original packaging. 

Does Hobby Lobby Pay For Shipping Costs For Returned Items?

If you had to ship an item back and your return was accepted, you will get the amount of the product back. However, any shipping or handling charges will be deducted from your refund as you will have to pay for them. 

In case the product itself was damaged or defected and your reason for returning it was an error on the company’s part, then Hobby Lobby will pay for the shipping costs.

Can Hobby Lobby Reprint a Receipt For You?

The company can reprint a receipt if you paid for the order or a part of it, using a credit or debit card. However, if you used cash, then the company does not give out reprinted receipts.

What is Hobby Lobby Return Policy for Used Items?

Used items can be returned to Hobby Lobby in most circumstances, as long as 90 days haven’t elapsed and they are still in sellable condition. 

However, as mentioned earlier, online orders cannot be returned if they were used or simply opened.

Items from Silhouette & Cricut, or sewing and embroidery machines are also not eligible for returns at Hobby Lobby.

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What is the Hobby Lobby Return Policy with a Debit or Credit Card?

Regardless of the method of payment you used, Hobby Lobby will accept returns and also give refunds. However, you will receive the refunded amount in the same way you originally paid for the item.

So, you will get the money deposited into that account. 

This rule applies to all modes of payment like a credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc. 


To wrap it up, you can return an item to Hobby Lobby within 90 days and get a full refund if you still have the receipt.

It is always advised to keep the receipt safe with you until you’re 100% sure you want to keep the product.

This also makes it easier to get the item exchanged.

Without the receipt, your options do become limited and the process can be a hassle. However, you can expect the staff at Hobby Lobby to be accommodating so there is nothing to worry about. 

We hope you found this article informative and that it answered the questions you had regarding Hobby Lobby’s return policy without the original receipt.

Have fun shopping from the company and remember to keep all the important points in mind!




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