Fred Meyer Electronics Return Policy (What´s covered?)

Fred Meyer Electronics Return Policy

Do you know what the Fred Meyer electronics return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

It’s not always possible to make the right shopping decisions. Sometimes, you simply want to return an item if you change your mind. So, it’s always helpful to know about the return policy of a company before buying from them.

Fred Meyer has a straightforward and simple electronics return policy. In case you’re not satisfied with a product, you can return it to Fred Meyer within 90 days after making the purchase. You will be asked for a valid reason for returning the product and then the process will be initiated.

So, what else does the Fred Meyer return policy consist of and what are the terms and conditions? Do you need a receipt? Can you return opened items? We’ll be answering all these questions.

What is Fred Meyer?

Founded by Fred G. Meyer back in 1931, Fred Meyer is a famous hypermarket superstore chain in America. The company was originally based in Portland, Oregon, and now has 141 store locations in the United States.

It was also the first-ever US chain that promoted the concept of one-stop shopping, providing everything under one roof.

This includes a grocery superstore, bank, drugstore, clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics, sports goods, home decor, gardening equipment, toys, and restaurants.

In 1988, Fred Meyer merged with Kroger however the stores are still branded with the Fred Meyer name. 

What is Fred Meyer’s Return Policy?

It is quite easy to understand the return policy of Fred Meyer. If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of a product, they can easily return it within 90 days of purchasing it.

As long as the reason for returning it is clear and genuine, you will not be asked any more questions and will be given a refund. 

Of course, some important pointers should be kept in mind. For instance, a product that is clearly heavily used or damaged cannot be eligible for returns. However, if you received the product in a bad condition, you may get a refund. 

What is Fred Meyer’s Return Policy for Electronics?

You can return any electronics purchased from Fred Meyer and get a full refund as long as the item is in pristine condition and has its complete accessories. However, the return window for electronics is shorter than for other product categories.

You have 30 days after making the purchase to check out the electronic item, test it, and decide if you’d like to keep it or not.

For electronic products you are returning with a gift receipt, the policy extends to 60 days. This includes portable audio devices, televisions, and cellphone accessories. Just remember to be very careful while using these products so there is no damage to them. 

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How Can You Return an Item In-store?

The in-store policy for Fred Meyer products, including electronics is quite clear. You can visit the company’s website and then head to the Find a Store section. Now identify the store nearest to you. 

Along with the product you wish to return, go to the store and try to recall if you might have used your Rewards Card when you made the purchase.

You can easily show the Rewards Card at the store and let the sales representative look up the required details. 

Once they verify the purchase and confirm that you are within the return window, you will most likely be given a refund. 

What if you didn’t use a Rewards Card? In this case, you should have your receipt. You can take it over to the Customer Service Desk and the Fred Meyer staff will help you.

Can You Return Opened Items to Fred Meyer?

Yes, it is possible to return an opened item to Fred Meyer as long as it is still in a “like new” and sellable condition.

This includes most electronics. It should also have the original packaging and all the accompanying accessories and equipment it came with. 

However, some unopened items such as DVDs, video games, and films are simply non-returnable. These products may be exchanged for an identical title if you received a defective product

What If You Can’t Find Your Original Receipt?

Your Rewards Card can act as a receipt if you used it to make the purchase, so keeping it in your wallet can come in handy.

In the unlikely situation that you don’t have the original receipt and the system also cannot locate the details of your purchase, you should keep the following points in mind.

Firstly, remember to keep your state-issued ID card with you. You can also take along your driver’s license as a way of verifying your identity. In this case, you will get a refund amount of the lowest price of the item in the last 90 days.

Fred Meyers accepts first-time returns without a receipt for purchases of a maximum of $75.  

If you purchased something for less than $5 and you don’t have the receipt, you will be able to get a refund in the same way you purchased the item. For items over $5, the company will not refund with cash. You will be given a Merchandise Return Card instead. 

According to the policy, you may be able to get at least some amount as a refund if they are able to locate your purchase on their system. However, the process may take some time and won’t be as swift. So, it goes in your favor to keep the Rewards Card or original receipt safe with you.   

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How Will You Get Your Refund?

Fred Meyer has one of the most customer-friendly policies, compared to its competitors.

You will receive the refund in the same way you paid for an item. If you used a credit card, the amount will be deposited back into your account. For debit cards, personal cheques, or cash, you will be refunded with cash.

For personal cheque payments, some information may need to be verified before giving you a refund. 

Return Policy For Different Fred Meyer Electronic Products

Fred Meyer has a different policy for different categories of electronics.

The following list refers to all the electronics you can easily return with no hassle, even if they were opened (and are still in new condition):

  • Computer accessories
  • Telephones
  • Calculators
  • A/V 
  • TV wall mounts
  • Phone accessories
  • iPod accessories
  • Alarm clocks
  • Radios
  • Video Game accessories

For defective gas or electric-powered equipment, you will have to check with the manufacturers and find out their warranty policies. The product’s instruction manual usually contains the manufacturer’s contact number.

Similarly, some products can only be exchanged at Fred Meyer and cannot be returned for a refund. This includes:

  • Printers
  • Tablets & Readers
  • Home theater systems
  • DVD players
  • Televisions
  • Cameras & camcorders
  • Apple iPod and iPad
  • Computer Monitors
  • Portable audio and video devices

Some items are simply non-returnable at Fred Meyer. This includes:

  • Opened computer software, video games, music CDs, and movies
  • Blank DVDs and CDs (as well as computer paper and ink)
  • USB drives and storage cards
  • Any item damaged through use
  • Wine, tobacco, or alcohol


We hope you are now equipped with all the necessary knowledge regarding returns at Fred Meyer. You will now be able to return items easily with no confusion.

The best part is, that Fred Meyer is quite generous with its return policy.

Keep in mind that it is possible to return an item without a reward card or receipt, but you might not get a full refund in this situation. 

So, remember to keep the original receipt safe with you so the return process can be as fast and easy as possible.

If you need assistance from Fred Meyer customer service, simply call their number, 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377). We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Best of luck on your next shopping trip!



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