Does Wells Fargo Offer Relocation Assistance? (Full Guide)

does wells fargo offer relocation assistance

If you are a business owner looking for a company to help make relocating employees easier and obtaining mortgages one less added stress during the move, you need a company that provides decent benefits packages.

So, what does Wells Fargo’s relocation assistance offer? Wells Fargo provides corporations with two mortgage programs. The Corporate Mortgage Program, and the Corporate Relocation Mortgage Program. Both are great options for companies requiring employees to relocate for various positions or entice new hires to sign on.

Let us take a closer look at both programs this mortgage company offers and help you determine which option is best for you. 

What Exactly is Relocation Assistance?

A relocation assistance program is a service provided by a company when they are requesting that you relocate to a new area for employment.

This is typically part of a sign-on package to help a new employee out with picking up and moving homes for a job. But, it can also be offered to current employees who are willing to move away for another position.

These types of programs can help cover the cost of moving companies, fuel, hotel stays, and so much more.

If you are asked to move to a new town, state, or even country, you will defiantly want to discuss relocation assistance with your boss.

If you are an employer who is looking for a place to go to get relocation assistance plans to offer your employees, Wells Fargo is a great option, used by many businesses already.

Does Wells Fargo Offer Relocation Assistance?

Yes, Wells Fargo offers a relocation mortgage program to corporations that will help ease customers into a new home in a new location with ease.

While this program doesn’t seem to help reduce the cost of actual moving expenses, it does make it a little easier to find an affordable mortgage and lowers down payments, along with many other great benefits. 

What Does Wells Fargo Offer?

Wells Fargo tries to ensure the person moving has the best options available to them when they are applying for a mortgage.

This means offering employees as much help and guidance as possible in multiple ways.

1. Readily Available

With 1300+ branches across the country, Wells Fargo is extremely easy to get in touch with anytime the mover needs help.

You can contact any of the offices by phone, email, or in person. 

2. Pre-Approvals

When shopping for a new home, things are so much easier when you already have a budget in mind and a pre-approval all set to go.

This way, when you find your dream home, the process is taken care of much quicker, and you already know you have been approved by the bank. 

3. Reduces Out of Pocked Expenses

Once you find the house you will be moving into you, you can have Wells Fargo bill the company you work for directly for the down payment as long as that is something that is agreed to in the contract provided by the employer. 

4. Simple Applications Process

By logging onto their website, applying for a mortgage is extremely easy with Wells Fargo’s Corporate Mortgage Program.

You can connect your bank account and other files directly to the account, and information can be pulled using these items.

5. Easy Pay Options

With the Corporate Mortgage Program, you can sync your mortgage payments with your pay cycle, withdrawing from your bank account automatically every month.

This helps you stay on top of your mortgage payments while ensuring the bank doesn’t take the money out before your paycheck goes in.

What Does Wells Fargo Offer Employers?

It isn’t just the new homeowner who will benefit from the Corporate Mortgage Program. Companies that utilize this service have a lot to gain when working with Wells Fargo as well.

This is ideal for businesses that have locations all over the US and require employees to move around more often than others.

When working with the Corporate Mortgage Program through Wells Fargo, companies are kept up-to-date on legislative changes, current policies and whether your policy is still the best option for you, and so much more. 

Wells Fargo Corporate Mortgage Benefit Program

The second option corporations can consider using when relocating their employees is the Corporate Mortgage Benefits Program.

This program provides employees buying new homes to relocate for a job position with more benefits (or incentives).

The more benefits a business offers employees to move, the more likely you can convince them to do so.

  • Special mortgage benefits: Once the mortgage process is completed, some eligible employees will receive an award after closing through the Corporate Mortgage Benefit Program.
  • Easy to access resources: Obtaining a mortgage can be a difficult process; with the Wells Fargo Corporate Mortgage Benefit Program, professionals take the extra steps to educate your employees, making the process much easier on both parties.
  • Professional financial education: Wells Fargo provides tools to educate home buyers in the process of making the best decisions financially. Some of the tools include homebuyer webinars, Financial Health Bankers, and on-site presentations.

Who is Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is a multi-financial service company that provides loans to people who are looking to make large purchases such as cars, large renovations, or new homes in 36 different countries.

This is a large lending company that provides loans, mortgages, and baking on a personal level, as well as for small businesses and large corporations. 

This is a company with some very old roots, stemming back to 1852, starting off as Wells, Fargo, and Company by William Fargo and Henery Wells, after already creating a popular financial institution, American Express.

This was done to help people have quicker access to their money during the Gold Rush. From there on out, the company continues to grow, adding more services and branches all around the world.  

Is Wells Fargo a Good Mortgage Lender?

This financial institution currently has around 70 million customers to date and is one of the largest and most used banks available today.

Most of their customers have nothing but great things to say about them.

Below are a few areas we looked into to see what other customers have to say about the mortgage experience, especially when relocating is involved.


According to many sources, Wells Fargo offers some of the best rates out there. With most of their offers coming in well below the national average.

According to the Mortgage Report website, Wells Fargo was actually the largest residential mortgage lender in the US in 2019.

With numbers like that, it surely seems they are a good option when it comes to picking a company to help you purchase a home or to aid your employees in relocating. 

Customer Service

While it seems some people have a few issues with Wells Fargo on the banking end of things, most customers who have used them in the past for mortgage-related issues feel their customer service is pretty on par. 

This probably has a lot to do with the relocation package benefits, where Wells Fargo takes the initiative to offer customers quick and easy access when obtaining a new home. 

It appears customer service is very friendly and professional, providing home buyers and corporations who use the relocating mortgage services with all the information they need to get through the process without any issues or delays.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t matter if you are contacting this company online, by phone, or in-person; you are always going to get easy access to excellent service. When using the company’s website, the options available are easy to browse, and the information is provided in a user-friendly format.

Home buyers can navigate the pages when applying for a loan without very much assistance required and uploading any information can be done from almost any device.

Having the ability to link your information along with the information for your company makes obtaining a new mortgage easy and almost effortless (As effortless as applying for a mortgage can get anyway.)

Does Wells Fargo Practice What They Preach?

Wells Fargo doesn’t only offer relocation assistance to their corporate customers. They also utilize the program themselves.

If you are a current employee of Wells Fargo or are considering becoming one, ask the recruiter you are assigned to about the relocation plans available to you. 

This company has been known to provide great benefits to certain positions in the past, including mortgage incentives, paid moving expenses such as movers fees and fuel, and even provided financing for temporary housing while employees look for a permanent place to live.

The offer is different depending on the position, location, and situation and may not be available for everyone.

Summing Things Up

If you are a corporation looking for a financial institution that will provide your employees with amazing mortgage services without costing you an arm and a leg, you should consider contacting Wells Fargo and getting more information on their Morgage Relocation Programs today. 

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