Does Walmart Sell Diesel Fuel? (Price, Quality, Locations + More)

Does Walmart Sell Diesel Fuel

Do you know if Walmart sells diesel fuel? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Diesel fuel is the most important fuel on our nation’s highways as diesel is the backbone of the trucking and shipping industry, from which we get all of our store supplies.

But who has the best diesel fuel for the price? Is it Walmart and do they even carry diesel fuel?

Walmart sells diesel fuel and Walmart has 3 different distribution gas stations which are Walmart gas stations, Murphy USA, and Sam’s Club gas stations. All three of these typically offer diesel fuel, though there are some exceptions to the rule throughout the country. 

As we mentioned, not all Walmart-owned or associated gas stations have supplies of diesel fuel available, and it’s generally down to location. If there is no profitable reason to have diesel fuel on offer, then they probably won’t carry it. 

What’s the Price of Diesel Fuel at Walmart or Associated Gas Stations?

Membership is where the true value in terms of getting your diesel from Walmart. Membership savings are what make Walmart gas and diesel the cheaper alternative for most people.

Recently, Walmart has even reduced the prices more for those who have a membership. 

As far as naming an exact price, that’s difficult to do, since the price of diesel in a small town in Florida is going to be much lower than the price of diesel in San Fransisco, California.

The average price of diesel around the country, right now, is $5.70 and that is subject to change by the day

Walmart Diesel is generally cheaper than the average and cheaper than the local average in most places.

That’s before you take into account the discounted price for membership. 

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Walmart Memberships 

We use the plural form of Walmart memberships because there is more than one and the Sam’s Club membership is the operational equivalent of the Walmart Plus membership if you are getting diesel at Sam’s Club gas stations. 

  • Walmart Plus Membership
  • Murphy Drive Rewards Membership
  • Sam’s Club Membership

Walmart Plus memberships cost $12.95 per month or $99 per year. Walmart usually offers a free trial month as well but that’s not always the case.

With a Walmart Membership, you automatically save $0.10 per gallon on fuel prices at Walmart gas stations, Murphy USA locations, and Sam’s Club gas stations. 

So, the membership alone will knock off 10 cents a gallon at a price that is probably going to be well below all of the other, local gas stations as well.

Of course, that includes diesel fuel. Also, most people don’t realize that the Walmart membership discount includes Exxon and Mobil gas stations as well. 

Murphy Drive rewards are less a membership and more of an app rewards system. You can use your Walmart rewards from your membership to get $0.10 off per gallon of gas at a Murphy and then turn around and earn points on the Murphy Drive Reward App.

You can use the points to knock $1.00 off per gallon for up to 20 gallons, which is a pretty significant reward, especially when combined with the Walmart membership discount. 

Last but not least, we have Sam’s Club, which is an annual membership that cost $45 per year.

With a Sam’s Club membership, you get $0.05 off per gallon of diesel when you fill up at Sam’s Club gas station. It’s not the best in the world but a nickel adds up in a hurry, especially if you fill up a lot. 

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What is the Quality of Diesel Fuel at Walmart, Murphy, and Sam’s Club?

Of course, the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they see cheaper fuel prices is that they are cheap because they are no good.

However, there are federal regulations in place and diesel fuel or gasoline can not drop below those regulations. In other words, there is a minimum. 

Walmart Diesel Fuel Quality

Up until 2016, Walmart gas stations were maintained by Murphy. However, they have since split with Murphy and Walmart does not release information on the maintenance and quality of its diesel fuel or gasoline. 

However, as we stated above, Walmart has to above federal, state, and local regulatory requirements for its fuel. So, if nothing else, you are getting the minimum standard, which is safe for diesel engines. 

Murphy’s gas stations are quite the opposite. While there are those out there who may complain about Murphy, not everyone realizes that Murphy has a fuel guarantee. Murphy guarantees that their fuel will never harm or cause issues with your vehicle.

They don’t sell diesel at cheaper prices because it is a cheaper diesel with cheaper additives. Murphy has a FuelAssure program that utilizes advanced payment technology and guarantees its diesel fuel quality. They include 24-hour monitoring on all of their EPA-approved filtration systems. 

Murphy gas stations offer three types of diesel fuel alternatives that are either seasonal or environmental. 

  • ULSD (Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel)
  • Bio Diesel
  • Winterized Diesel

The ULSDhas a maximum sulfur count of 15:1,000,000 and that hasn’t changed since the first Murphy gas station. 

Biodiesel is a growing product and isn’t available at all Murphy gas stations. However, Murphy is attempting to expand their supply of renewable fuel sources with a cleaner diesel option. 

Winterized Diesel has several additives that are designed for extreme freezing temperatures. Since diesel isn’t as flammable as gasoline and when it gets cold, diesel doesn’t always want to play nice. 

Sam’s Club diesel prices are typically lower in cost than other, local gas stations and that’s before you apply the membership discount.

Like Walmart, Sam’s Club is not very open about what additives are used in their diesel but you know that you are getting the minimum of what is required by law. 

All Things Considered

Walmart does sell diesel fuel, as well as their Murphy associates and Sam’s Club.

While you will probably find more premium diesel fuel at other sources, there’s no doubting the large amount of money that you can save by utilizing these memberships and combining apps and memberships to increase your diesel buying power at one of these locations. 



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