Does Volaris Accept American Express? (All You Need to Know!)

does volaris accept american express

Do you know if Volaris accepts American Express? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

As an American Express cardholder, you want to be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck by flying with the right airlines. With the rise of low-cost air travel, companies like Volaris could be all you want for your next vacation! But does Volaris take American Express?

Yes, Volaris accepts American Express. In addition to American Express, Volaris also accepts other credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard, debit cards, and even Paypal, making purchasing your flight tickets easy no matter what method you choose!

So, what else can Volaris offer, and how can you use your American Express card to rack up those travel points before spending them on flights? If you’re interested in finding the answers to these questions and more, keep reading! 

Is Volaris an American Express partner airline?

At this time, Volaris is not currently listed on the American Express website as a partner airline. So, what does this mean? It doesn’t mean that you can’t use your rewards points for flight tickets, but it does mean that you aren’t getting the best deal you could. 

Amex points can be transferred directly to their partner airlines. Because the point cost and dollar cost aren’t linked, it’s possible to purchase flight tickets at comparatively low prices using Amex points.

Volaris is already a cost-effective airline, but think of all the money you could be saving with those partner airline tickets!

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Can you redeem American Express Membership Rewards to purchase Volaris tickets?

According to the American Express website, rewards points can be redeemed on any eligible purchase you’ve made with your Amex card. These eligible purchases can be pretty much anything, excluding items like prepaid cards or paying off balances. 

Once you’ve purchased the tickets through Volaris using your American Express card, you can navigate to that purchase through the accompanying app.

You do need to charge your card first, but when you apply the “pay with points” option to the purchase, a credit for that amount will be issued back to you as your rewards points balance is used up. 

Not only can you use your reward points to pay for flight tickets, but you can also use them to pay for all kinds of travel expenses! Of course, as I stated earlier, you’ll get the best deals from airlines and travel companies partnered with American Express, but the options are almost entirely limitless! 

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Can you earn American Express Rewards points from Volaris ticket purchases?

Absolutely! Any purchase you make with your American Express card will earn you rewards points. Depending on the card you have, the rate of dollars to reward points may differ. Typically, one point per dollar is the average rate. 

Can you redeem American Express Rewards points for other airline tickets?

Yes! Any eligible purchase you make with your American Express card can be paid for with your rewards points, including airline tickets.

Once you’ve made the purchase, you can select the “pay with points” option using the American Express app, and a credit for the amount of the purchase will be issued to you. 

The best way to use your rewards points is through American Express partnered airlines. With these partners, you can exchange your point for miles, sometimes netting you big deals on airfare! 

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Can you get upgrades on your flight tickets using points?

Yes! Using the American Express Travel portal, you can use your Amex points to bid for upgrades on flight tickets, provided they’re available.

For example, if there are first-class seats available on a flight, you can use your points to snag them at a huge discount! You can also upgrade in-flight amenities with this system. How cool is that? 

Through American Express’ partnership with third-party bidding service Plusgrade, members using the American Express Travel portal can bid on upgrades from over twenty airlines! 

Each point nets you $0.01 toward your bid. If your bid is accepted, you’ll receive an email from American Express with the updated details. 

Can you book a flight through American Express?

Yes! You can book flights with American Express partner airlines and others through the American Express Travel portal online. 

This service is similar to other online travel agents, allowing you to browse flights, hotels, and other necessities to create vacation packages. 

Can you book other travel necessities through American Express?

The American Express Travel portal acts like an online travel agency, so it’s not just for airline tickets! 

Using the portal, you can book hotels, cruises, rental cars, or full vacation packages!

What are the benefits of using American Express partners for travel?

I’m glad you asked! American Express has several partner airlines and hotels that can save you money on your bookings. This is because of how the rewards points system works with these partners, ultimately offering you a better deal, especially on airfare!

American Express gives its members the ability to transfer reward points directly to airlines, translating into airline-specific rewards.

Because the reward point cost and the dollar cost aren’t necessarily linked, you can snag great airfare for a super low cost!

This also works with American Express travel partners for hotels and other accommodations, but the point-transfer rate isn’t as great – about 0.7 cents per point as opposed to the 1 cent per point for airline partners.  

Can you redeem American Express Rewards points for other travel expenses?

You definitely can! Any eligible purchase you make with your American Express card can be redeemed for rewards points, including travel expenses!

Even if you aren’t flying or staying with one of Amex’s hotel or airline partners, you can still rake in the rewards!

How do you use your American Express Rewards points?

You can use American Express reward points on any eligible purchase you make with your American Express card. 

Once you’ve made the purchase, you can locate it in the American Express app and select the “pay with points” option. Once your request goes through, a credit for that amount will be issued to you, with your reward point balance reduced accordingly. 

However, not all rewards points payouts are created equal. It’s best to use your points when purchasing goods or services to get the best conversion rate.

Though you can use your American Express rewards points to pay gift cards, cashback, or other bills, the conversion rate is poor – about 0.6 cents per point. 


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