Hobby Lobby Return Policy After 90 Days (Full Guide)

Hobby Lobby Return Policy After 90 Days

It is very easy to go a little overboard when shopping at Hobby Lobby due to all of the fantastic deals and discounts they provide customers on their large array of craft items and home decor.

While returns are fairly simple to complete when dealing with this company, what is Hobby Lobbys return policy after 90-days?

Hobby Lobby will only accept returns on any products within a 90- day time frame starting from when the item was originally purchased. You can not return anything after 90-days, whether purchased online or in stores.

The next time you head out to your local Hobby Lobby store, make sure you only pick up items you need and keep the receipt to make any authorized returns easier to deal with.

Hobby Lobby Return Policy After 90 Days 

Hobby Lobby has a strict return policy that states no items can be returned after 90 days. However, if you bought something from the store you no longer want, and it is within the 90-day time frame, you can return it for a full refund as long as you have the original receipt.

Unfortunately, if you are outside of the 90-days, nothing can be done, and you are stuck with that product. Since it is yours to keep, you can consider selling it in order to recover some of the money lost. 

If you do return the item within 90-days, your purchase must be accompanied by the original receipt to receive a full refund, which will be given back to you in the same way it was originally bought.  

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Hobby Lobby Return Policy After 90 Days Online

Online shopping is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get your favorite items without spending precious time wandering through aisles in the stores. However, just because you choose to shop another way doesn’t mean the return policies change. 

Even when shopping online, you are only given a 90-day time frame from the original date of purchase to return any unwanted products. After 90 days are up, you will not get the option to return anything. 

When shipping your products back to Hobby Lobby, allow a two-weeks for the return process to complete and the refund to be issued back to the credit card used when making the original purchase. 

If you have the original receipt or invoice, you can send this in with the return within 90-days and receive a full refund minus the shipping cost.

If you choose to return an item you purchased online to one of Hobby Lobby’s physical locations, make sure to bring your receipt with you. In this case, the money will only be refunded to a store gift card for store credit. 

Can You Return An Item to Hobby Lobby Without a Receipt After 90 Days?

No, there are no returns whatsoever after the 90-day time period; plus, without a receipt, you will only receive the amount of the lowest sales price on that item within the last two months from the return date.

This refund is issued as store credit, and you have to provide a valid, government-issued ID at the time of the return.

Can You Exchange Items at Hobby Lobby After 90 Days?

Unfortunately, similar to returns, Hobby Lobby will not accept any items for exchange after 90 days. If you are making an exchange online and you are within their restricted time frame, you will be required to purchase the item you are exchanging for online, then return the old item to get your money back. 

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What Are the Rules for Returning or Exchanging Items to Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby makes returning unwanted items pretty simple for their customers. However, they do have a list of requirements your returns must meet in order to be approved for a refund. 

  • All products must be returned in a new and unused, resellable condition.
  • Products have to be returned or exchanged within 90 days of the original sale date.
  • Damaged or defective items should not be returned to the store until after contacting customer service.
  • Cricut products, Silhouettes, and Sewing & Embroidery machines can not be returned or exchanged unless they are in brand-new condition, in the original box still sealed, and with the original sales receipt.

Can You Return a Product to Hobby Lobby if You Lost Your Online Invoice?

As mentioned above, you can still return products to Hobby Lobby without a receipt if you are okay with getting a store credit.

Luckily, if the item was purchased online, you can go to HobbyLobby.com and request a copy of your invoice. This way, you can take the product back to the store and get your money back in the way you originally bought it.

All purchases made by check must wait for at least 10-days before a return can be excepted; this is to give the check time to clear. This is to limit the amount of abuse from fraudulent returns for cash with bad checks. 

Can You Return A Damaged or Defective Product to Hobby Lobby After 90 Days?

No, if you received an item that was damaged or defective, you must contact customer service before returning it, and the time frame for the return must still be within 90 days.

This restriction does not include the product warranty offered by the manufacturer.

If you have a broken or defective item, you can contact the manufacturer and claim the warranty as long as it is still within the timeframe listed.

 Typically, manufacturer warranties are extended a lot further out than returns from the store, most frequently giving you a year. 

Please note that Hobby Lobby has the right to refuse any returns and will do so if they suspect fraud or theft.

Summing Things Up

If you bought something from Hobby Lobby and have waited longer than 90 days to take it back, save yourself the trip, waste of gas money, or expensive postage because your returns will not be accepted. 




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