Does Whole Foods Sell Flowers (Edible, Fresh, Lavender, Hibiscus)

Does Whole Foods Sell Flowers

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Whole Foods sell fresh flowers, edible flowers, lavender flowers, or hibiscus flowers? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such questions.

If you want more information on purchasing fresh flowers at Whole Foods stores, continue reading this article.

So, does Whole Foods sell flowers? Yes, all Whole Foods stores across the nation sell farm-fresh cut flowers in-store and online. You can purchase these flowers at your local store or online through Amazon, where local delivery is available.

Here we will discuss what types of flowers they have, where you can buy them, and whether they are worth the money.

Does Whole Food Sell Flowers?

Yes, all Whole Foods stores sell farm-fresh-cut flowers in a variety of options.

While all stores will vary depending on the flowers they have available to them at the time; you will always get a fresh variety from the flower department when you go to your local store.

Does Whole Foods Sell Edible Flowers

Yes, Whole Foods sells organic edible flowers in the produce section. However, you can not get edible flowers in the typical Whole Foods Market.

Does Whole Foods Sell Lavender Flowers

Yes, Whole Foods also sells organic lavender flowers in the Flower Department: Fresh Flowers & Floral Arrangements.

Does Whole Foods Sell Hibiscus Flowers

Yes, Whole Foods also sells organic hibiscus flowers in the Flower Department.

What types of Flowers Does Whole Foods Sell?

Flowers are a great gift to grab on the go when you are on your way to graduation, wedding, or home after forgetting it was your anniversary.

So, having the option to stop at your local Whole Foods grocery store can bring a sigh of relief when you have nowhere else to go.

At Whole Foods’ physical location, you have an option of purchasing single flowers or a bouquet. You can even purchase a personalized bouquet with a small gift and card attached for pre-planned presents. 

Another great selection you have the option of purchasing from almost every local store in the states is fresh roses, which are great for every occasion.

Whole Foods also provide pre-made bouquets all year round for every special occasion and holiday; plus, you will have various options during every blooming season.

You also have the option of purchasing flower grow kits and seeds from your local Whole Foods stores, and those too will vary depending on your location.

Is it Expensive to Buy Flowers at Whole Foods?

The prices of flowers at Whole Foods store are no higher than any other grocery store and often offer deals and coupons that make these floral arrangements much more affordable. 

Some of the bigger bouquets and the customized orders can get very pricey, but you may save a few dollars going this route rather than a florist.

What Payments Does Whole Foods Accept When Purchasing Flows?

Whole Foods stores accept the most commonly used forms of payment like every other store but no longer accept personal checks.

Here is a list of payments currently accepted by Whole Foods

  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
  • Debit Cards
  • Whole Foods Gift Cards
  • Paypal (If purchasing from Whole Foods online)
  • Cash
  • EBT
  • Apple Pay

Some stores and locations may be different; it is always recommended you check with the location you are going to if you are unsure whether they take your form of payment.

Can You Buy Flowers at Whole Foods Online?

Yes, you can purchase flowers online through Whole Foods. These options are very limited but are still available.

You are required to make your selection and place your order through amazon prime. 

The company offers same-day and one-hour pick up as well as local delivery, where you can select your date and time for pick up or get information regarding the next available date and time for delivery by a local service.

Can Your Buy Flowers From Whole Foods With EBT?

While all Whole Foods locations do accept EBT as a form of payment, flowers are not an approved item for EBT purchases.

This is a list of food items created by the state and government that determines which items qualify for food stamp purchase, which flowers do not.

What is Whole Foods?

Whole Foods is an international chain of grocery stores that sell organic, healthy, and natural foods. The company opened its doors in 1987 under the name SaferWay in Austin, Texas.

The owners wanted to provide locals the opportunity to buy healthy food options that are free from dyes, preservatives, and hormones.

Today the grocery store chain owns and operates over 500 locations across the US, Canada, and the UK.

They sell everything from locally grown and sourced foods, household items, personal hygiene products, locally grown flowers, etc.

Whole foods have recently linked up with Amazon Prime to provide shoppers with an easier and more efficient way to obtain the items you need quickly and safely and at times, without ever leaving your home.

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Where Does Whole Foods FLowres Come From?

The flowers you purchase from Whole Foods are both locally grown and sourced from other locations. 

While Whole Foods are known to purchase products from local farmers, their supplies for off-season or flowers that aren’t indigenous to this area come from all over the world, with a large amount coming from Columbia (Flores El Trigal, in Rionegro).

Whole Foods Tips on Flower Creations

Whole Foods’ online website offers a variety of articles on all of the things you can do with the flowers you purchase from their stores or anywhere else.

Here, they also provide you with information on how to care for flowers, what types of flowers are ideal for your home, and all the great ways to pair different types of flowers for fantastic bouquets.

Summing Things Up

Whole Food is a great option to pick up fresh flowers for every occasion.

All of the Whole Foods stores have their own flower section with a florist on hand to help you make up a beautiful bundle you or the recipient are sure to love.

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