Does BJ’s Sell Diesel Fuel? (Price, Quality + Locations)

Does BJ’s Sell Diesel Fuel

Do you know if BJ´s sells diesel fuel? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

BJ’s currently offers diesel fuel in a number of its locations. According to BJ’s website, their diesel fuel pumps are available for both BJ’s Wholesale Club members and non-members to use, although it is cheaper for members to purchase diesel fuel. Diesel is not available at every BJ’s location and instead is offered at a small number of stations. 

In the following article, we cover everything you need to know about whether BJ’s sells diesel fuel, including price, quality, locations, and much more. 

Does BJ’s sell diesel fuel?

BJ’s sells diesel fuels in a small number of its locations throughout the country. BJ’s diesel fuels are available for use by both members of BJ’s Wholesale Club and non-members, although the price is likely to differ between the two.

BJ’s diesel fuel is currently comparable to other providers like Costco and Sam’s Club.

How much does diesel fuel cost at BJ’s?

BJ’s fuel costs are likely to depend on your location, as prices can differ by cents from one state to the next.

Overall, the cost of BJ’s fuel is thought to be around ten cents less than the national average, meaning it is lower than many other providers. In terms of pricing, its closest competitor is currently Sam’s Club.

For members of BJ’s Wholesale Club, diesel fuel is even cheaper. The Wholesale Club allows members to access diesel fuel at one of the most affordable rates when compared with other fuel rates. Membership costs upwards of $55 per year and allows members to save money on fuel when they purchase eligible items in-store or online.

Membership works by offering savings of ten cents per gallon of fuel for every eligible product you purchase.

Members have a cap of thirty gallons per redemption. Eligible products include several everyday items like toothbrushes, dog and cat food, detergent, and drinks. 

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What is BJ’s Fuel Saver Program?

BJ’s Fuel Saver Program is another way BJ’s allows customers to earn discounts on fuel purchases by buying eligible warehouse items.

For every eligible product customers purchase, they can save ten cents per gallon of fuel, similarly to how membership of BJ’s Wholesale Club works. 

Savings can build up over time to cover a greater cost, meaning you can buy as many products as you need to.

BJ’s Fuel Saver Program is only available on eligible items. Fortunately, most of these items are things people are likely to buy every day.

Let’s look at some of the products included in the list of eligible items:

  • Laundry pacs,
  • Energy drinks,
  • Detergent,
  • Sweetener,
  • Cat food,
  • Dog food,
  • Toothbrushes,
  • Fabric softener,
  • Bleach.

Does every BJ’s sell diesel fuel?

BJ’s doesn’t currently list how many of its stations offer diesel fuel, however, we know that not every location has diesel fuel available.

Many stations only offer gasoline, meaning a further trip might be required to get diesel. It’s recommended that you use BJ’s online store locator to find your nearest station offering diesel fuels.

The number of BJ’s stations offering diesel is likely to be quite small. Compared with its competitors, BJ’s has a smaller number of stores, with roughly half the number of stores Costco currently has.

BJ’s location count stands at around 200 stores across 15 states, and only a small number of these have gas stations.

Is BJ’s diesel fuel good quality?

BJ’s diesel is considered to be suitable but not high quality.

Many customers note that BJ’s diesel is reflective of its low price and although there are no major problems with it, it also isn’t thought to be the best low-cost diesel. Unfortunately, it isn’t known which gas supplier BJ’s uses, as this could affect the quality.

The gas BJ’s supplies is not considered to be ‘Top Tier’, something that many customers look for when purchasing gas.

The ‘Top Tier’ label is used to tell the quality of gas, referring to gas which contains ingredients specifically included to increase performance and fuel economy of your engine.

It is recommended to help ensure your engine runs smoothly.

Pros and cons of diesel fuel at BJ’s


  • BJ’s gas prices are already low without membership, typically standing at around ten cents cheaper than the average cost. On top of this, prices drop even more when customers sign up for membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club, where extra savings can be made when purchasing gas.
  • BJ’s offer many ways to cut back on spending on diesel fuel, including their Fuel Saver Program. The Program allows customers to earn savings on everyday purchases, which can be put toward covering the cost of fuel. This is a great way to save some money while buying the things you need.
  • Many of BJ’s competitors like Costco do not allow non-members to purchase gas from their stations. However, BJ’s allow both members and non-members to use their gas pumps. Although the price is cheaper for members, it improves accessibility for non-members to be able to use BJ’s stations.


  • Top Tier gas is recommended to help protect your car, ensure your engine runs as smoothly as possible, and get the most out of your gas. Many customers opt for Top Tier rated gas to help get the best for their cars. For this reason, a lot of people may choose to avoid BJ’s gas, which is not considered Top Tier.
  • Unfortunately, BJ’s is not the most accessible provider of diesel fuel. As BJ’s don’t have a huge of number of stores, they only offer diesel at a small number of their locations. Having a smaller number of stations offering diesel fuel means it can be difficult for customers in remote locations to access diesel.

Final Thoughts

BJ’s does sell diesel fuel, although at a small number of locations. BJ’s offers diesel at a low price when compared with its competitors, and it is even cheaper when customers become members of BJ’s Wholesale Club.

The diesel offered by BJ’s is not Top Tier but is chosen by many customers for its low price.



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